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Vaeda Mann  Just followin the signs. 💙 Briefcase #10 on Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel! 😊✌🏼@healthynhappywithv 🥑 Next Models Miami :

Duuuuuude what is in the water??? 😩 That million LOVES to be in my case (and not at the right times 😭) It hurts every time, but mannn this one was tough. Can you tell I didn’t even want to open it..? 😔🙈 He was so full of love, and I wanted him to get that Golden Girls dream home so bad. #teamtony forever 😔❤️🤘🏼We’ll be back next week though, same time same place! (Wednesday night on @cnbc ❣️)
I’ve had quite a few people say they were on the edge of their seat for this past episode (Bingo to a Million) comment below if you enjoyed it (and send some good mojo out for a Season Two! 😝🥰🤞🏼) Next week will actually be our last episode before taking a quick break, so don’t miss it! ❤️ @dealornodealcnbc #dealornodeal

TONIGHT! 💙 an episode I will never ever forget and one of my favorite contestants EVER. Not only does he have the most infectious, joyful spirit, but we mayyy also share the same intense love for a certain 80’s sitcom 😬👵🏼💗 hehehe
Watch our brand new episode tonight at 9/8 c on CNBC- 6 and 9 p.m. Pacific! #dealornodeal

Okay holy cow EXPLODING WITH JOY RIGHT NOW I just wrapped up an incredible day filming a little something for @palaceskateboards (somehow driving down Rodeo Drive in a doors off, top down Jeep qualified as “work” 😩🙌🏼) then afterwards decided to pop into the Rite Aid down the street for some travel size hair spray AND JUST SO HAPPENED TO LOOK DOWN AND SEE THIS!!! To this day one of my favorite and most surreal jobs/teams/memories ever ever ever 💗 and yep, life update: I am now an official resident of the state of California where the dreaming never ends and the avocados are plenty 😬 gratitude’s the attitude!!!

This was not a fun one to open... 😔💔 did you guys catch last week’s back to back new episodes? Catch the second half of Keira’s game THIS WEEK, Wednesday night on @cnbc 💙🎳💙 #dealornodeal

🤗🌹❤️ HAPPY VALENTINE’S, ERRBODY! - @dealornodealcnbc 🤗🌹❤️

Very grateful for a fun few days on set in Atlanta 😊 good music, great people ❤️❤️❤️ Day 4 of 5 we wrappppppedddddd

ooooooooooh my lil baby. Gonna miss these neck nuzzles next week, but I sho am thankful for em right now. 😊🐶

Find out what clicking the link in @klgandhoda ‘s bio! 😜 A moment I will never ever forget, that’s for sure. 😳😂🙈
Hard to even wrap my mind around this past week! Thanks so much @dealornodealcnbc and thank you for having us @hodakotb @jennabhager @nbc @todayshow 💙 (I guess this just proves that we really and truly have NO idea what’s in our case until the moment of truth, right?) 😆🤷🏼‍♀️ #dealornodeal #today #whenwecomeback

Can’t believe this just happened... 🤯 RINGING THE OPENING BELL AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE THIS MORNING with @howiemandel !!! Completely speechless. So surreal. THANK YOU GUYS! 💙🛎 #nyse #dealornodeal

special game of #dealornodeal TODAY on @klgandhoda !! 💙💼 #gameshowweek #nyc

I’m getting ready for a brand new chapter of my life right now and just feeling so excited and inspired- and for that I am so grateful. And really really happy that I happened to open my journal this morning to the page that I did... it was something I had written a few months back that I really wanted to share. I shared it on my story but I’m going to share it here, too. 😊 {I wanted to touch back on something I shared a few months ago, a few posts back.
By no means do I believe that moving away to pursue modeling is the bravest thing a person could do. I hope no one mistook that post as me boasting or patting myself on the back. It was just an intense moment of appreciation for me, because I realized just how MUCH I would have completely missed out on- had I let my fear run the show. I believe there are small acts of bravery we can take on every single day- no matter where you’re at or what field you’re in. Whether it be taking a class in school that scares you or telling your boss you’re interested in the next highest position. Applying for a college you’re almost POSITIVE won’t be interested in you because of all those voices of fear and inadequacy in your head. Writing a song but deciding whether or not to share it on social media, because you’re afraid of what people may think...
I have come to fully embrace and even appreciate my moments of fear, because without fear, we wouldn’t know bravery. Without fear, we wouldn’t know growth.} I think if there’s a tiny bit of fear that just means you’re onto something good. 😉❤️ So happy new year, errbody! Personally, the first few days of 2019 weren’t so great for me. I think there were a few things I just really needed to sit with and work through, and I am so thankful that I did. I am back to feeling strong. So for anyone else out there who maybe didn’t kick off the new year feeling quite so “fearless” or “unstoppable” or whatever else they saw on instagram... please don’t be discouraged. That doesn’t decide a thing. Every new day is a brand new opportunity to be the most kick-ass version of yourself possible. No matter where you’re at or what you do. 💪🏼❤️ #thatconcludesmatedtalk #allthelove 📸 @ivanbrun 💛

Merry and bright, sendin love and light. 🤗❤️ The holidays got my mental calendar aaalllll outta wack, but turns out it’s Wednesday, which means a brand new episode of #dealornodeal comes on tonight at 9/8c. 😊🤘🏼 @dealornodealcnbc

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