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LiveRichMedia  #Travel Management @ms_dblock companies: @elevator w/ @danfleyshman @money music video I shot ⬇️

Don’t worry I got the shot #2019

Level up! @tiffanyandco believes in great content and this is how we set the standard going into 2019.

80 degrees, not a one bad place to shoot at #conradmaldives , pretty lady, #gopro7, #mavicpro2 and you have yourself one hell of a career! Truly blessed to be able to see the world. Just get up work hard and go! Don't look back! #travelvibes #maldives

Vibes, thanks @ericdamier @earthpix for letting experience this underwater villa. Excited for our new journey in #TravelSmarter special thanks to @conrad_maldives for being a incredible resort!

Had a blessed opportunity to stay at #TheMuraka this pass weekend with @ericdamier the owner of @earthpix to shoot this luxury villa. Put a new coral reef under the water. This place is equipped with 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1 underwater room that is simply breathtaking. For the record I did not color the sunsets, I can send you the raw files if you don't believe me! Lol ✨Tag someone ✨that you would bring to this amazing place! #maldives #travel #ConradMaldives

It's been a honor to stay here & let me answer a few questions for you. Yes you have privacy. You have black out curtains on all windows, the divers only come when you call them to clean the window. You can feed the fish yourself if you would like. The night time lights are insane. This is one room out of a whole big villa. The closet, the bathroom and the walk way all have new coral reefs growing. The coral reef was 90% dead until they started a new project to rebuild coral. You can check my stories about it or we will have a video later on explaining this whole rebuild process. This video here does not do it justice because it is one incredible bucket list place you have to see. Truly amazing. Was blessed to have @ericdamier & @missmariaquintero bring us out. That's Maria doing a little snorkeling before we feed the fish. So my feed will be blue the next few days, but I hope you enjoy it like I do! I appreciate all your support! This video was hand held shot on the #gopro7black no stabilization and no color grade.

It's a privilege & a blessing to be able to go around the world & shoot amazing content for resorts, brands, people & myself. God paints every morning and every sunset amazing designs. You can never repeat the same video or photo shooting scenery. Just know every single piece I put out there, passion is behind it. I'm not going to get behind just any wall and shoot to give you some basic half ass job. I want you to remember every shot. That's how they make me feel so I want to show that feeling through the shots I choose. I love to do this and feel honored to even have the opportunity. I especially thank every resort that believes in us and I'm blessed to know resorts like @kamandalu sells out because of it. To bring tourism that helps the economy makes it all worth it. I can't thank you enough for the hospitality & gratitude you show every content creator. It amazes me how people can complain or have attitudes when we are truly blessed to have this opportunity. So if we don't say it enough, the love y'all show from all the different places we visit, truly inspires us. Where I come from I would have never imagined to be able to see and experience culture & the love you have gave us. Your a wonderful place #Bali We love you! Model: @thearielleray

Some people buy bottles at a club, some people go around the world and shoot beautiful places and vibe with different cultures. What ever you do, do it it big. To each their own! Video by @johnny_fpv

Hands down one of the best people I ever worked with. @candice your patience and skill set @laureldewitt your wardrobe and help was amazing. @johnny_fpv the best drone flyer ever, @downtofilm to even be able to film a video with that drone is ground breaking. Click the link in bio ..... 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 @iamwilliexo thanks for believing in me. None of this would have happen without @ms_dblock thanks for trusting me to step out and create what's in my crazy brain 🧠 ... my grey hair is coming in like never before

The earth is a beautiful set. Link in bio

@iamwilliexo they not ready for this. @torylanez @popcaanmusic brought some of that king out.... I just want to give a special appreciation to my brother @mikeho_ @jessyterrero for always inspiring me to take it up a level. @candice @laureldewitt @ms_dblock for just kicking ass this shoot and helping my vision come to life. So many to thank but Instagram might think I'm spamming. We a few days away from 1 of many! Let's go! "Comfort"

Sometimes the general public have no idea the things we go through to get the shot. When the smoke cleared @jenafrumes ended up being a great sport. Powered through many diversities. We have some unfinished business so next trip we are bringing her back. Thanks you #sripanwa #phuket #babaphuket for taking such great care of us. You all will be the new spot everyone should go to. #thailand

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