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Briana Klink Macon  Happiest of mothers to my angel, Aubri, my Tyler Hope, Nash Riley+Parker Avery. Husband+Wife Wedding Photography. Contact>>

So I get asked about my hair occasionally—(there is zero skill to my ‘top knot’ and I’m too awkward for a tutorial or else I would, I promise 😭😆) I’ve never had or worn extensions, I don’t trim like I should. And until now, I’m ashamed to say I used to use cheap, toxin filled mess to wash it. BUT! I started with their hand wash and I’m quickly converting to all things @rawsugarliving can ya’ll start making detergent and makeup next 😩😅 Im trying so hard to be better and eliminate the toxins in my life. It’s a process. I’ve started using their new Truly Unruly Shampoo and Conditioner—it’s made to deeply cleanse using avocado, apple cider vinegar and healing rosemary and is processed through coldpressed technology. Its helped a lot with frizz and overall dryness! I’ve also tried their new ‘All That Shines’ Hair Masque for some extra oomph and shine. (I also quit blow drying years ago) As always, for every product you purchase, they donate a bar of soap to a family in need! And finally products that don’t break the bank that truly are good for you. Look for the bamboo tops @target ♥️🥑 #rawlovin

Household sickness day 1,234. But really. I’m over it. Only left the house for a medicine ball from Starbucks. Buttt on the brighter side; microblading saves livesss and time 😆🤗 finally went in last week for my touch up with the sweetest babe @sarahrillon_mua and I can’t even express how crazy talented and kick ass this girl is. She’s nonstop go go go. Fit me in at 8:30 at night, I left at 11:30, whaaat, who does that?! Anywaysss this is one week healed with zero eyebrow makeup/fill in! Obsessed. Love her. If you want microblading done, do your research, trust me. I’ve heard horror stories 😳 cute retro vibes tee from @citrusandlemon🧡sleepy eyes from wiping butts and noses for two weeks. #imbecomingonewithmycouch #microblading #obsessed

This boy came home stoked on life with a pile of treats—immediately ran to Tyler and Parker and let them pick one out then he requested his new ‘big muscle cape shirt’. I asked him which valentines were his favorite and he proceeded to pull every single one out. He’s the best. And he better be my Valentine for LIFE or I will flipppp out. (Parks tried to sneak another lollipop and he had a giant meltdown. We’re all works in progress) #misternashriley #obsessed #mommasboy #forevervalentine #thisisfour

It’s no secret that I looove any excuse to be festiiiive—annnnd I’m in the business of LOVE so a day to celebrate it is right up my ally. But I also think it should be celebrated every day. And it breaks my heart to think of anyone feeling less than because of a silly day. I hope you know you’re loved! And if you’re glad the day is over, that’s ok too. We don’t do anything crazy for Valentines Day—no over the top dates and extravagant gifts. Just a home cooked meal with my loved ones (Grammy and Poppy came!) Being together is all I ever want.
And when we get to cook together everyone has their jobs with @hellofresh
My big girl sounds out the directions and helps us with steps, Nash of course is my taste tester/food stealer. Annnd you’d think getting to sprinkle cheese was winning a gold medal😆 Whatever makes you happy babes. Use code WHALE80 for $80 off your first month♥️ #hellofreshpartner #getcooking #loveday #spreadloooooove

My sweet sweet girl. My heart broke when we knew it was best not to send her to school today. She cried when she found out she couldn’t hand out the Valentines Day cards she wrote for her friends😭 so insteaddd we’ve had a day of crafting and sweets makin and movies. My sweetest Valentine that healed our hearts♥️ #mytylerhope #mybestgirl #thisisfive #forevervalentine oh! And maybe more people should keep their sick kids home😑🙃🤗 just a crazy silly idea.

Tyler girls still sick and I’ve been stuck in this house since Sundayyy. Going slightly stir crazy. And doing a whole lot of snuggling when I should be cleaning. Hoping her antibiotic kicks in and everyone else is spareddd from her funkkk♥️ Spring. Where you at. Everyone’s gross. #parkeraverymacon #thisistwo #mommasboy #winteriquityou

Beautyyy queeeen I love you so! Also, Gatsby theme, my favorite. @ctenneylo0ve #bestiesforlife #momprommm #roaring20s

MOM PROM successss! The OGs for liiiife to full on mom gang. Forever thankful for these kind, beautiful, uplifting, supportive, strong assss women in my life—all from different seasons, able to come together for the greatest laughs, heart to hearts and memories I’ll forever cherish. #loveyouso #babesonbabes #roaring20s #gatsbyglam

This weather literally gives me liiiife☀️I swear the sunshine makes me a better person 🙃😬 too bad it’s sucha TEASE. Yelled at the kids through Walmart (that mom) finally made it to the park🙌
Comfiest jumper from @citrusandlemon (would be so cute dressed up with booties and jacket/cardigan but ya know, I only go to the park) #sweetsunshine #whatdoidowithmyhands

He makes my heart exploooode (in love and in frustration😅) Only thing on his mind—treats and toys. His cheetah and his tiger that he says is a cheetah; both named ‘Spirit’ are his current favorites. Poor Benjis on the back burner and it stings a little 😩😆 love my wild middle man, he lights up my life like no one else can✨ #misternashriley #thisisfour #middlechildsyndromeisreal #obsessed #iloveyouso

Took full advantage of this gloriousss dayyy with some ZOO fun with friendsss💛 #mommasboys #sweetsunshine #misternashriley #parkeraverymacon

Whenever I’m at the park, without fail, I will hear someone calling after their baby girl—‘Aubri’. My eyes always immediately dart around to catch a glimpse of the girl that shares my daughters name. Not sure why. Initially, an overwhelming sense of sadness washes over me. A pit forms in my stomach. Then slowly, I find some space and look for peace. I tell myself she’s sending me sweet signs from heaven, that’s she’s playing with us too. I’m both broken and blissful. 7 years later. Grief is a minute by minute thing, no matter how much time passes☀️🌈💔 Yesterday I was all up in my feelings, and that’s ok. #looktothesky #wordsformybabies #ramblingsofamother #signsfromheaven #parkeraverymacon

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