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Live in the Details Β©2017  Call me the caption writer. All Original Work. Please tag if RP. .................. June 2017: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise


It was one of those hard lessons she'd learned. One of the ones that came with the bruises and scars to prove she learned it. And learned it well. One of the hardest things she'd ever learned is that sometimes-- sometimes-- she was just going to have to accept that the people she loved weren't going to give her what she deserved. They weren't always going to be "fair," and things weren't always going to be "equal." They weren't always going to say things they meant-- and sometimes, maybe not even mean the things they say. She used to think that relationships were fifty-fifty. With each half of the whole bringing their part to the table. Turns out, though, human relationships are more like a see-saw. Sometimes they are completely in balance-- and other times, completely imbalanced. And when she was younger, these points where one person was doing all the giving-- all the work-- in the relationship used to come disguised as endings. The point where she felt she should just give up-- throw in the towel-- and chalk it up to two hearts that had grown apart. That had a past, but not a future. Now that she's lived a few years, she understands it a little better. Sometimes life is just about accepting that imbalance. Sometimes it's about understanding that there are just some times when the people she loves aren't capable of more than they are giving her. And even if it's not enough-- and even if it's not fair-- she has that choice. To call it an end. Or call it a mountain. One where she's going to have to carry the weight of that other heart for awhile. Where she's going to take their hand-- and gently, peacefully-- lead them through the hard parts. Knowing she's not going to get much back in return. One of those hard choices-- but maybe one of the best. Love them through it, darling. Its one of the hardest and most selfless things we do. πŸ’› // June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Hey, darling? You've got this. I know it'll be hard. I know it's so so difficult to take that first step. But you can do this. Darling, you were born to do this. Today is the day. Your day. And darling, one day this is going to be the day you measure your whole life from. πŸ’› // June 2017: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise --------------------------------------------------- Song: "A Palace of Cedar," by Blue Dot Sessions. From the Free Music Archive. CC by 3.0 US. Pen: Skilcraft Liquid Magnus and Tombow Dual Brush Black.
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She has been told a lot of things. Do this and wear that. She's heard the make sure you always and the never let yourself. She's been told she's too much of something and not enough of something else. Yes, the world is a swift judger. And a harsh critic. There was a time in her life she would listen to all those opinions-- a time when she would take them into her heart-- and make them part of her. She'd toss them around in her head and wonder why. Why people couldn't just see what she was working towards. Or who she was. Or what she had meant. Why they couldn't give her a chance or understand. But she learned. She learned along the way that all those opinions of her were absolutely none of her business. It didn't matter what someone thought she was too much or not enough of. It didn't matter what they wanted for her or thought she should do. Nope. All that mattered was what she focused her eyes on and trained her feet to chase. It had been easy to get lost in what the world wanted her to be. And wear. And say. And do. But she wasn't lost anymore. No, that girl knew exactly who she was. She could see her strengths. And she knew her imperfections. She knew what she'd have to do to get where she was going. And she could tell-- for the most part-- where she was going to have to put in that extra work. She had learned her own heart through the years. And it had come from turning off all those other voices. Turning them off-- so she could hear the one and only voice that mattered. Her own. Whispering. Telling her-- pushing her-- to just let her be her. And reassuring her, all along the way, that soon enough-- soon enough-- the world would think that version of her was just fine. And it did. It truly did. It would be a beautiful journey. One of a lifetime. πŸ’› // June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

We are all a little broken, darling. And that's ok, because that's how the light gets in. Happy Saturday! πŸ’› // June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Some things unfold gently, darling. Love. Forgiveness. Self-acceptance. The reason why. Sometimes it takes time to grow into that person you're destined to be. The one who is comfortable in-- and actually loves-- their own skin. It takes some pieces fitting together before you will start to understand the big picture. And all your should've and could've and might-have-beens. So give yourself some time, sweet soul. Life isn't a race. Hang on. 🌸 // June 2017: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise // Song:"Solo Acoustic Guitar," by Jason Shaw. From the Free Music Archive. CC by 3.0 US.
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Her tanned, barefoot toes could still feel the heat from the summer day. And as she meandered across the old, one-lane road that skirted the watching hill-- quiet in both directions-- she smiled at that simple, beautiful truth of summer. The air was warm and heavy. And the sky was black-- just beginning to be speckled with a sea of stars. The moon was peaking out from the horizon, on its path to join the stars. Tonight was going to be a perfect watching night. The grass tickled her legs as she started up the hill. The warm air, completely still and silent around her. She stopped half-way up and turned back around. Behind her, in the wildflower field that ran along that old road, fireflies were sparkling. Floating. Dancing in the air. The sound of a sole summer creature sung its evening serenade from somewhere in that field. God, she loved summer. It was always such a beautifully perfect mix of simple things-- filled with life and living and hope and potential. She finished her climb, and found her spot on the hill. The moon was visible now-- and it was a sparkling mix of summer colors. Yellow and orange and pale and shimmering all at once. She lay back, gazing up. At the sea of stars. At the little specks of light from millions of years ago being seen by her eyes on this beautiful night. She breathed the air in-- with its smell of cut grass and wildflowers-- and she smiled. She smiled because this place-- this watching hill-- was her heaven. The place that she still felt small. That grounded her amidst the whimsical musings and chaos of the universe. This hill reminded her. Of who she was. And what she was. And how greatly even one speck of light can offset the darkness of a summer sky. She liked to think that life was like that. And she could be, too. That speck of light that changes the darkness in this beautiful old world she's been blessed to call home. She closes her eyes, hands propped behind her head. And that is exactly what she will be. πŸ’› // June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

There's so much you want to do. This weekend. This summer. When it gets cooler or warmer. There's so much you want to do when this crazy busy period of work or school ends. When you meet someone. When you finish the project. When the kids are older. When you lose a little weight. Oh, sweet soul-- I know you have some real reasons. They are probably very true and very logical and very realistic. But there's one thing you have to realize-- and I hope you realize it sooner than later. Life-- life is now. Today. A whole bunch of busy, everyday days strung together. And there is never-- will never be-- a perfect time to make it all work. So you know those things you've always wanted to do? To try? It's up to you to make them happen. And I so hope you do. I hope you pick up the phone today and make that call you've been thinking about for months. I hope you knock on the door of that person you've been thinking about. I hope you pick up that paintbrush or that instrument or that pencil-- and start creating your masterpiece. Schedule the trip. Update your resume. Schedule an interview. Darling, you are a beautiful work in progress. Each and every day. And you don't have to get there all at once-- but you do have to step forward. Take those dreams-- those hopes-- and give them a place in your to-do list. In your plans. And let's start today. Happy Friday, loves! πŸ’› // June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

May your heart always know it's way there-- to that place. To that warm, happy, inviting place where you can just be you. Where the world stops its crazy spinning and shouting-- and just lets you sit peacefully on a front porch. Surrounded by warm summer air and a sea of fireflies. Where you can gaze up at the stars. And disconnect. And reconnect. And still feel small. May you always know that place-- that place that is different for each of us-- that your heart calls home. πŸ’› // June 2017: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise (music by Bensound.com)
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She'd stood on a lot of stages in her life. And each and every time she stood there, all eyes on her-- she wondered what they were thinking. She watched how they inspected her and critiqued her and compared her. She heard the things their eyes were saying-- some accepted her, others didn't. And it all came at her like a firehose-- those eyes. Be this and wear this and you're not enough of that. What are you thinking and what are you doing and are you kidding me? She had taken what those eyes had thrown at her-- and it had caused her to draft countless different versions of herself. The one they wanted her to be. That wore the clothes and had the things and stayed between the lines. Outwardly, she was everything she should be by their standards-- but in her heart? In her heart, she had no idea who she was. And somewhere along the way, on one of those stages, she stepped forward. She gazed out into the sea of eyes-- and she reached her hands out wide. She twirled around. And then she spoke. Bravely. Confidently. This is me. And while what you see may change a thousand times during my life-- my heart will always be constant. It wants what it wants. So while I know you'll watch and judge for a lifetime-- I'm no longer letting you chart my course. She walks out into the audience, and she grabs the hands of those special ones. The ones who have stood by her for a lifetime. Now, she says-- now, I will get my strength from the ones who have loved me when I couldn't love myself. Who knew me when I didn't know what-- or who-- I wanted to be. The ones who have always looked at me through eyes of acceptance. At my worst. At my best. And every single moment in between. She looks across the crowd, standing tall. I thank you for showing me what it takes to stand here, comfortably, on this stage of life. And I want your approval. Your acceptance. But I don't need it. She grasps the hands of those special hearts, and she steps away, bravely, into her life. πŸ’› // June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

When she was lost-- when she was tired and confused and weary-- she would hear it. The whisper-- pulling her towards something. During those times when her body hurt from carrying the lessons of her past and the burdens of her present on her shoulders-- she would feel it. Like a soft summer breeze, it would dance into the hardness of the world. And remind her. It would remind her that there are so many things we have to do but wish we didn't. And that we all have to do what we need to do to get where we want to be. And we're all going to get weighed down by all that "stuff" sometimes. So during those times, she'd learned to pause-- pause long enough to check her compass. To redirect her footsteps. To make sure it was all worth it. If her footsteps weren't moving her forward-- even if it was measured in inches-- she knew she needed to change her path. And she always knew where to refocus. Because when she was lost, she just walked in the direction her peace was coming from. Because that-- that-- would always be the right way. Happy Wednesday, loves! πŸ’›// June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

Yes. Yes. Yes. Fire within you, darling. Always fire within you. From @quotes.of.thoughts 😍// June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

It was a simple thing, really. The way one heart wants to love another. She'd always hoped for-- longed for-- that heart that would just "fit" perfectly with hers. Without trying to force it. Without considering the "timing" and the conditions and all of the "stuff" that sometimes gets thrown in to complicate the most uncomplicated thing we do. But all that hoping and praying found the universe whispering one and only one thing back to her. Wait. And she wanted to-- because she believed in how things were coming together. She knew it was so easy to be distracted along the way-- so easy to want to hand her heart to one that didn't deserve it. Or wouldn't treat it right. So easy to get caught up in the "we've been together so long" and the "but they know me" kind of love. But she wasn't going to do that. Yes, she longed for that beautiful, whole kind of accept-you-where-you-are kind of love. And yes, she had a hell of a lot of love to give someone. One day. But if there was one damn thing she'd learned from living this life, it was to be deliberate with her heart. She had a lot of love to give. And now-- now-- she knew how to make that hard choice. How to select-- from the hearts that would cross her path-- who that one heart was that was ready to hold hers for a lifetime. There were a lot of almosts out there, hiding amongst the forevers. She was going for the real thing. And she was more than happy to wait for it to find her. 😘// June 2017 Theme: Sometimes, that is just #howyourise ------------------------------------------------- #liveinthedetails #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire

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