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Kristen Boehmer  Healing an autoimmune disease with diet & lifestyle. Empowering others to find their true strength. 🌟 Gluten-Free & Real Food 🌟 Fitness 🌟 Lifestyle

Back when I first started my business, it was created directly from my heart, and my deep desire to help others, and it’s still the exact same mission today. For the first 2 years, I worked completely for free. Day after day, and week after week, I put out 100% free content, as I built a real audience and their trust.

I later realized that in order to sustain this, I needed to create an income...because who knew a mortgage and bills can’t be paid in hopes and dream?! 😂

My first paid product was an eBook and then a membership website that I worked so damn hard to build, all to offer to my audience. Annnnd then a reader called me a sellout.

What changed everything for me and kept me from crawling under a rock and straight up quitting was THIS: what others say about me has nothing to do with me, as it’s simply how they see the world and themselves. Same goes for you.

Anyone who is truly happy & fulfilled would NEVER put anyone else down, or try to make them feel bad or less than. When you put yourself out there, in front of any sort of audience, someone WILL judge you.

No matter how kind you are, someone will find you annoying. No matter how motivating you are, somebody will believe that you’re fake.

The more that I realized this truth, the easier it became to let negative comments slide right off...but that doesn’t mean that I won’t get a lil sassy sometimes. 😂❤️ Remember this fact the next time that someone tries to bring you down and keep doing BIG things in this world. We all need each other’s gifts. 😘 #perspectiveiseverything #positivemindset

Have you checked out the new books in my March book club yet, or have you already read any of these? 🤓 This year I’ve really focused on setting time aside to read, as it helps me to sit still and not just work alllll the time, and I’ve got a whole stack waiting for me to read that I’ll share in future book clubs!

Click the link on my profile for the books that I loved & share what you're reading too! #kristenreads #kristensbestbookclub

This rosemary vodka lemonade is sooo refreshing, and it's brand new on the blog! Lightly sweetened with honey, and made with simple, easy to pronounce ingredients, this is gonna be your go-to cocktail for spring. In this post I also chat about how to go about finding a vodka that isn't made from wheat, along with some of my favorite brands! Link on my profile to get it all!

Raise your hand if you’re doing any sort of meal prep today! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Having a delicious & healthy breakfast on hand is sooo key when life gets extra awesomely-scheduled, and I’ve got you covered with the easiest make-ahead breakfasts that you can whip up in no time!
Get all of the recipes, including this Buffalo Chicken Breakfast Casserole (a reader FAVE!) through the link on my profile. You’lol find tons of Whole30, Paleo & keto-friendly options! 🙌🏼 #breakfastrecipes #mealprep #healthybreakfast

When I close my eyes I can be instantly transported back to who I used to be. I spent so many years sick, desperately wanting to heal, and having no idea how to go about it. With the help of my wonderful and forever patient husband, I tried anything and everything that I could, hoping that I would find the answer.

I eventually did, and then I healed.

I found what worked so well for me, and it didn’t come in the form of a pill, or a doctor, or anything that I once fully and solely believed in.
It came from completely shifting my mindset, changing my diet, and unlearning everything that I once thought to be true. Changing my thoughts and the words that I say has been just as powerful as changing the food that I eat.

Bow I get the incredible honor of sharing my journey and my lessons with you. Your support and love is something that I never, ever take for granted.

My entire business was created straight from my heart, and it all started because of my deep desire to help others. I don’t want anyone else to ever have to experience what I did.

This is still my same mission today, and it always will be. Everything that I share is in hopes of making your life easier - even if it’s just to give you a laugh to brighten up a dark day, or an idea so that you can begin to see a different perspective.

I’m here to serve, and I so appreciate you being here too. 😘 📸 credit all goes to @jayshetty - a truly motivating human. ❤️

I keep him organized, and he keeps me wild! Our scootering adventures are some of my faves. This #throwbackthursday is from scootering around Lake Tahoe in the rain! Mike has his own scooter, but I loooove that you can rent them in so many different cities now! 🙌🏼🛴🙌🏼 #adventuring #scooterlife 🎧 UM - DJ QUADS 🎧

This WORKS! After I dealt with serious adrenal and cortisol issues years ago, I realized that stress is something that I had to learn to keep in check. Lately I’ve had some really big decisions that I’ve needed to make, which had me feeling overwhelmed, and this @GaiaHerbs Calm A.S.A.P. has helped SO much! It calms my nerves without making me feel drowsy at all!

We all deal with life’s stressful moments. Maybe it’s a job interview, public speaking, or just feeling like you have too much on your plate. Calm A.S.A.P is awesome as it uses a blend of herbs I have found helps me feel calmer. I’m so grateful to have this when I’ve needed it! #sponsored #gaiaherbspartner #gaiaherbs

Acts of service is my ultimate love language, and there‘s legit nothing better than someone else making me a delicious & healthy meal filled with love! Especially when it involves grass-fed steak. 😍 It’s been a bit of a wild week with the tech side of my business, and Mike making me dinner last night filled my cup right back up!
What makes you feel the most loved? 🥰 #lovelanguage 🎧 Waverider - James Flamestar 🎧

I’ve been on a big taco kick lately, and I’m always a huge fan of easy, make-ahead breakfasts, and that got me thinking of my loaded taco breakfast casserole!
This breakfast casserole is a breeze to whip up, layered with a delicious hash brown crust, and topped with everything you love about tacos. 🌮😍
Get this recipe through the link on my profile! #easybreakfast #breakfastrecipes #healthyrecipes

Casually reading in the hills with Max & Shadow can only mean one thing - my March Book Club is HERE! 🤓
This month, I’m sharing three of my most recent reads which include two super-drama filled books (one proceed with caution), and one of my fave self-improvement books, which I recently read for the 2nd time.
Link on my profile to get in on this months favorites, and I‘d love for you to share what you’re into reading lately too! #kristenreads #kristensbestbookclub

These shepherd’s pie twice baked potatoes are the perfect way to switch up your traditional Saint Patrick’s Day dinner!

Shepherd’s pie was always one of my favorite comfort meals, because who doesn’t love meat in a delicious sauce topped with mashed potatoes? I’ve gotta say, I love my updated take on the classic shepherd’s pie even more! Get the recipe through the link on my profile.

What happens when my husband makes dinner. 🤣 #throwbackthursday #cominginhot 🎧 Um - DJ QUADS 🎧

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