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Live in the Details Β©2017  Call me the caption writer. All Original Work. Please tag if RP. .................. July 2017: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul

I know how you feel. You overthink, don't you? You analyze all that could possibly be-- all the ways things could go-- and then you plan. You plan and you hope and you work. You try to be what they all need. You try to give and have and do what they all expect. You somehow fit 25 hours into every day, don't you, darling? And so many of those hours go to someone else. To something else. To time working on someone else's heart. On someone else's dreams. Because that's what you do. It's who you are. You try so hard-- everyday-- to be who they want you to be. Who you want you to be. And although you don't know how to be anything else, you get tired, don't you? You get tired of the race. Of trying to keep up or speed up or stay out in front. You get weary of all those things you have to do-- and sometimes even the person you have to be-- to get what you want. Or what you think you want. So let me tell you something, sweet soul. And let these words sink into that little space between who you are and who you want to be. You do not have to be perfect. You don't. Make mistakes. Embrace them. Laugh at them. Just learn from them. Learn how to fall. How to pick yourself up. And how to move on. Darling, you're going to live a long time in this life. And you have to slow down from all that worrying. And planning. You have to give yourself some room to explore. And discover. And be-- so much more than what you think you'll be right now. Because who knows, sweet soul-- with a few mistakes and beautiful lessons, you may just end up getting there. To that beautiful person you never knew you always wanted to be. 😘 // July 2017: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul --------------------------------------------------- Song: "Wake Up" by The Kyoto Connection. From the Free Music Archive. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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For what felt like the first time in a long time, her heart was content. Content. She let that word-- simple and beautiful as it was-- sink in. She let it infuse its feeling of calmness into every fiber of her being. And she closed her eyes. She thought about all the twisting, turning, roads we take in this life. All the plans we make-- all the timelines we set. She thought of how perfectly we all think we can control our destiny-- our lives-- and the hearts that walk next to us in it. She thought about how many questions dance with us as we venture through this world-- and yet how the answers to those questions aren't as ever-present. How we have to be patient as we wait to understand the why and the why not. She gets it. Life's answers are deliberate. Intentional. Perfectly timed intersections of what we need when we're ready to accept it. It's crazy, how it all works. Yes, life was a chaotically beautiful mess at best. And as she sat here, in this place, she had to admit. She was still going to wonder. She was still going to ask. She was still going to hope that she could plan those pieces of her life she wanted to. But she was going to do something else, too. She was going to accept-- with her whole heart-- that her plans were not the only forces at work in her life. And she was going to believe that what was coming is better than what has been. And she's going to trust that there is a purpose. For it all. So she calmed those worries-- those timelines-- in her head. And she gazed out over this beautiful world unfolding before her. Content. What a beautiful place to let her heart live. 😍 // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Shooting stars. Four leaf clovers. Diamonds and rainbows and comets shooting across the sky. The rare, beautiful, mesmerizing experiences of this earth-- with the people on it-- are what it's about, sweet soul. The connections we have with other souls we've just met-- the ones we just can't explain. The beautiful tingle up the back of our spine-- that awakens some inner part of us we can't deny. The ability to use our hearts to see people-- truly see people-- way down deep into the depths of their souls. It's rare. Those connections. Those moments. Those experiences. Darling, it doesn't happen every day-- and so when it does, don't question it. Drink from it deeply. Go with it. Let it carry you. It's rare, and that is what makes it undeniably beautiful, doesn't it? πŸ’› // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

We look for it everywhere. Acceptance. Understanding. Support. We want it from friends and family and coworkers. We want it from people we don't even know on the street-- and of course, from the hearts we love more than life itself. We want them to see us-- to "get" us. We want them to think we're special and amazing and perfect. Just the way we are. We want them to support our dreams and stand beside us against the world. We spend our lives looking for it. We search for it in each smile, each hand we hold, and each heart that shares our journey. We constantly balance the risk of getting hurt with the possibility that this one-- this time-- could be it. It's a confusing, hurtful, beautiful journey. One of a lifetime. For a lifetime. And sure, darling, we are bound to do it wrong. We will say the wrong things and do the wrong things. We will get hurt and hurt others, We will become someone we're not and get a little lost. And yes, sweet soul, we will all be broken. But darling, it's ok. All of it. Every single time you look for that part of someone else. Every single time you hope they see it in you. That glimmer. That wavelength. That sparkle. Because that's what it's all about. That is the purpose-- the meaning-- of it all, isn't it? Because in the end, we all just want to be loved, now don't we? 😘 // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Oh her? She's the girl. That girl. The one you always kind of hoped existed but never really knew did. She's smart. And unique. She's passionate and elegant and witty. She's part baseball cap, part red high heels. She'll come head to head with your sarcasm-- and hold your hand just the same. She's beautiful in a way she doesn't really see-- won't ever see. She seems to float through this life-- dancing into hearts. Changing eyes. She's soulful. She looks at the world with eyes that truly see things. She seems to see into the details and the meaning and the heart of all that is good. And she's kind. Oh, she'll harass you and tease you, sure-- but when it comes right down to it, she is just about the kindest soul on earth. She still believes in people. In you. She is fiercely independent and unfailingly strong. She sees challenges as opportunities and is always growing and changing and striving to become a better and better version of herself. She's like this kaleidoscope of every other heart you've met-- as if someone took all the best parts and wove them into one person. But the most beautiful thing about her? She has no idea. She is this sincere, honest, beautiful, completely perfect mix. Of all that is good in this world. All wrapped up into... her. They tell you to hang on to her. To hang on like hell. And this time? You will. πŸ’›// July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

I don't know how we get there. But sometimes, at some critical point in all of our lives-- we do. We let some cold, ill-intentioned heart make us believe that we aren't enough. That we aren't pretty enough or smart enough. That we aren't tall enough or thin enough or talented enough. That we don't wear the right clothes and say the wrong things and-- well, we just all around aren't enough. It's an awful place to be. And even though a hundred people believe we are all those good things, we let this one heart seep into that inner part of us. And settle in. We let them start to hold the pen-- to define who we are and what we want and worst of all, how we feel about ourselves. It usually only happens once. And once we realize it's happening-- it has happened-- we muster our strength and we grab the pen back. And we never, never again let someone-- anyone-- have that power over us again. It's a good teacher, that heart. Because it shapes us. Makes us understand one of the most important things that will ever shape our own hearts. That no one can make us feel inferior without our consent. That someone else's opinion about us is absolutely none of our business. And most importantly of all, that the moment-- the moment-- someone says we aren't good enough is when it happens, darling. That is the moment we become better than them. Just remember, sweet soul-- you deserve more than someone who tears you down. Doesn't tell you they love you. Doesn't hold your hand and walk you out into the world proudly. Because darling, you deserve the world. So make sure you expect it from the ones you let love you. 😍// July 2017: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul --------------------------------------------------- Song: "NirvanaVEVO" by Chris Zabriskie. Hosted by the Free Music Archive. (CC BY 4.0) ----------------------------------------------------#liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #inspire #handlettering #handwritten #learncalligraphy #thegoodtype #typedesign #typelove #relax #letteringart #letters #handmadefont #calligraphy #watercolor #letteringvideo #kellyletters #typography #tombow #tombowus #typewriter #typewriterseries #typewritten #typedesign #letters #letteringart #letterpress

Be who you want. Wear what you want. Cut your hair. Dye it blond or black or purple. Wear all the makeup in the world or none at all. Wear contacts or glasses or pants or skirts. Be the life of the party or the quiet one on the couch. But darling, whatever you do, just be you. Don't let the world tell you what you should be. And wear. And have. Just own who you are. Totally. Completely. And without apology. Because you know what? You're already-- and will always be-- your own kind of beautiful. // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

You make it look good. And easy. You float through life with that contagious smile-- laughing from the bottom of your soul. You've stood on the stage. You've been the life of the party. When you smile, your eyes sparkle. You've held the hands of some good hearts. You've put your toes in the sand and taken the amazing, hang-on-the-wall kind of pictures. You went to the good school and got the great job. And you worked. You worked harder and longer than anyone you know. And you've got a lot to show for it. You've got a great life resume and a great head on your shoulders. You make good decisions and limit all those risky things in life. Yes, darling. You are doing damn well. You are. But how is your heart? Really. Is it happy? Do you feel content with where you are-- what you have-- where you're going-- in this life? Here's hoping you do. Here's hoping what you're reflecting on the outside is springing forth from that beautiful, real place within you. When you smile and laugh and dance through this world-- here's hoping it's what you really feel. Who you really are. Because if it's not, darling-- if it's not-- let's try to get to that place, ok? It's not too late. It's not the wrong time. Let's take that step away from whatever is holding you back. The who or the what-- or the if and the maybe. Step towards that life you want, darling. Towards the light and the strength. Towards the place where what looks good to the world is actually right in your own heart. And darling-- here's hoping, as you walk through this life-- that your heart is always, always, happy and content. But most of all, free. πŸ’› // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Sleep well, sweet souls. And always-- always-- find the magic. πŸ’› // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

They told her not to. They told her to protect her heart-- to save it and keep it and guard it. They told her to never to say I love you first. To not let them know that she was too interested. It was like a game, they had said. Where you never show your full hand. You never put it all on the table. Yes-- she had grown up with all those words in her head. So many of us have. Words that had wanted to steer her heart-- and maybe, for a short while, had. Words that had made her hold back and walk away and not chase what she really wanted. But she was not that girl anymore. What she had learned from the "game" of love is actually quite simple. It's not a game. There are no winners and losers. No one keeps score. No. There are just a whole bunch of hearts out there trying to find each other. And holding back? Well, it only holds you back. And that's not what she wanted-- not who she was. So she was going to love. And speak love. She was going to look for love and be loving and hope that love would find her along the way. She wasn't going to protect her heart-- what did that even mean, anyway? She knew not everyone would want the love she put out there. And sure, some may not deserve it, either. She was going to love the wrong hearts and the right hearts for now-- and then one day, she'd find the real right one. The right heart for her. And her life. And her past. And her future. But there was only one way to get there. And that was by loving. Every day. All-in. She was going to wear her heart on her sleeve and show the world what beautiful was. Because there really is no such thing as the wrong kind of love. There is just love, darling. Just love. πŸ’› // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Never stop believing in magic, darling. And when it dances into your heart-- no matter how it finds you-- you go with it. And you let it fill you. And lead you. And make you whole again. 😍// July 2017: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul --------------------------------------------------- Song: "Snowmen" by Kai Engel. Hosted by the Free Music Archive. (CC BY 4.0) ----------------------------------------------------#liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #inspire #handlettering #handwritten #learncalligraphy #thegoodtype #typedesign #typelove #relax #letteringart #letters #handmadefont #calligraphy #watercolor #letteringvideo #kellyletters #typography #tombow #tombowus #typewriter #typewriterseries #typewritten #typedesign #letters #letteringart #letterpress #printdesign #penandink

Faith means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But, amidst all the different words we use and all the different books we read and all the different places we go to find it-- that girl tended to think there were two common threads that tied it all together. And those two threads tied life together, too. Because in this life, she had learned quickly-- and it was a hard-earned lesson-- she's not in control. She thought she was-- oh, she really, really, thought she was. But she discovered quickly that this old world has surprises for her around every bend. Good ones-- and ones that she used to characterize as bad. Bad, that is, until she learned it was all about waiting for the why. To see how they fit. Because even they were an essential part of her puzzle. So what she had learned-- well-- is she needed to do believe. Her job was to have faith. In her past-- and all the steps that had taken her to the place she was today. That had strengthened her. And tested her. And shaped her. In her future-- and all the things she wanted and dreamt of and hoped for. In the questions and the answers and the timing of it all. She had to have-- and keep-- that faith. Trusting that her heart was leading her towards the place it belonged. So she does that. She believes. When she's standing in the darkness, she closes her eyes and she believes. When she is standing in a hurricane, she digs her heels in and she believes. Because faith, as she knows now-- however we define it-- is quite simply two beautiful threads. Being sure of what you hope for. And certain of what you can't see. Choose to believe, sweet soul. In your heart. And your life. And in all that is to come. Believe. πŸ’› // July 2017 Theme: Just do #whatfeedsthesoul ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

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