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Chris King  Lifeguard for life. I'm the most fun you will ever have. KiK: LiveGuardBreath

If you were wondering how my deployment has been going, here you go.

The name's Mr. King. But my friends call me Chrome Dome.

I'm so glad my French bridesmaids came out to celebrate with me! Until next time we meet!

Living the life one night at a time.

My fiancé just finally said yes!!!

Beer in the middle of the day? I'm on vacation, why not!

Fear nothing. Experience everything.

I look like shit and I'm tired as hell but I had to stay up and just say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LETTER!!! It means so much to me and I'm so grateful and honored to be your son/brother/cousin. I hope I am living up to your expectations of me and I promise to keep moving my way up in life. I love you guys more than you know.

Australian, Italian, Singaporean, American. We're all out to have a great night, we're all out to make memories we'll never forget.

It's alright. I'll get the dance floor started, you can count on me for that at least. #foreveralone

I could not have asked to have made a better friend. 2 years ago I met you in Singapore and to this day I have not met anyone funnier than you.

Throwback to one of the most 'Murican things I've ever done.

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