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I have a volunteer in this pot but no Idea what it is. At first I thought it was a sunflower but then I thought it was a tomato but it has white flowers so now I'm not sure and am thinking maybe a pepper? It's really happy and I haven't had anything in these pots for two years. Yay rain I guess?

This was from our trip to Grover Hot Springs a few years ago. I looked up this picture a few days ago when someone was asking about my tent and now I am counting the seconds until it's up again. It's going to be such an amazing summer. #spoiledinnature #carcamping #bringallthethings #allforme #glamping

Right when I pulled in the driveway after a 90 minute drive home over 17... Ella will be 7 in October. #hyundaielantra #lovemycar

TFW your fabulous-at-presents mama sends you the Armageddon/Emergency kit supplies you asked for and then some... 😭😭 Omg, I can't stop crying over dried lasagna and rainbow duck tape. #grateful #disasterpreparedness #earthquakeready #californialiving #birthdaydreamscometrue

I ❤️these ladies. What an amazing evening full of food and friends.

You guys, we flew kites for my birthday and I think it might be one of my favorite things we've ever done. 🎈❤️

I'm not sure what this is but it's about to be in my belly.

My kites came!! I couldn't decide, so I ordered them all. Come fly a kite with me Saturday morning for Gemini season kickoff!

It is yet to be seen if this life will make me a human mama, but I really do love being mama to this seat stealing foot cuddler. I can't believe she's almost a teenager.

I had good intentions for today but I laid reading in the sun until the clouds came and then laid reading on my couch until I decided I should maybe do something. So now I'm drinking beer and eating BBQ. That's something right?

4 generations. ❤️ #mothersday

Getting ready to go bathing suit shopping today. If you missed the memo, we are partying at New Brighton for Memorial Day, and you should haul yourself down there to beach it with us. (Or kiting next Saturday...I miss your faces, come play!)

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