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Bleu  Anarcho freegan🐌 Ska kid rude grrrl doggo enthusiast Plant pimp Hitchin across the USA

I saw some artists doing this so I doodled one out

When you keep arguing with your partner that you're not a crusty but your legs say otherwise <<<< #imjustadirtyskakidleavemealone

Me when peach and I are bored and just wanna kiss but it's a million hecking degrees and we can't move

We somehow and very fucking slowly made it through death valley and into vegas. We're miserable atm because it's hot as all hell and no where cool to tuck ourselves into and nothin to do, but it was beautiful going through the desert at least. We're shipping outta here the day after tomorrow and that can't come soon enough
#hitchhiking #youknowitkids

The shower in the haunted clown motel screams and I have to have peach sit next to me on the toilet when I shower cos loud noises like this terrify me

We're taking a bath and it's fucking amazing I can feel the grime loosening from my pores dog bless
#hitchhiking #youknowitkids

Hey bitches we made it all the way to the clown motel today somehow!!! How about that! I've been wanting to hit this bitch since I was in 6th grade n it Turns out it's still running, we somehow managed to get a room, and it's super fuckin haunted so we're gonna do stupid white teenager from horror movie things tonight! booY U H ☆
#hitchhiking #youknowitkids

Jussoyall know this is what I woke up to this morning, though my shitty phone camera doesn't capture 1/50th of its beauty #hitchhiking #youknowitkids

Premium gold member áěstheticálly pleasing hitch hiking photos brought to you by Bleu Bugly, "Not a crusty, just a ska kid!" #hitchhiking #youknowitkids

From last night before we caught a ride out to literally the middle of no where
#hitchhiking #youknowitkids

More falls n stuff

After trekking along the steep mountain trail for four hours, passing waterfalls and steps taller than my knees we made it above Vernal falls. Following the river further up we hiked to a clear pool of ice water fed by the melting snow and mountain springs. The water was freezing but hitting the natural water slides and watching the surrounding mountains and valley down below as I swam felt calming and (excuse the hippy dip wording) freeing. You can't see in the video, but all around the pool waves of pines and sequoia 's slid down from the mountaintops, cliffs peeking overhead and you could see the other mountains rolling beyond the river feeding out of the pool. I want to go back when I have less gear and more time to backpack through all of it.
#hitchhiking #youknowitkids

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