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Chris  Just your average guy, trying to balance the passion with the things that last.

Ordering overseas is always an adventure. I ordered some tinsel. The first picture is the size I thought I was getting. The second is what I got. 😂 Lifetime supply. #aliexpresssurprises #flytying #livingflylegacy

He thought he had a snag. 😂 The kid doing work with a euro nymph rig a couple weeks back. He’s starting to make his old man look bad. #livingflylegacy #modernnymphingelevated

They’re already beautiful. All one needs to do is look. Unique, living, works of art, hiding, scattered beneath the water. They are treasures simply waiting to be enjoyed. Why do I fish? Because, one need not have money to be rich. #creationiscool #howneatisthat #livingflylegacy

It’s become a bit of a tradition to welcome summer with shish-kabobs. Mmmmm. Schools almost out! 🎉🎊 #summertimeandthelivingiseasy #livingflylegacy

Order of Ichabods up. Someone’s about to get crazy over the summer! 🐭 🐁 #ichabodartimouse #flytying #peakvise #livingflylegacy

The highly unoriginal and age old stonemop pattern worked. I mean, there’s no question it would, because everyone (except for me) has been fishing it for years 😂. #wherehaveibeen #idahoisbehindthemopflytimes #yeahbutdidyameltthatsucker #snark #flytying #livingflylegacy

Stonemops. Had this idea for a little while now. Finally picked up some black beads to make it happen. Melting the mop with a lighter allows you to contour the fly more to a salmonfly nymph profile. Haven’t done it with a drowned hopped yet, but it will happen soon. Also waiting on some black mono to use for the tails on the stones. #flytying #stonemop #livingflylegacy #peakvise

Water and light can be hypnotizing when mixed. A beautiful cutty backdrop sure doesn’t hurt either. Check out that cheek. #livingflylegacy

8 1/2 more weeks of school left. Then, back to warm nights chasing torpedoes in the dark. But who is counting right? Right? #livingflylegacy

Dreaming of good things to come. Wet-wading, hiking, camping, and nights spent under the stars with a fly rod in hand. #livingflylegacy

Today is not only the day we celebrate new life in the resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ, but we are also fortunate to hear from prophets and apostles. “​Surely the Lord ​​God​​ will do nothing, ​​​but​ he ​​​revealeth​ his ​​​secret​ unto his servants the ​​​prophets” Amos 3:7 I am truly grateful for the blessings and opportunity to hear the Lord’s will. #ldsconf
Without Christ, His creations, and His redeeming power in my life, it would be filled with little happiness. Happy Easter #helives #heisrisen #wewillbetoo #livingflylegacy

Finally got the Ichabod Artimouse tutorial up on the site. Link in profile. This brown may have been caught in the red-light district. 😳🚨 Chased the wrong minx. #ichabodartimouse #artimouse #nightfishing #livingflylegacy #flytying

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