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Hello wonderful people! Exactly 2 weeks today I will be lobbing myself out of a plane at 15,000ft to raise money and awareness for CALM charity (campaign against living miserably) I am roughly £150 away from my end goal of £800 and would be endlessly grateful to anyone that could spare a couple of quid for this amazing charity!
Here's the link:
FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN CALM AND WHAT THEY DO- PLEASE CONTINUE... In 2014 there were 6,109 suicides in the UK, of which 76%, or 4,623, were male, and suicide currently stands as the biggest single killer of men aged under 45 in this country. The ratio of male to female suicide has shown a sustained rise over the last 30 years. In 1981 men accounted for 62% of suicides in this country, which rose to 70% in 1988, 75% in 1995 and hit 78% in 2013. CALM is an extremely small charity with only 5 full-time paid members of staff who rely heavily fundraisers to keep the campaign running,
Their work currently includes: * Offering support to men in the UK, of any age, who are down or in crisis via our helpline, webchat and website
* Challenging a culture that prevents men seeking help when they need it, through CALMzine and campaigns such as #ManDictionary and #BiggerIssues
* Pushing for changes in policy and practice so that suicide is better prevented, via partnerships such as The Alliance of Suicide Prevention Charities (TASC), the National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA)
* Supporting those bereaved by suicide, through the Support After Suicide Partnership (SASP), hosted by CALM, which aims to ensure that everyone bereaved or affected by suicide is offered and receives timely and appropriate support
Please help spread word, you never know who you may help!

Too much time on my hands 🐘

Is it September yet I am so bored of not dancing

I luv u I luv u I luv u

You'd actually have to be completely lying to tell me this isn't the best top you've ever seen 🤘🏼



A tell you what it is bloody dull in hull tday

I am without a doubt the proudest girl in the world today and everyday. I am going to be completely lost without my Clyde as your ugly mug has forever captured my heart but I am unbelievably excited for you to go get em
Thank you for being my go to (I know that was a bit vom)
Love you all the world 🤘🏼

I just had to be cut out of this top lol

Can't wait to see these ugly buggers on Saturday 🤘🏼🥀

On top of the world right now, can't thank the people that came to our class tonight enough! Getting closer to our goal and also closer to the sky dive! All for the amazing charity @calmzone 🤘🏼big love ❤️

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