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Animals love my cooking. Come follow my “Instagram takeover” (as the youth say) at @autoimmunepaleo this week!

The best green goddess dressing. Must share. ⠀
1 clove garlic ⠀
1 avocado ⠀
5 tbsp olive oil ⠀
6 tbsp water ⠀
3/4 cup basil ⠀
1/4 cup chives ⠀
1/2 cup scallions (green parts)⠀⠀
1/4 cup parsley ⠀
Juice of 1/2 lemon ⠀
2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar ⠀
Salt to taste ⠀

Blend it together and put on everything!

Doing a photo shoot with @anne__townsend today was just the very best. Annie is all about empowering females (and female entrepreneurs!) to feel good in their body. Not when you lose ten pounds or when you get to the gym more or when you have a million dollars but right. now. ⠀

This, I love. ⠀

She came to my house and helped me pair clothes, bring life to items I haven’t thought about in forever, and dress for my body and my personality. She even got me to wear heels with overalls (and to not whip out my fave hello kitty shirt. Turns out It was great advice.) ⠀

I’m all about feeling good from the inside out through nourishment and food. I’m not a high fashiony person but I always consider how I show up in the world and what I wear as an expression of who I am. @anne__townsend helped me to think about this in a really cool and approachable way. Get her on your team if you hate shopping, never know what to wear, want your personality to shine through and need some style inspiration! It’s a totally transformational experience.

Who has a "boring salad" for lunch when they want to be healthy? You pull it out of the work fridge and it looks all sad and wilty and your friends are heating up mac and cheese and and bringing back delicious looking pulled-pork sandwiches from the food truck seemingly without a care in the world and you start to seriously resent this stupid, healthy boring salad looking back at you. ⠀

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you've even put it back in the fridge and gone across the street to buy something you really want...⠀

Wanna know what I think about that? DEATH TO THE BORING SALAD. I'M DONE WITH IT. Eating healthy does not have to be sad and boring. You do not need to angrily chew carrot sticks and choke down iceberg lettuce. You do not need to feel deprived. We need to flip the script on this one and telling ourselves this story about what "healthy" food looks like. ⠀

Make a pact with me right now that you will never force yourself to eat a gross boring salad again? The way to be successful here and get out of this rut is to get inspired and think outside the box. ⠀

My friend Lizzie is working to banish the boring salad as well and sent me through this awesome, easy chicken salad recipe for you guys to try! Click the link in my bio to get it 👍🏼 I’m gunna do a series of inspired lunches so lemme know if you have any go to recipes!

Sunshine in a cup

It’s 45 degrees and sunny so it’s summer in Seattle ok ?!

Just picking up the essentials: a mini air plant in an adorable face container and a white sage smudge stick... 🤷🏼‍♀️

Nothing like a late Winter lake plunge to set you right (I’m strictly camera crew)

My nutrition coaching corner. Spending the day talking about food, how to actually reduce stress that doesn’t involve a spaaaaaa day every day, (although I wish it did), effective communication with doctors, and grieving parts of yourself lost to chronic illness.
Discussing diet myths, ways to stay motivated, picky eating partners, how to get rid of bloating, exploring how much of a toll a soul sucking job is really taking on your body, finding breakfasts you can prepare in 5 minutes, and identifying and saying out loud what’s blocking you from feeling really really really good instead of “meh.”

I’ve been doing yoga since I was 15 years old, always drawn to the free-spirit, dance-like rhythm of it.⠀

I was used to slowing down and stretching being the parts of sports I played that were unimportant and quickly passed over.⠀

Yoga was so different and I loved it. But I didn’t actually “get it” for many years. ⠀

I can’t do handstands, and I was born with the worlds tightest hamstrings. ⠀

I’ll never post pics of me doing yoga on a beach cuz you’d be like “Oh no is that woman ok? Does she need immediate assistance?”⠀

I’m always on about tuning in to how food affects your body. It’s the key to everything. Yoga helps me cultivate this connection in another way. ⠀

By breathing through discomfort and actively listening to what the hell is going on in my body for a dedicated amount of time, I learn. It makes it easier to listen and notice when things are out of balance so I can figure out why. ⠀

It allows me to strengthen my body and workout in a way where I’m not gritting my teeth and pushing, pushing, pushing which overtime can throw me out of balance into a flare up. ⠀

Pushing beyond physical limits isn’t bad at all, it’s just now I know my boundaries and I gently push them with a goal of self-improvement with awareness. ⠀

This works for me. And it feels really good. Gritting my teeth and running 45 minutes on a treadmill with a TV screen shining into my face does not. It’s cool when we figure these things out so we don’t have to keep doing what we “should.” Shoulds are stupid. (I might get that on a T-shirt)

In 90 days (but probably earlier....) I will taste these and tell you if I’m a grade A, varsity pickler. Also, if I hosted a pickle party would you come?


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