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Liv Burkhard  Paris | connecting instead of competing | 19yr old photographer


the dream of a former self
someone I no longer am
a stranger's face on the train
is no stranger than mine
- L.

No one and nothing in this world owes you anything. You owe yourself. You owe yourself to not get caught in this stream of everyday numbness. It is your duty to go out and question the falling of the leaves, the words leaders preach. It is your responsibility to experience this reality through all means possible, to soak up everything this life has to offer and work it into something beautiful and new. - L.

I think this is where I make the switch to the grayish melancholic photos of everyday Paris. I'll miss my sunshine- and palm tree filled feed, it's been a very good year and I miss mamma nature already but I'm ready to take in everything this city has to offer. It's such a privilege to be part of it and I'm sure I'll be able to find some very nice weekend escapes in France the next few months.

When your roomie isn't just able to twerk over any song but also makes for a really good model at an impromptu photo session at the laundromat between washing and drying our stuff on a sunny Sunday morning

White Swan

Was trying to get hold of something
Been wanting to sit down and put it all out there
Been wanting to get the load off my shoulders
wear my heart on my sleeve
Been wanting to belong somewhere
or to someone
for at least a little while
- L.

I'm peeling off a skin
a new layer to begin
Lost myself in places I've never been
trying to find myself within
just to find out
you are not
a treasure to be found
you are a body of art
yet to be shaped
by all the experiences you make
the monsters you face
- L.

crystal clear

your kid Liv

a little day trip with my favorite travel companion, falling in love with our country

Rain has been following me around lately
a grey cloud constantly hanging over me
The cat lies curled up next to me as if it was to protect me
missed phone calls
unread books
blinds down
the same song on repeat
"I am truly worried about you"
the phrase echoes for days
I remember cycling home from training when I was a child
I would close my eyes for a few seconds
and trust how I knew every inch of this street
that is what the past few weeks have felt like
but like as if some part of me knows where I'm going
that growth doesn't stem from sunshine only
I've come to understand again
- L.

An incredible morning featuring one of the toughest girls I know. She's run a 100km race, several marathons etc. at the age of 19! Always inspiring me to push a little harder, beyond limits. We're friends since kindergarten.

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