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Eat. Sleep. Yoga. Repeat.  Liv Townsend • UK • Yoga Teacher • Over Thinker •

It’s time to kick off our new #YogaBasics101 challenge and I am SO excited by how many of you are taking up your first yoga challenge for this!! 😍🙏🏼

Day 1 is Child’s Pose - doing this with a dog on your mat is optional but not at my house, you get no choice in the matter 😂

Child’s pose is your perfect starting pose as resting your forehead to the floor is super calming, and the ball-like shape you make with your body just feels like you’re closing yourself off from the outside world and gives you a moment to start listening to your breath and your body and stop listening to everything else around you. It’s also the shape commonly used to rest in mid-practice if you need a moment to catch your breath as FYI, yoga can knacker you out 😂💦

So start with knees about hip distance apart and big toes touching. Sit on the heels and then lengthen your body down over the thighs, walk the hands out and rest your forehead to the floor. I’m telling you now, for MOST people, your hips will rise away from your heels. Mine still do. Don’t give a hoot about it, just keep allowing the hips to feel heavy and remember that it matters 0%. ⠀
My options:
1️⃣ Using my hand(s) 😂 to press down into the mat, pushing the weight backwards to help further sink my hips.

2️⃣ Taking the hands to fingertips and lifting the arms up and away from the mat. Think of trying to drop the armpits towards the floor. Adds an extra stretch to the chest and triceps.

3️⃣ Shark fin. Adds a stretch to the tricep and who doesn’t want to pretend to be a shark?! 🦈

4️⃣ Take it to thread the needle - pass the arm under the opposite armpit, keep the palm facing the ceiling as you reach it far out beside you and then rest down onto the shoulder. Think of the top shoulder rolling up and back (behind you) to open up the chest into the twist. Do both sides!

I’m on the other side of the world so my cohosts will post their options in a few hours 👀 Eyes peeled.



No idea why I’m smiling here - I’ve just done a 2 hour backbending class which I thought was only an hour and straw is NOT a pleasant to surface to bow on top of. But maybe it’s cos I’m having a super weekend with a super friend. And I just had fries. Yep, that’s probably it. It’s the fries 🍟 ⠀

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I had a really off day today. Actually I don’t know if I can call it that as it’s a feeling I get quite often - I don’t have a name for it, and I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I just feel... wrong. My mind is scattered and I can’t focus on anything. I can have a to-do list and get none of it done. Not cos I’m busy or it’s too demanding of me - just I can’t decide what order to do things in, am I forgetting something that needs doing, how long will it take? and before I know it time is slipping away from me. Alternatively I can have nothing that needs doing - a day off - and I feel scattered for what should I be doing rather than sitting here, what have I forgotten, why am I being lazy? It’s like I have a hard time being organised and proactive but also a hard time letting go and relaxing.

Unfortunately this isn’t a self help I-have-the-answer-to-all-your-problems post, rather a space for me to write out my thoughts and share some ideas I’ve thought of to try to help myself. I am SO open to anyone sharing any similar feelings/ideas that they do to keep themselves moving a little more smoothly through life. ⠀
✔️Each evening, writing down 5 tasks I want to complete the next day. Can include anything from household chores to work stuff. Aim is to help me feel productive when I tick all 5 off the next day. Also to give me ‘thinking time’ to be sure I’m not forgetting anything important
✔️Secondly on that point, hopefully once my 5 tasks are complete, I may feel more ‘worthy’ of sitting and resting.
✔️Plan my meals for the week. When I open an empty fridge, it’s not only heartbreaking, but makes me feel frustrated at myself for allowing it to happen. I then ultimately get something quick and unhealthy. Unhealthy bodies = unhealthy minds.
✔️Create a list of ‘weekly tasks’. Mainly things like household chores. When you work from home it’s easy to neglect these and ultimately end up spending more time surrounded by mess. Untidy house = untidy mind.

That’s all I have for now. I’m not sure if they are the type of solutions that correlate with how I’ve been feeling but the easy way to find out is to try it and see. Now to go buy myself a pretty new note pad ☺️

Ok I’m going to tell you upfront, this isn’t the most exciting video you’re gunna see today. BUT @hugatr33 tagged me to see how long I could hold this ‘cycling pincha’ and that’s not a challenge I’m turning down!

Who remembers the days where you could only upload 15 second videos? And I was SO PUMPED when I could hold an inversion longer than a video length 😂 Instagram upped their game and thankfully so did my pincha. It started out a little shakey but 1 minute 24 seconds later my shoulders gave in 😂💪🏼

Passing this one on to some of my favs @cece.carson, @natashaswinter, @jbreton22 and absolutely anyone else who wants to give it a try. Tag me!!

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I’ve been chasing this split-leg Sugar Cane pose since the very beginning of my yoga journey - I always thought it just looked so damn beautiful. I don’t give myself credit very often but when I saw myself in this photo I was absolutely filled with pride ☺️💕 I wanted to share this for #TransformationTuesday as I actually have snaps of this pose along the way - rather than just the before and after - so you can see the flexibility increase bit-by-bit (Swipe to see the timeline of pics).

Each of these pics is sugar cane pose in their own right (give or take some dodgy alignment in the first), so it’s not like I’ve added a new pose to my repertoire - it’s purely a flexibility based aesthetic I was chasing - and that might not be very ‘yogic’ of me but I don’t feel it’s such a bad thing if it keeps you motivated and consistent to your yoga practice.

The first pic was 10 months into my yoga practice and SO much has changed since then - I like to think I’m a better person in the right pic compared to the left - and I also just so happen to also have longer hamstrings and hip flexors ✌🏼

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Undoubtedly one of the best things about IG is the connections you make with others. Without this {often annoying} little app, I wouldn’t have met this freakin’ BEAUT of a person and I am forever grateful that she liked me enough after meeting me once to stay being my friend 😂🙏🏼

Can not WAIT for this weekend when we are hitting up @soulcircusfestival together and yogaing our socks off for an entire weekend. ⠀
Let’s spread a little love. Feel free to tag a friend you’ve made via IG below to let them know how lucky you feel to have them 😘

📷: @stevewildphotography

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One of my favourite things about a yoga practice is how poses/skills/abilities can come to you without actually working on them specifically. It’s true of so many advanced poses of both strength and flexibility and today I was surprised with a ‘first time’ (which you treasure when you’ve been practicing for 3 years as they are MUCH more rare!) of something I’ve not worked on at all 🙅🏼‍♀️

I’ve always thought it looks amazing when people like @upsidedownmama can grab their foot by reaching up and over. Basically entering a flipped grip without flipping anything. And I randomly decided to try it today and I only went and did it! 🎉😍🎊 It’s obviously not perfect - I’m letting my elbow fall out to the side a fair bit to allow my shoulder to open/drop back further but essentially it’s there!!! Just need a little more openness across my chest - or a bendier spine 😂 - to smooth this one out.

And in the spirit of remaining human I’d like to inform you that I was A MILLION MILES away from being anywhere near this on my other side 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ kinda wish I’d filmed it for the laughs!

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This instagram account of mine has always been about my yoga practice. It started as somewhere I shared what I was working on and I like to think it’s largely remained the same, I just know a little more about photography and have a lot more leggings options to chose from now... but I very very rarely share anything personal so incase ya interested in more than what I do at the gym, this ones for you.
⠀ • I’m fiercely private. There’s a reason it’s taken me 3 years to do a post like this 😂
• I drive too fast and my impatience on the road is one of my worst traits.
• I have an entire mouthful of sweet teeth. Gimme all the sugar.
• I’m turning 30 next month and feel really indifferent about it.
• I’m quite a solitary person and am perfectly happy in my own company. • I don’t particularly like being drunk.
•If I could change one thing about myself it would be my self-confidence. Followed by my smile. #TwoBirdsOneStone
• I live with my boyfriend and pup and we make a pretty awesome trio. • I really hate rosemary. Stop ruining food with it.
• I’m scared of expanses of water in the dark.
• I get anxious about wasting my life and not using it to its full potential or making wrong decisions. • I’ve always thought I’m tidy and organised but am recently learning that I’m not.
• I’m 6ft tall and meeting girls my height fills me with happiness.
• My least favourite thing in the world is having my photo taken and the irony of this is not lost on me 😂 but it only applies to my face.
• Sunshine and good food are my fav. ⠀
And if you’re still reading by this point, you’re my fav too 😘

📷: @mamuniaphotography

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Hollowbacks - am I the only one to find pincha about three trillion million times easier than handstand? Like why is it SO much harder?!!

I guess the easy explanation is there is less surface area to balance on but i haven’t felt this kind of struggle with any other pincha vs handstand shape 🤔🤔 That handstand on the left is the absolute best I can do and I fall out of it 0.01 seconds later 🤷🏼‍♀️ I clearly have the flexibility to move further but I quite simply ain’t got the balance 😂 It’s definitely a skill I’m keen to learn so those of you who have conquered this magic - what was the best shape for you to practice in? I feel like these lady legs probably aren’t the best place to start?

And yes I knowwwww I meant to be working on my handstand press but my shoulders just LOVE to stretch so I’m enjoying my strengths for a while before I go back to working my weaknesses 😂😜
⠀ ⠀

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Curious about yoga? Have you been wanting to try it, but not sure how to begin? Or maybe you already go to yoga classes, and you'd like to learn how to develop a home practice? Do you have friends who've been asking you how to begin a yoga practice?

August 20-31

Join us for 12 days of Yoga Basics! There are 5 of us hosts who will be posting every day and sharing our personal tips, ideas, modifications and variations of each pose.
We will show you how to safely explore the pose from YOUR PERSONAL level.
Not flexible? NO PROBLEM! Not strong? Not an issue. We all start somewhere.

This 12 day Yoga Challenge is truly for everyone...even if you are already a strong yogi, we will share each pose from it's basic form on up to the deepest expression of the pose. You will choose your level to try and to post each day. Check out the magic of this Instagram Yoga Community...and learn to practice yoga with us! It may just change your life!

Yoga is for EVERYONE! Every BODY can practice Yoga! Don't wait another day...JOIN US!!!

Here's how to join:
•Set your profile to public
(or start a new account just for your yoga journey)
•Repost this flier with a repost app or screenshot and tag some friends to join you.
•Follow and tag all Hosts and Sponsors
•Watch for your daily assignment which each host will post the evening before.
•Take a pic or video of yourself doing YOUR expression of the daily assignment and tag it into the gallery #YogaBasics101 so we can cheer you on!
•Ask questions here in the comments if you have any! We are here to help YOU!!!
•Number one rule: Be ok with where your body is right NOW and remember you are perfect just as you are today.
Now let's get our Yoga on!



⠀ ⠀

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I had this idea for a pic I wanted to try on my front step - I put my camera on top of a wheelie bin on the pavement outside my house and set the self timer. I don’t live on a busy street by any means but you can rest assured - you start doing weird shit like this outside your house and 2 cars, a woman with a pushchair and a cyclist WILL go past in the 45 seconds it takes you to get the shot 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Also don’t mind my poor little scorched bay tree - turns out I’m not the only one struggling to stay alive in this heat 😂🙈

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Who would’ve known there was an inversion I’ve never tried before?! Hollowback scorpion is exactly that which surprises me because regular scorpion is one of my favourites! How has this evaded me for so long 🤔

Hollowbacks without a warm up are never the easiest so looking forward to trying this out when my hip flexors have been given a little love to see if I can get my legs to drop a little further. ⠀
But really the most important thing to note here is how proud I am to have managed to keep my sandals on my feet 👌🏼

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