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I'm almost done packing my room off, it's so naked looking without all my knick knacks and trinkets. I've almost finished getting the supplies we need for traveling though, we're off in a day or two 🌻🚂 were hoping to catch a boxcar goin south
(Picture taken before I packed away all my cool stuff)

I'm packing up my room so it can be used as a guest room while I'm traveling around north America and I'm gonna miss how pretty it is

Challenger 2: Goblin god of teenage angst junkfood and liquor who will win¿?¿💀👽👻

Challenger 1: the psychedelic god of youth and chillness 🌌🍄🌈

Also the shitty haircut club shirt I designed came in the mail and I'm a so very happy artist rn getting paid to do band art for music groups I love ♡

I got the constellations band shirt I designed ♡♡♡

I am surrounded by relatives of moth man

Things are tough on the farm this year

Cursed image, crypted confirmed

All I want is for someone to teach me how to the fuck to do makeup beyond wings 💩✨

Catch me being salty at a bluegrass open jam sesh cos the group silenced a sweet old man singing woody guthries hobos lullaby on his guitar because they didn't know it but kept trying to play it and sing it anyways after they made him stop👎 (ft woody Guthrie patch on my hat)

When your boyfriend calls you drunk and freaking the fuck out at 3am because too much supernatural shit keeps happening and then mid conversation he calls out his name and tuts as if to attract a cat 5 times and then keeps talking and when you ask why the fuck he did that he freaks further because he has no recollection of that happening and thinks you might be screwing with him

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