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After a week in the Alaskan Wilderness, we're back to civilization. Had such a great time--salmon fishing, spotting bears and minks, looking for moose, and flying on tiny planes. Swipe for a few photos and a bear video. #livesimplyblog

See ya in a week, Instagram Friends! ✈️

From hurricane evacuation to spending a week in the Alaskan Wilderness. What a crazy two weeks it's been. Spending the day in Anchorage today before flying five hours west to a fishing lodge. I won't have cell reception or wifi that far out in the wilderness, so it's going to be quiet around here. I can't wait to share photos when we get back next week! Lots more in my Story--including the most amazing ice cream made with beets! And then IG can return to lots of food and simplification talk 😉. #livesimplyblog #livesimplyblogtravels

Almost to Florida 🙌🏻🌴🚗! We still don't have power, but in light of everything else power seems like a minor inconvenience to live without. I’ve been making and freezing lots of breakfast and lunch foods in preparation for the busy school year. I lost all of my prep foods due to the power outage (I have to dump everything when we get home), but I’ll be at it again–making food and stocking my freezer for busy school mornings. These baked oatmeal cups (perfected by @helen_thomas_editor) are perfect for busy mornings, and they freeze well. They're egg, nut, and dairy-free (if you use dairy-free milk), so they work for almost every family. Link to the printable recipe via my profile @livesimplymom #livesimplyblog #freezermeals #realfood #schoolbreakfast #breakfastideas

Learning to embrace the spontaneous side of being displaced by #hurricaneirma. So far we've been to Atlanta, a small town outside of Atlanta, and now Nashville. Because when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or, when life gives you a huge hurricane, drive for hours, sing really loud in the car, make your kids laugh, embrace the unknown, get @baristaparlor coffee, enjoy kimchi fries and grilled cheese, order @five_daughters_bakery donuts, crash in your favorite city (Nashville), and enjoy every minute of it! #livesimply #livesimplyblog

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, for our family and the state of Florida and the Caribbean. The past few weeks have been full of devastation, from Harvey (Dustin was in Texas after the storm and came home with a heavy heart) to earthquakes to Irma. It's hard to understand why or even how our county was spared of the catastrophic damage that was expected yesterday, despite enduring such a massive storm, especially when others have lost so much in the path of Irma. We now have a greater desire to do our part to help others just as so many have helped our family in the past few days of uncertainty. Thank you to @thisorganicgirl for opening up her home to us, to so many readers who reached out to make sure we had a place to go and to let us know we were in their thoughts and prayers, and to the volunteers and work crews now headed to Florida to help restore what's been lost in the path of Irma. We are still in Georgia, trying to figure out how to make our way back along with so many other evacuees. #livesimplyblog #hurricaneirma

Reducing my Hurricane Irma stress by making a loaf of homemade sourdough. I'm not a baker (I don't love to bake), but I love the therapeutic and rewarding process of making sourdough bread. The process is mainly a hands-off one (the sourdough does all the work), but still, there's something about watching the dough rise and then gently turning that dough every so often. Along with being therapeutic, making sourdough bread is a traditional practice that’s been used to make grains more digestible and to help unlock the nutrients found in grains. “Traditional societies usually soak or ferment their grains before eating them, processes that neutralize phytates and enzyme inhibitors and in effect, predigest grains so that all their nutrients are more available. Sprouting, overnight soaking, and old-fashioned sour leavening can accomplish this important predigestive process in our own kitchens. Many people who are allergic to grains will tolerate them well when they are prepared according to these procedures.” -Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions
I don’t soak, sprout, or sour every grain we consume. This is evidenced by the number of recipes on the blog that call for simply combining flour and other ingredients in a bowl and then putting those ingredients in the oven to bake. Just because I can’t/don’t/won’t soak, sprout, or sour every grain we consume doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate these time-honored, gut-loving techniques into my kitchen from time to time. #livesimplyblog #goawayirma #sourdoughbread #sourdough

@raisinggenerationnourished is making this Instant Pot chicken soup for dinner tonight (a recipe that she graciously shared over on Live Simply just as the Instant Pot was gaining popularity). It's perfect for busy school evenings. Full recipe via link in profile @livesimplymom. #livesimplyblog #instantpot #instantpotlove #instantpotrecipes

There's a bunch of prep happening in our house this week: a Hurricane Irma landing somewhere in Florida and a trip to Alaska next week (hopefully 🤞🏻). One thing I don't have to spend time prepping right now is school lunch, thanks to a few make-ahead foods in the freezer. I shared 20+ make-ahead, real food lunch ideas over on the blog last week--post on homepage of the blog @livesimplymom. #livesimplyblog

Sunday prep is an intentional choice to spend a few hours on the weekend getting ready for the week ahead. Here are my weekend prep goals (they stay the same each week): create a basic meal plan (from my favorite meals list), clean out the fridge (this happens before the meal planning), order groceries or go to the store, prep a few meal components, and fold up the kids' clothes in their weekly clothes basket. *Sometimes* we even clean the house 😉. Since I do laundry on a daily basis, there isn't a giant laundry pile to conquer which means we still have family time despite the extra prep work. #livesimplyblog

Dough tonight, toast tomorrow 🍞 #homemadesourdoughbread PS: I shared a tutorial on how to make a sourdough starter on the blog yesterday (you only need two very basic ingredients), and will be sharing a sourdough bread tutorial this weekend--link in profile @livesimplymom #livesimplyblog

THIS 📦 BOX is the key to keeping my car organized and mess-free. It's also the key to helping me remember everything we need for life: lunchboxes, school folders and papers, my laptop, the Target return item. THIS BOX is #momlife sanity. The box stays by the door when we're home--where we can fill it up. In the morning, we grab the box and keep it in the passenger seat (or another free spot). Throughout the day the box is emptied, and anything that needs to go back in the house is added to the box. When we get home the first job is to empty the box. Since the box is plastic it can easily be washed...because kids and life and spills 😉. #livesimplyblog #livesimplyhack #simplify #organize #organizedfamily #beintentional #backtoschool #backtoschooltime #backtoschooltips #lifehacks

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