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Kelly Lenza  🌠 Chicagoland portraits ✨ radical body liberation

#Anger is a tool: a way of offering what's important and vulnerable to the world. Who is "allowed" to express and have anger tells us a lot about how much power is in anger and who is expected to cede that power.

Which is why I want to take pictures of folks as they reject that concept and embrace their power through anger.

More of @mygirlrobot. Are you angry in Chicagoland? Let's turn it into art. #portraits #portraitphotography #artphotography #livid

#Anger illuminates: when we embrace it, feel it, and examine it, it tells us about who we are, what is important to us, and both what our boundaries are and what our power is. Anger radiates.

More of @mygirlrobot. Are you angry in Chicagoland? Let's turn it into art. #portraits #portraitphotography #artphotography #livid

More from @mygirlrobot 's #anger portrait session.

@mygirlrobot 's black bowl features prominently in their #anger portraits. While brainstorming about anger, they connected it to Ursula the Sea Witch and her "smoking" cauldron.

If you're in the #chicago area and want to participate, please reach out. 💙 #portraits #portraitphotography #artphotography #anger #livid

Yesterday, I was grateful to connect with @mygirlrobot for an anger portrait session. We brainstormed via email before the shoot about what anger looks and feels like to them, what characters or media reminds them of anger. Even just speaking with a few people so far about anger, the symbols people associate with anger are so varied and fascinating. I am really excited to be doing this project.

I'll be sharing six images from this session. Some of them will be cropped for IG and I'm going to try and make sure I've got a link in my bio to see the full pics.

If you're in the #chicago area and want to participate, please reach out. 💙 #portraits #portraitphotography #artphotography #anger #livid

When I first saw this photo, I thought oh yeah, this is what people see when they look at me out in the world. My face - usually what people rely on for personhood and humanity (fucked up by itself as a concept) - fades into the background, out of focus. I'm reduced to one part of my body that flows out and over some boundary. I know that this is what people see, or at least some people, because it's what I used to see when I looked at fat people. And in a weird way, it's still what I see sometimes, but in a different context: I notice it as familiar, as home, as a kindred body, even if the mind that rides in it isn't in agreement with me about how wonderful that is.

#fatmily #portraitphotography #portraitofalump #lovelylumps

I just saw a meme that said something about how those who want to spread light must burn. I'm the context of witnessing anger I really like that.

I don't like any of the cropped version of this photo, including weird crops with white bars on the side. So I gotta get a page up for these on my website I can point people to!

#anger #portraitphotography #portraits

More on anger. Fading into darkness, lying in wait, smoldering.

#anger #portraitphotography #portrait

"Dandelions don’t know whether they are a weed or a brilliance. But each seed can create a field of dandelions. We are invited to be that prolific. And to return fertility to the soil around us." @adriennemareebrown, Emergent Strategy

I reject the bioessentionalist, genderstrict concept of a mother in our culture but love how most of us are facilitating creation of life physically in our own cells, in other creatures, in spirits and hearts and Self. If motherhood is defined by creation and nurturing we all are mothers or have the potential to be mothers.

#motherhood #mothers

A few friends (thank you @tifflovestrek and @girlinwaterphotography !!) have been encouraging me around the plant portraits I like to take, so I took a bunch yesterday. The first tulip bud picture is so sensual it gives me feels.
#plants #spring #photography #portraits

My fav pics from the bikini session I did with @mechanicshopfemme last month. Still love them. 💙

The start of a portrait series showcasing anger.

The anger of victims - of any kind of violence - is often used by abusers as a marker of weakness, damage, and unworthiness.

My anger, at how I'm treated as a fat person and at other injustice and violence in the world, is a fire in that burns out despair and inaction. It is a lamp of knowledge and a spark of honesty. It reveals and empowers my hands and my heart. My anger is darkness too - a velvety, protective, primal silence. It is why my screen name is LividLipids.

What does your anger look like? Tell me in comments.

Want to showcase your anger and are around Chicago? Please get in touch. 🔥 #chicago #chicagoart #portraitphotography
#portraits #anger #bodypositive #fatliberation #bodyliberation #radicalselflove #fat

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