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livewithmoxy  Mrs Fagervik’s School for Gifted Girls✨Cycle Tracking✨Lady Magic Mists✨Moon Mapping✨Hail Mary! Press✨Oracle✨Sonic Alchemy✨ #pussyposse #mycyclediary


Abracadabra! We are the Big Bang! #giftedgirls

❤️❤️🧠🧘‍♀️🧠❤️❤️ sending love to all directions of YOU! Place your left hand over your heart space, and your right hand over your left. Close your eyes. Notice how you feel. Don’t judge, just watch. Inhale. Exhale. Bring awareness to the softness and the warmth of your own body. Breathe. Rise and then fall. Inhale thinking “thank”, exhale repeating “you”. When you’re ready gently flutter open your eyes, and notice how you feel. Soften. Remember that you are love and that your heart is good. Proceed 💝 #giftedgirls #livewithmoxy image via @ninmagazine

🔥🔥🔥 #waningmoon #ladymagic

I haven’t been to church in a while. We walk our Dolly when it’s dark and sparkly outside, but I’m a housecat for most of winter. How do you like to play outside when it’s covered in precipitation? What are your winter fun time activities? #livewithmoxy image via @thehoodwitch ❤️

It was so exciting to wake up and watch @akemicreative open up her #livewithmoxy webshop order! When 📦 orders leave my studio their lives are mysterious ❤️ use #livewithmoxy to show me where your #ladymagic lives!
#Repost @akemicreative ・・・
Went to the post office day to pick-up my smudge and moon sprays from @livewithmoxy and @elementbotanicals 💓and couldn’t help but make a video. Kate included the ENTIRE moon set 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 as a gift 🙏🏼 and I am so grateful. Silly grin on ma face. These sprays have been created with the intention to help sync to the lunar cycle. The sprays have been charged and infused with the energies of the various stages. I have used them before and it helps to ground you into the fluctuations, ebbs and flows. The cycles are divided-up into: New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon and Waning. ✨

Current post eclipse full m🌕🌕n feels. Cycle Day 2. I’m in it. Spacey and mystical while very present with the waves of sensations in my body. The ebb and flow of thoughts 💭 reminding me of all the things that I “should” be doing while another voice reassures me that it’s best to rest. I prepared for this. Let go of guilt. Why is it so hard to give ourselves permission? Psychically I’m behind the veil, shedding and trying not to be heady, taking @curriebird’s advice over and over to find my breath and let my body do the work. Taking yoga off the mat and into my bednest. It’s an act of sheer courage to practice the art of slowing down to speed up each cycle. Airplane mode while keeping your feet firmly in the meow. Tuning in to future memory. Listening to music not as background company but as a maximum dose of self care; a meditation on sound. Raspberry leaf tea. Lavender essential oil bubbling away in my diffuser. Tarot cards in constellations across my bed spread. Purrring Cat blankets. Soft everything. Snacks in cups. My cards told me to take my own medicine 🙄 Inhale. Exhale. Another dare to trust my own experiment. To resist the urge to push, instead surrendering the calendar and travelling inside. Im so grateful for this practice, challenged by my mindful game, continuously amazed by the feedback of my fleshy body. I feel like my housecoat is a moon suit, I can feel my cosmic crown tingling and my technicolor dragon who carries me through my inner-verse shows up when I close my eyes.

What cycle day are you on? Take a deep breath and ask: What subtle shift can I make right meow that my body is asking for? #livewithmoxy #mycyclediary #artistvision #wearethebigbang art by @aldousmassie

Mother Nature 🍃🙏🍃collage by @artisticsideoflife_ #artistvision #livewithmoxy

What season is your Inner-Verse experiencing? I’m on cycle day 24, deep in winter on the outside, flowing through fall on my insides ❤️ #giftedgirls #mycyclediary #livewithmoxy

Sunday self care goals 👌 How are you taking care of your fine self today? #naptime #yoganidra #selflover

Cycle Day 22: feeling grateful and dreamy, tapped into the watery nature of today’s Pisces waxing moon 🌙 My body feels soft and tender, I know I need to tidy up my home this weekend before I go deeper into myself. A clean nest is magic. During last nights SOUND BATH I felt very connected to the 22” C# sexual chakra singing bowl. She resonates with the earth, with the vibes of Taurus (my sun sign) and she asked me to repeat Hail Mary’s inside my mind while I pressed my rubber mallet against her quartz crystal edges. Near the end of the sound bath my intuition directed me back to the belly bowl: 15 minutes flew by and I was in a trance, suddenly very thirsty, hypnotized by the vibrations and my job of holding space. Our clients @curriebirdstudios are receiving the most miraculous results from this weekly ritual. It felt electric to combine the high vibe sounds with internal prayers. Lady magic. Mary has been popping up everywhere for me, this morning via @yinshadowz feed. Her #artistvision is always divine ✨🙌✨Hail Mary! Full of grace! ❤️ How is your #ladymagic being embodied today? #livewithmoxy #mycyclediary

Heal your body while you nap at tonight’s SOUND BATH from 7-8 pm @curriebirdstudios ✨ Raise your vibration and calm the chatter that lives inside your mind, clearing space for your sparkly future 😎 #artistvision #sonicalchemy #healthcare #healnaturally

Today’s the last day to join the winter semester of GIFTED GIRLS, the club dedicated to tracking the ups and downs of your womanly Inner-Verse ⚡️❤️⚡️ Click the link @livewithmoxy to learn more!

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