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Live in the Details Β©2017  Call me the caption writer. Be real. Be hopeful. Be inspired. All Original Work. Tag if RP. .................. May Theme: Call Me #unstoppable

There had been more than a few years-- stacked together-- that had given her question after question after question. They had filled her heart with why and how and why not and when. They had tested her faith in the process. In the big picture. In timing. But she could feel it. Right now, she was on the precipice of something great. Of something amazing. When some of the key pieces of her puzzle were going to show how they all fit together. She was close to the answers. The understanding. The peace. And she was about to see why every single thing that had happened had been part of the plan. For her. For her life. And she was ready. Ready for this next chapter that was going to make the rest of the story she'd written make sense. She was so, so ready. The purpose was about to be revealed. And it filled her with butterflies and hope and excitement for whatever came next. Bring it, universe. Bring it. 😘 // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Of all the things she'd ever seen in her life-- and she had witnessed some truly beautiful things-- there was exactly one thing that had taught her about real beauty. About how many forms it could come disguised in. One simple, small word-- that constantly reaffirmed for her what life was all about. Real. The word that could break her and make her and was her. All at once. Her life was constantly teaching her that real is what she lived for. In every form it came in-- real is what stitched her together-- what made her and kept her whole. It was finding that real, true, deep kind of love. And no, not always the kind that's romantic-- but simply, the kind that accepts us all where we are. And loves us to where we are going. It's knowing who the real us is. And forcing us to face-- and understand-- why we show different faces to the world. Real is honest and direct and raw. At some times in her life, it had stripped her down to almost nothing-- left her standing alone-- and forced her to learn again how to survive. It was heartbreak and vulnerability and moments. It was gently saying goodbye to a lifetime of love-- and it was standing up for what she believed-- no matter the cost. Real was sacrifice and "you're not the one," and truth. It was standing in front of them with no polish and no sparkle-- and seeing if they still loved her. Real was what it was all about. Yes-- of that she was certain. And the world tried to test her theory every day-- bombarding her with different versions of who she should be and what she should want and who she should love. But she wouldn't falter. She knew there was beauty in this world that came from joy and love and pain and sacrifice. She knew it all affected us differently, but it all grew from one place. What was real. And damn, life was beautiful. Even without its forevers and promises and certainties. She was going to fill her life with that kind of beauty. And when she was done, there wouldn't be room left for anything else. πŸ’› // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

I wanted to pause, on this random Tuesday in May, to write about what happened in #manchester last night. I wanted to be able to say that this is a horrific, uncommon example of what hate does to this world. But I can't. Because honestly, it is not uncommon. These examples are flooding the news-- of innocent, carefree, beautiful souls falling victim to the darkness in the world. It leaves me speechless. It fills me with anger and sadness and yes-- fear, too. I think of those young souls and their families that will never hold each other again. Of lives forever scarred by hatred. But every single time something like this happens, there is one resounding thought that echoes through my own heart-- we have to do better. All of us. We have to spend our energy and our time working in our own little corners of this world. Working for good and right and kindness and hope. For all the things that can fight against the darkness that is constantly threatening the light. We have to love each other, sweet souls. And most of all-- most of all-- we have to accept each other. With our different skin colors and different gods and the way we see the world with our different eyes and hearts. It's a constant battle. Good against evil. And every day, we all have to make the choice of how-- and how hard-- we are going to fight back. So today, consider this a harder battle day. Consider changing the course of your morning or afternoon or evening. Be a little more understanding. A bit more patient. Put some love out into the world-- not just with your words, but with your actions. Pray-- or hope-- that peace will find its way into the hearts of those affected last night in #manchester-- and all over the globe by acts of hate. And darling, just remember one thing. One person can-- and often has-- changed this world. Start some ripples. Fight back. Stand strong. There's enough darkness in this world, sweet soul. Get out there-- and be the light. πŸ™πŸ» #prayformanchester // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

She had been many different versions of herself through the years. Draft after draft-- she had sketched some parts of her life in pencil, and others in permanent ink. And the world had seen it. All of it. The tears and the scars and the bruises. The times she'd walked in darkness. And the times she'd stood in light. She'd worn her heart on her sleeve-- and she'd reassembled it each and every time it was broken. She'd had the brave face and the hesitant footsteps. She'd carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and then convinced herself she'd be alright. She'd been focused and broken and determined and lost. Sometimes all in the same month. Time was like that. And what she had learned was that time-- time-- was ever changing her. Things were being placed in her path and removed from her journey. Pieces were fitting together-- and moments were showing her why. What she wanted then was not what she wanted now. And what she wanted now wouldn't be part of her tomorrrow. But she knew one thing for sure. No matter what changed-- or how-- her prayers and her dreams and her eyes-closed-whispers to the universe were stemming from what her heart wanted. And not what the world told her it should want. That was one of the biggest, hardest lessons she'd ever learned. The beautiful-- yet delicate-- art of letting go of what mattered to the world. Quieting the noise and the pressure of its shouting and pushing. And then listening. To her heart-- and it's gentle whispers. The world didn't have to understand her journey. It would, one day. But now-- now-- the world could wait. This was about her. And her alone. πŸ’› // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

She used to worry. When hearts were breaking and lives were untangling-- she used to worry that it wasn't right. That this abrupt chaos, this pain, this letting go-- this just couldn't be the end of such a beautiful story. If only she could explain. If only she could tell him-- make him see. Footsteps would go in different directions-- but heartstrings held on. She wanted to wait for that heart that was so familiar. So much a part of her life. He had walked away, left her standing there, gazing upon his empty footprints. But even still, she had questions. He'd come back, she thought. Eventually. When he could finally see that she was the one for him. The one who could love him in a way he could never understand. So she waited for the calls. And the texts. And the I miss yous. She waited for them until she realized what was happening. Every single day-- every moment that she waited, she was giving away pieces of her happiness. Her wholeness. She was giving them away to someone who wasn't even part of her story anymore. And every minute that she waited for words she may never hear, she was breaking her own heart. A little bit more, every single day. And that is when she changed. She picked herself up, dried her tears, and gave herself a break. Forgave herself for waiting. Forgave herself for wanting someone who didn't want her. And she promised herself never again. Never again would she hold on to someone who had let go of her. Never again would she wonder whether the end was right or whether there were things left to say. Maybe there was, maybe there wasn't. But for now, this was an end. And she learned to be ok with that. Because she knew-- she knew-- that no one who was meant to be in her future would get lost on the way there. So until then, she was going to smile. And move forward. And the only waiting she was going to do? The waiting to see who found her. Happy. Strong. Somewhere, down the great road of her life.❀️// May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

She's the girl you never knew existed, but always kind of hoped did. You look at her-- half in awe that she's really there and half hoping she always will be. She's kind and giving and pure. She's effortlessly beautiful-- from the inside out. She looks at the world and sees potential and opportunity and light. And she wants to change things. Big things and little things and herself and everything in between. And she has changed you, hasn't she? She's made you believe again. Believe like you never knew you could. She's made you realize how much one soul can love another. How deep-- and how completely selfless-- real love can be. And because of that, you find yourself learning all over how to love again. Just when you thought you had it all figured out. You're open-- and vulnerable. And you're fine with it. You're fine because it's a beautiful thing, this feeling-- this vulnerability created by another soul-- all mixed together with a wholeness and depth you've never known. Something you've lived your life believing didn't exist. You want to hold her. Hold her tight and protect her and help her and hang on like hell to the best thing that has ever danced into your life. But you won't. Because you would never want to cage those wings. You stand beside her, encouraging her and loving her and believing in her. You tell her she can when she feels like she can't. You tell her to believe when it's hardest for her to believe. You hold her hand gently-- and remind her, every single day, that she can fly. And then you love her enough to let her test those wings. When she's ready. Because the world is waiting for her. So you will, too. πŸ’› // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ----------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul

It had stuck with her. That line. She couldn't pinpoint where or when she'd heard it-- but nevertheless, it had stuck. Those words-- your prayers are always answered, just not on the exact timeline you had wished for. How true they were-- and how well they had guided her heart. Wisdom was every changing, she figured. At each and every point in her life, she thought she'd been innately in-tune to the world and the way it worked. She'd always thought-- for as much chaos as the universe threw her way-- that she was still pretty damn good at rolling with the punches. And figuring out where to place her next step. But in never failed-- never-- to amaze her how little she actually knew about what the world had in store for her. Every day. Every year. Every decade. Things were ever changing her. Surprising her. Amazing her. The things she wished for last year-- they were so different now. The things she had worried about last week-- they had worked out just fine. The people she thought would be her forevers ended up being her almosts-- and life-- life had pieced together a canvas for her that she was starting to really love. No, she didn't have everything she wanted. And hell, she had it far from figured out. But her eyes and her heart had grown through the years-- and they were starting to know what to ask for. Her prayers and her dreams and her wishes-- they became a lot less specific. They weren't for things or people. No. Now, they were for happiness and love and a peaceful heart. She knew she didn't know exactly what she would need down the road. So she was just going to pray that the universe would arm her as it saw fit. Taking away the things she wouldn't need-- and giving her the things she would. Things were falling into place. She could see it-- she could feel it. But until they did, she was going to keep believing. Keep praying. Keep hoping. And let time take care of the rest. πŸ’› // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ----------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul

When the storms roll in, sweet soul, you hang on. You hang on like hell. These times-- these are the anchor points of your whole story. This is where you learn. And this is where everything changes. Life is teaching you during the chaos, sweet soul. And you'll understand during the calm. Hang on. πŸ’› // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ----------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul

She didn't need time to figure it out. That was just an excuse. An excuse to stall-- to organize-- to plan. She liked order and she liked when things fell into place. But that wasn't how this worked. Not this dream. If she wanted it-- she would need to leap. Jump without fear-- into the darkness-- and make her way. She'd have to let go of the structure and routine of her life. She'd have to balance her heart with a little risk and a lot of faith. When she said she needed time-- that eventually she'd do it-- that was her being too scared to take that first step. Being fearful that if she didn't keep things in her life running smoothly-- perfectly-- that somehow that was a bad thing. That everything might fall apart. But honestly, she knew what she needed to do. She needed to quiet the chaos of the world and the constant demands of her routine-- and she needed to listen to her heart. It whispered. But it would never be silenced-- even if she tried to ignore it. Her heart wanted more than all this. And she was going to start trusting it. Following it. No. Not following it-- letting it lead. She knew it would lead her well. And it was time now. Time to chase that crazy dream-- to really, really do it. She knew it. She had always known it. There was no question where her heart was. Her mind went straight there-- every time she let it wander. And now-- now-- it was time for her feet to follow. πŸ’›// May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ----------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul

She was not really a look back kind of girl. But every now and then, she'd catch herself reflecting on how perfectly the universe pieced together the chapters of her life. Sure, it has thrown her curveballs and obstacles. It has beaten her up and taken things from her and broken her heart. But honestly, it has also always shown her why. Always. And those are the times she loves-- when all the pieces she's been living finally fit together and form the big picture. The one that makes sense. The one that shows why each and every thing that happened had to happen exactly that way. In precisely that time. And there have been more than a few times that she's seen the universe work a little magic. She hadn't know it at the time. But there had been times in her life she'd thought were perfectly on track. She had what she thought she wanted-- and everything she thought she'd needed. Things had structure and purpose and she was clear and focused. And then, out of the blue, it would happen. Things would swirl into chaos. Things she thought were there for a lifetime would dance away from her. Things would get dark and scary and uncertain. And she'd question why. Always why. She'd think everything was wrong and her life was off track and she'd have twinges of doubt. But then it would happen. The eye of the hurricane-- the temporary calm in the midst of the storm. And she'd know. Even more than those chaotic times having a purpose-- even more than it all being a part of her big picture-- those times were a blessing. A blessing. She knew she'd never understand it at the time. But she also knew the universe had incredible power and forsight. And every now and then, it swooped in and used its power to save her. Save her-- before she even knew she needed saving. And it would all make sense one day. So until then, she was going to trust it. All of it. Every day is just one more piece of the puzzle. πŸ’› // May 2017 Theme: Call Me #unstoppable ----------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul

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