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little word studio  "to a great mind, nothing is little." - sherlock holmes

BTW - I am sorry for the quiet. I am sorry for never explaining myself. I know I lost followers (deservedly) and I know I've let some of you down. It's hard to say why little word studio remained blank for so many months but I guess the short answer is that I haven't felt inspired to write. Nothing so good or bad has transpired since my last real post and that's pretty much the problem. Despite the lack of vibrancy, I'm slowly trying to get back, scraping for scraps of inspiration in the uninspirational. There are still things to write, I'm finding, even when the mind feels blank. White walls and empty rooms must in time be filled or painted. Maybe we can create to be creative, and not the other way around. Anyway, let this post hold me accountable to one new little story every week. In fact, there's a new tiny tale up on the blog right now. Check it out:
All my love,

P.S. If you're an artist looking for some free exposure and you'd like to send me work (photos, sketches, paintings, etc.) to use as inspo for a story, email me and let's collab:

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New post, new post!! #StreetArt #NewportBeach

Sunshine + surf // #NewportBeach from the pier. An older gentleman with a fancy camera told me the whales are migrating to Baja (saw two as I took this shot but wasn't quick enough to capture). The migration route of the Pacific Gray Whale is known as the longest mammal migration in the animal kingdom; about 12,000 whales will travel more than 10,000 miles to their summer home. So if you're in the O.C. area this Sunday, there's whale-watching to be had.

New on They Call Me a Narcissist

Posted something new! It's a Q&A with myself, which was kind of weird.

A few weeks ago, my friends asked me to script a video for a high-end winery. It was such a fun experience to write about the process of creating wine and their cinematography is stunning. Check out the final edit at

Merry Christmas, friends! Sorry I've been a bit MIA on here but if you want to keep up with my craziness, follow me at @melissakandel. New writing and videos (YEP) coming to the blog very soon. Much love this holiday season.

new post //

last night's sunset in @newportbeach // pt. 3

Last night's #sunset in @newportbeach // pt. 1

A #fiction piece from the archives now up on but it's cold outside and this one takes place on the #icy shores of #Norway so why not? #optoutside #monday #linkinbio #bookworm #literature #chasingthelight

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