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#ShaheenMistri came to #Mumbai in the summer that followed her first year at @tuftsuniversity. One day, she was stuck at a traffic light near #NarimanPoint. A few children came running up to the car, begging. She recalls, “I remember looking at them and asking myself at that moment, why am I going back to the US? Won’t anything I do in India be more valuable than going back home?”
She called her parents, who were in the US, and told them she wasn’t going back. She’s still here, working on her dream to provide every child in India access to an education. Her parents have moved back to Mumbai too.

Meet Shaheen Mistri, CEO of @teachforindia in our #BizLounge from the past week. Follow the link in bio to read more. •
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint.

An #excerpt from #American #novelist and #poet Erica Jong's 'Dear Colette' (Becoming Light: Poems New and Selected), 1991. *

Suicides & spinsters—
all our kind!
Even decorous Jane Austen
never marrying,
& Sappho leaping,
& Sylvia in the oven,
& Anna Wickham, Tsvetaeva, Sara Teasdale,
& pale Virginia floating like Ophelia,
& Emily alone, alone, alone....
But you endure & marry,
go on writing,
lose a husband, gain a husband,
go on writing,
sing & tap dance
& you go on writing,
have a child & still
you go on writing,
love a woman, love a man
& go on writing.
You endure your writing
& your life. *

Portrait of #EricaJong, from a 12-part series of #portraits selected for Lounge by #RohitChawla who has photographed over 200 #authors at the @jaipurlitfest, over a decade. For the rest of the series, follow the link in bio.

Summer vacations for journalist and film writer Sidharth Bhatia, meant getting enrolled in typing classes-- to learn QWERTY on a typewriter. Such classes were, back in the day, also places where young men and women could mix freely, love blossomed in some instances. But thinking now of typewriters and their existence in India, isn't merely for nostalgic value. Through 13 articles in 'With Great Truth and Regard: A History of the Typewriter in India', a #book published by @rolibooks, the #typewriter is looked at as a powerful #symbol of industrial efficiency, of #job creation, and of throwing the strictly #male #office-space open to #gender-anxieties. While women in the workforce would traditionally have been nurses or teachers (both nurturer-roles) the emergence of a market for #typists and #stenographers meant that #young #women found new employment opportunities. Despite this, such roles came with stifling sexual #stereotypes. •
Notes from a discussion with #journalist #RamaLakshmi, #historian Shahid Amin, #media #critic #SantoshDesai, and #editor of the book #SidharthBhatia. At Bikaner House, New Delhi, this evening.

There were other localities in the neighbourhood, each with idiosyncrasies and specialities of their own...I remember those nooks and corners the way some people remember former lovers, peculiar memories associated with them suddenly springing to mind when I least expect them to, in countries a thousand miles away. It’s not just me. Forty-year-old Anselm Mendes, head of marketing and technology at the Dubai-based insurance firm Continental Group International, remembers #Orlem fondly as a “warm, friendly, close-knit, vibrant community with a lot of activity centred around the church and school”. When asked if he ever sees himself returning to live there again, he says: “The culture, friendships and experiences shared among friends, colleagues and family there played an important part in shaping me into who I am today. I miss that sense of #community and warmth for myself and even more for my #children. I love the thought of returning!”
#Easter reminds Lindsay Pereira, a former #Malad resident of the enduring charms of Orlem, which lays claim to being one of the largest #RomanCatholic #parishes in #Asia. Follow the full story on the website. Link in bio. · Photos of neighbourhood homes and buildings at Orlem village, Malad West, Mumbai. By Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint.

#BuddhadevMukherjee's series of paintings, titled 'In Search Of Each Other' and rendered in Chinese watercolour, ink and gold dust on Chinese rice paper, has a lone figure in differing states of psychological and physical abstraction.

"I always draw human figures. Their energy, character, monologue, body language, and humour...that is my landscape,” says Mukherjee, who seeks to bring forth the levity and farce inherent in even the most deprived of settings. “My characters may be choking under the weight of their banal existence or getting smothered with multiple responsibilities, but they don’t look sad.”

The artist has now lived in five cities, and traced a meandering path to find a visual language which, like his characters, is graceful and groovy.

To read more about the artist, follow the link in bio for a profile by @sneha.bhura.
Image courtesy: @galeriemirchandanisteinruecke Mumbai.

Q. Did your journalistic practice influence your writing?
A. Very much so... Journalism taught me a number of things– most importantly, that no reader has time to waste. •
Prayaag Akbar (@prayaag.akbar) speaks to Jerry Pinto (@mahimkajerry) on his #debut #novel #LEILA and how #journalism has influenced his #writing.
To read the full #interview, follow the link in bio.
📷 by Aniruddha Chowdhury (@ribeyestake)/ Mint

#ICYMI, this is how Lounge looks in print this weekend. To read all the stories online, follow the link in bio.

A Sea Angel, a type of #hydrozoan, swims in the depths of the White Sea. Micro-organisms and dust particles present in the water, appear in the background as stars in a moonless sky.

Follow the link in the bio to read an account of nature #photographer #DhritimanMukherjee's #dive into the frigid #ecosystems of the #WhiteSea and #LakeBaikal in deep #winter to observe the differences in saltwater and sweet-water sun-aquatic life. From our science-travel special, April 15. •
Photo by @dhritimanimages

From studying the frigid #ecosystems of the #Arctic underwater to searching for #dinosaur #footprints in the #Thar #desert to conquering #space, science propels some of our most ambitious #journeys. Discover whole new worlds in our #science-#travel special.
Out tomorrow.

As part of ITIHAAS, an exhibit in @ngmanewdelhi, a hall houses sculptures by RamKinkar Baij, one of 22 artists to define India's modernist language between 1950-1970. •
There’s a portrait of Rabindranath Tagore, looking downward in a pensive mood, near the entrance. When you leave the hall, you meet another Tagore, this time with an abstract face. “This is my favourite,” says curator of the show Uma Nair. She explains that Baij took the academic, real Tagore (as seen in the first portrait), deconstructed, and then reconstructed it to give an abstract image (as seen in second picture, swipe ⬅️ to see). •
'ITIHAAS: Celebrating 63 Years—NGMA Treasures' is on show till June, at the NGMA, Jaipur House, India Gate. To read the full story by Pooja Singh (@pooja_see), follow the link in bio. Photos by Elizabeth Kuruvilla (@eliofkottayam)/Mint.

3D printed jewellery at a one-day long popup of ethical jewellery brand @isharya and fashion brand @luluandskyofficial at the Residence, Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai.
Made in nylon, the collection is called #InfinitePetals, and is a lovely coming together of tradition with modern technology.

ICYMI: A portrait of #author, #cancer #physician, and researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee. From a 12-part series of portraits selected for @livemintlounge by #RohitChawla, who has photographed over 200 authors at the #JaipurLiteratureFestival over a decade.
Follow link in bio, to read an excerpt from his last book 'The Gene: An Intimate History' (Allen Lane, 2016.)

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