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Kristen Boehmer  Healing an autoimmune disease with diet & lifestyle. Empowering others to find their true strength. 🌟 Gluten-Free & Real Food 🌟 Fitness 🌟 Lifestyle

Acts of service is my ultimate love language, and there‘s legit nothing better than someone else making me a delicious & healthy meal filled with love! Especially when it involves grass-fed steak. 😍 It’s been a bit of a wild week with the tech side of my business, and Mike making me dinner last night filled my cup right back up!
What makes you feel the most loved? 🥰 #lovelanguage 🎧 Waverider - James Flamestar 🎧

I’ve been on a big taco kick lately, and I’m always a huge fan of easy, make-ahead breakfasts, and that got me thinking of my loaded taco breakfast casserole!
This breakfast casserole is a breeze to whip up, layered with a delicious hash brown crust, and topped with everything you love about tacos. 🌮😍
Get this recipe through the link on my profile! #easybreakfast #breakfastrecipes #healthyrecipes

Casually reading in the hills with Max & Shadow can only mean one thing - my March Book Club is HERE! 🤓
This month, I’m sharing three of my most recent reads which include two super-drama filled books (one proceed with caution), and one of my fave self-improvement books, which I recently read for the 2nd time.
Link on my profile to get in on this months favorites, and I‘d love for you to share what you’re into reading lately too! #kristenreads #kristensbestbookclub

These shepherd’s pie twice baked potatoes are the perfect way to switch up your traditional Saint Patrick’s Day dinner!

Shepherd’s pie was always one of my favorite comfort meals, because who doesn’t love meat in a delicious sauce topped with mashed potatoes? I’ve gotta say, I love my updated take on the classic shepherd’s pie even more! Get the recipe through the link on my profile.

What happens when my husband makes dinner. 🤣 #throwbackthursday #cominginhot 🎧 Um - DJ QUADS 🎧

Amazing food with amazing people! ❤️ I absolutely LOVE seeing restaurants that are doing their best to create positive change in the food industry, and @primalsantacruz is doing just that! Everything is gluten-free, they use only legit oils/cooking fats & only totally natural sweeteners (aka honey/pure organic maple syrup! If/when you make it there, you MUST try the chicken & waffles. SO GOOD. 😍

Such a a beautiful day filled with the best conversation thanks to @rubiesandradishes @thewholesmiths @mindbodysoulandsparkles @paleopaparazzi @laura.radicalroots @burg831 @jason_morgan & everyone else at Primal Santa Cruz!

On of my favorite ways to start a new week! 😍 Hope you had a beautiful weekend! #flowerpower

My super popular Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken has been upgraded today! I've made this recipe dozens of times myself and have found tricks along the way to make it even more delicious, which I'm sharing with you on my website today, along with updated photos!
This recipe is made with just 5 ingredients, now cooks in just 8 minutes, it can be easily made Whole30 compliant, AND you can even whip it up in your slow cooker! Get all of the rad updates through the link on my profile. 🙌🏼

Towards the end of last year, an anxiety that I hadn’t experienced in a LONG time crept back into my life. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with all that I had going on, and my creative energy had vanished. I felt completely overwhelmed, and it was then that I realized that I had a deep fear of losing everything that I’d worked so so hard for.
I was quick to recognize where this anxiety and fear stemmed from. After all, this same fear was a piece of why I was sick for so long, without fully realizing it at the time. Back then, I was afraid of getting so healthy, and then losing it all.
Feeling like a failure was truly the biggest fear that I’ve ever known.
Years ago, that was a TOUGH one for me to admit, but I’ve learned that in order to live the life that I most dreamt of, I had to be the one to get out of my own way.
I’m not someone who can ever stay down for long and I’m all about taking action, so I quickly decided that I needed a solid plan. On my website I'm sharing this experience along with what I did to move past it. Link on my profile for more! 😘

The first time that I ever tried kombucha, was around 7ish years ago now, but I remember it like it was yesterday, because it changed my life!
Mike and I were out running errands, and I wasn’t feeling well, and was planning to take a nap as soon as we got home. We stopped by a health food store on the way, and I felt an odd pull to get this flavor of kombucha.
I drank half of it on the way home, and something wild happened.
I felt good. Like really, GOOD!
Back then, I was always sick, always on antibiotics, and often needed to rest throughout the day, and something about this gave me energy like I hadn’t felt in a LONG time.
This was way before I understood anything about probiotics and what they do, but it was one of those moments that I started to wonder - maybe what I put into my body DID matter? I’d spent most of my life being told that diet didn’t matter - but what if the opposite were true?
That day was a pivotal moment in my journey, and a small piece of what led me to healing myself through diet and lifestyle.
Over time, I learned that probiotics were SO key to healing my gut, and still to this day, I’m a major kombucha lover!
What’s your favorite kombucha flavor or brand? Mine’s this Trilogy & Watermelon Wonder! 🙌🏼

No matter what you do, never, ever give up. 😘 #kristenxninja #apexnorcal #anw #neverquit 🎧 Boost - DJ QUADS 🎧

My husband’s been on a huge buffalo sauce kick lately, and I’ve been allll about stuffed potatoes, so I’m thinking that I’ve gotta make a batch of these buffalo chicken stuffed potatoes! I used Japanese yams to create these, but you can use any sort of potato that you want! They’re so so soooo good. Get the simple recipe through the link on my profile!

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