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Lace  existing 🌿 growing Fl β€’ Libra β€’ Witch β€’ Stripper I like to garden πŸŒ±πŸ’š

I'm about to go to Sprouts after I get some sushi, what kinda healthy (vegan!) foods should I get! 🌱 Also guys, taking selfies feels dull and kinda weird to me right now. I know you guys like seeing my bean shaped head tho so here's this. I'm really excited to share.. that I feel really good and creative and so inspired lately and I just ordered a new instant camera, cause the one I've had honestly sucks. It takes square film (and of course I got black frame film 😁) and I'll get a little Etsy shop going soon so you guys can have weird lil artsy pictures of me if your heart desires. Also.. my insta and feed will most likely turn predominantly into film pictures cause that's all I really care about right now, heads up.

Some garden stuff

*lots of polaroids and new stuff coming very soonπŸ–€*

So handsome!!! So pure........ we are about to replant my vine spinach 😁

Yung bean

Bork bork bork

Sweet dreams!! People asking about my thumb: I was too excited while I was cutting into a package of an orchid I ordered woops

Roasting squash n sweet potatoes and just cooked quinoa (while I watch orchid care videos) wyd!!

Look who I got in the mail today! Help me name her, she will have beautiful light pink flowers (in a couple years.. LOL) The youngest orchid I've ever owned I think she was deflasked three months ago. I'm so nervous so let's all hope I don't kill her 😟

I'm wearing a color today! About to go get some flowers and dinner 😌

If you think you killed your orchid, don't give up on it yet! I've told you guys how I almost killed (or killed 😬) most of my plants while I was really depressed earlier this year. Really thought there was no saving this phalaenopsis cause his crown was so damaged and most of his roots had died.. but look!! We have new growth and he is rebuilding himself, I'm so proud of him 😭

Just a nice peaceful day 🌸🌱 also what I actually look like most of the time lol

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