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Liv Burkhard  a project in the making 🌱

Sad to think that this was our last waterfall adventure on this journey, but it was an honor to be growing into this tanned little Tarzan alongside of you. I'm excited to see what will emerge from all the raw material we've created and captured and written over the course of the past few weeks. Also I am equally scared and excited what the following months of my life will hold.
But first we're off to another island without electricity or running water nor any other comforts of home. If only we could stay forever.

As our trip seems to be coming to and end we're starting to get a little sentimental.
Who's gonna do all the smalltalk in the taxi when you're not around? Who's gonna show me how to cut a mango? Who's gonna third-wheel my dates? With whom will I be singing along to my favorite spotify playlists? Who'll come skinny dipping in waterfalls with me? Who'll navigate me when the surfboard is blocking my view? Who'll be my canoeing buddy?
Many questions unanswered, but here's to the time we've left 🥂

A green so saturated
it fills your lungs
with the purity
of the forests

Water so clear
it washes off
all the remorse
all the regrets

Fruits so sweet
they remind you of
your innocent childhood days
your first love

So I run back to you, always run back to you
when I need shelter from the storm
when I need to put my mind to rest
when I long for a place to call home
- L.

Sometimes I dream of white flowing curtains
of sunsets on the surfboard
of dressing up in our best clothes, going out on a warm summer evening
of living on a sailboat
and for a moment it seems like it's all there, at my fingertips, I can almost touch it
for a moment I close my eyes
and it's all gone
- L.

Backyard vibes and beautiful sunlight. I couldn't be any happier right now.

I think I might have the prettiest travel-buddy imaginable, inside-out. Thank you.

It's our last day in Costa Rica and it was pretty damn beautiful

Two young lovers
And when the mood's right
You hear me say "I want you"

Am I a wildlife photographer yet?

the simple life, day 6/10

heavenly fruits

a horse with no name

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