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Arielle McCracken  California 🇺🇸/Kiel 🇩🇪 Globetrotter 🌍 Morning person ☀️ Real food, safer skincare and holistic living 🧘‍♀️

Happy Monday! 🤗 I love looking for local kombucha when I travel! I stumbled into the @avocado_vegan_shop in Gdańsk and found this gem 💚 Green tea kombucha from @zakwasownia. It was absolutely perfect (sometimes, store bought kombucha is way too sweet for me!) and I can’t wait to try their other fermented goodies sometime in the future! Anyone else on the booch hunt when they travel? 😋

My love for pierogis is real 🥟🥰 These ones were my favorite ones I ate during my trip from @swojskismak, filled with chanterelle mushrooms, topped with fresh parsley and served with evoo. I also enjoyed delicious pierogis at @pierogarniamandu: Spinach/sundried tomatoes with a cheese sauce and salmon with cream cheese and dill sauce 😋 I’ll definitely be back to Poland for more! Happy Sunday everyone 💚

You can count on me to find the one smoothie bowl in Gdańsk 🤣 haha. But really, after one too many pierogies last night, I was in the mood for something fresh and light this morning! Enter the Apple Pie smoothie bowl from @drukarniacafe. 🍎
Bananas, apples, dates, fresh OJ, chia seeds, cinnamon, and delicious housemade granola. The cafe is super cool and perfect for coffee nerds 🤓 Having an awesome time exploring Gdańsk day ✌🏻Happy Saturday friends!

Hey there from Gdańsk, Poland 🇵🇱! First stop: @fukafe for some tea and carrot cake 🍰 I went directly from the airport because I saw a picture of their plant based carrot cake (thank you @honestlyalessandra for your Gdańsk blog post😘) and I had to have a slice ASAP! Carrot cake and popcorn are two of my favorite things so I’m dying over this combo. The carrot cake was delicious, and reminded me of eating a bran muffin and the icing was perfect and a little salty. So glad I stopped in! Stay tuned on my story this weekend to explore Gdańsk with me ☺️

It's a figs on toast kinda Thursday! Toasted up some bread, topped with a thick layer of plain greek yogurt, ripe fig slices, almond butter drizzle and cinnamon. Simple but really hit the spot! 🥰 I'm doing some light packing for my quick trip to Gdańsk 🇵🇱 this weekend and about to head to a yoga class. If any of you have ever been to Gdańsk or have any recommendations I would as always appreciate it! Have a beautiful day friends❤️

Last packet of @foursigmatic mushroom hot cacao 🙈 Need someone to send me some ASAP 😬 Haha jk, I just figured out I can restock from their international site 👏This is one of my favorite blends: cordyceps, cacao powder, coconut sugar and cayenne. Potions are getting me through these chilly days! Happy hump day!

It’s Tuesday 🌮🥳 Sometimes, I really think it doesn’t get better than breakfast tacos. They’re just so darn good! Filled these corn tortillas with pinto beans, scrambled eggs, avocado, jalapeño and some @traderjoes tomatillo & toasted yellow chili salsa. 🌶 Have a wonderful day my friends!

Winter Nourish Bowl 🌿 Massaged tuscan kale, chopped radicchio, colorful beets, jammy egg, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and micro greens. Did you know you should massage your kale for better digestion? I massage mine with evoo, salt and lemon juice 🍋Hope you’re all have a wonderful start to your week!

Happy Weekend Friends 💛 Been having a slow, lazy day on this rainy Saturday. Ran a few errands and been watching @mariekondo on Netflix! I’ve been so busy lately with the holidays and traveling it feels good to just take it easy and relax. Doing a mini kitchari cleanse to clean up my digestive system and reignite my digestive fire! Kitchari is an Ayurvedic healing dish primarily made with mung dal, basmati rice, ghee, veggies and lots of spices. It's amazing for cleaning up the digestive system and increasing agni, the digestive fire. I used the recipe from the @theayurvedicinstitute that I shared a while back and added carrots, sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice. You can adapt the recipe with the spices and veggies that fit your dosha. Wishing you all a beautiful day 🌿

Happy Friday! Sharing one of my fave snacks - a loaded yogurt bowl 😋 Topped some plain Greek yogurt with lots of berries, an @emmysorganics coconut cookie, walnuts and coconut! Hope you are all having a beautiful day!

Carmelized Persimmon Toast 🧡@uhohavocadio created some stunning persimmon toast and @themakdaddy shared it with me and it looked so dang good I had to try it! Sliced a persimmon and caramelized it in a pan with @fourthandheart ghee, then topped the toast with these juicy slices, plain Greek yogurt, almond butter, bee pollen and cinnamon! Oh so good 🤤 Have a beautiful day all!

Happy #wafflewednesday! I made these @ottos_cassava_flour blender waffles a few weeks back, and so happy a frozen some for a quick easy meal! Heated up one of these guys and topped with my savory faves - egg and avocado 😋 added some purple radish, ebtb sesame seasoning and chili flakes! Have an awesome hump day friends!

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