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Bleu  19 y/o Appalachian cryptid type thing

HEY you know who makes super duper amazing spiffy one-of-a-kind badass princess mononoke-esque jewelry?? @jjdamn !!!⭐🌈 guaranteed to make you look like you just killed a dude in the woods n made tea outta their bones! ((these puppies are coming everywhere with me fo sho tysm ya lovely wonderful human!!))

Buds let other buds fuck up their legs🌈💉
(they gave me the lil stick n poke on my knee y'all keep askin about )

Besides looting cool garbage I also swiped THE BEST sounding spööns from some fancy restaurant n they sing so pretty n make me happy ((swipe to hear me feeling em out n falling in love)) #spoonplaying #jugband

Waddup the day I stop jumping into garbage boxes to collect neat things is the day my cold dead hands are withered into compost

A day well spent with my waifu🌻🐸

A dude got my mischief brew possum piece tatted on em and I been ejaculating about it for a lil while🐭

My wife lookin smexy in a rad band shirt ft Loki the litty dog

Danny let me give him a super shitty tattoo for practice and I am eternally grateful 🐥💀

Gottae see my punk rock fairy godmother tday❤

Its national uke day so heres me playing with the acoustics in the building I'm working on n then promptly getting really embarrassed cos I thought the guy I work with would take much longer getting the truck than he did

Lovely morning being brewed right here🌾📔

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