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Briana Klink Macon  Happiest of mothers to my angel, Aubri, my Tyler Hope, Nash Riley+Parker Avery. Staying afloat. Husband+Wife Wedding Photography >>

Ohhh the days are so so so so long. And somehow the weeks fly by. And the years are painstakingly short. #helptheyrecrazy #historyinthemacons #workathomemom #iloveyouso #rainydays

She's huuuuuge 😩😭 still in a 'dresses only' phase πŸ’πŸΌ thankfully @stylinsophie has the cutest optionsss #mytylerhope #thisisfour #mybestgirl #shehuge

Date Day at its finesttt β›³οΈπŸ’‹πŸ™ŒπŸ» #blackheartbestie #fore @jenohcide

Visited our new house todayyy! Despite a week of yucky weather they've made some progress! It's still so hard to envision everything but day by day we're getting more and more excited! #historyinthemacons #maconsbuild #foreverhome #thehousethatbuiltme

Spent the day in Suffolk, home sweet home. Celebrated the lives of some pretty amazing people and got to love on my family. Watching them with my babes is everything. My Grandma, Poppa and Uncle Tom will forever be missedβ™₯️ #parkeraverymacon #eightmonthsold #mommasboy #whoknowswhereimlookin

I heard it was World Breastfeeding week, how could I have missed it?! You over it yet? Welllll, Its my most favorite thing. Even as I type this, sleep deprived and irritated. Nearly nine months, just you and I. We've had our hard moments, our weak and stressful moments and all the beauty in between. If you've followed along for awhile you know I've had my fair share of struggles with breastfeeding. My first, our Angel, I only lasted a few weeks due to complications I had during her birth. Devastated. Tyler and I lasted 6-7 months and again, beat myself up. With Nash I vowed to make it a year and we had our trials for sure. We lasted 18 months; a year of which, I nursed solely from one breast because the other stopped producing. With Parker I couldn't wait to share that same special bond. Due to my high risk pregnancy I had Parker at 36 weeks. He had trouble latching that first day and I feared I'd never get my most cherished time with my last babe. And here we are today. Ol' lefty gave out on me again but we're truckin along. (With a superrr sexy A cup and a C cup πŸ’πŸ») Half the time it's a marathon feeding lasting only minutes as he twists and turns and pops off and on to check out every sound around him. But at night my arms are his home and his heart beats next to mine. I'm thankful for the formula that nourished my babies when I couldn't. I'm thankful for my body that nourished them on days I felt like giving up. To me it's the most natural and beautiful thing and it's the greatest thing I've ever done. Aside from bringing them in to this world. No journey is perfect, mine is so far from it. Every baby and every experience is different. Just be open to it all. If you're breastfeeding or formula feeding I hope you're proud and I hope you give yourself grace. I hope you find what works best for YOU and your babe. Don't forget to put yourself, your physical and mental health, first. So you can be the best version of yourself for YOU and for those who love you most. I'm rooting for you Momma's✨πŸ’ͺ🏽 #normalizebreastfeeding #fedisbest #uniteinmotherhood #parkeraverymacon #eightmonthsold #mommasboy

Wishing the Happiest Birthday to my angel. The girl who made me a mommy. The brightest ray of sunshine. The giver of life and keeper of my soul. You would be SIX today. How? It's now been five years, three months and three days since I last laid eyes on you. Since I last held your tiny, beautiful body and felt the weight of you in my arms. I always feel like these posts are repetitive but I suppose it's because my grief is repetitive. Grief is forever. Time sort of stands still for me when it comes to my Aubri girl. Everything feels like yesterday no matter how much time passes. Yet at the same time, my memories of our time together Earth-side have started to fade therefore my pain grows stronger. The loss feels more real. My heart is always heavy, never whole.Though you've worked steadfast to repair it for me with each angel you've sent us. My days are often filled with guilt for yelling too much, appreciating too little.Getting frustrated and overwhelmed. When you know first hand how precious life is, how short; it's a heavy burden to bear.I know how blessed I am but it doesn't make this life any less difficult. I feel everything more. Which can be good and bad. I find myself getting lost in other people's struggles, consumed with their losses, knowing the heartache they are facing. I find myself saying, oh I can't imagine. But I can. I live it every day. Stories differ, losses differ, grieving differs but that gut wrenching pain of a parent without a child is the same. It can be all consuming. And living in a world of fear is not living. Each day I try to make a conscious effort to live in the sunshine. Sometimes I fail. But each day I smile and laugh and each day I'm thankful for this life. Though some days it's way too heavy without you. What I wouldn't give to kiss your face, fill you up with Birthday cake and make all your wishes come true. Shine down on us today and always baby girl.You're SIX! I hope you're having one heck of a party. I only wish I were with you to see it. We will love you forever and ache for you always, Birthday girl πŸ’œ

I swear he's at the worlds best/worst age and I'm just flyin by the seat of my pants. I wish I could record every word that comes out of his mouth and burn it in to my memory. His little stutter when he gets excited and his lisp and his chubby scrunched face, ughhhh my heart! He says 'mommy you're bootiful' 'mommy you happy?!', every morning and every night he asks me to lay with him. My middle babe, my sweetest boy, you are.every.thing. 🌱#misternashriley #mommasboy #hegivesmeliiiiiiife #thisistwo #toobig

Grammy and Poppy wrangled the crazies in the pool while we wrangled this teething monster. It was a lazy Sunday and I wish tomorrow could be a repeat. Missing my parents already 😭#parkeraverymacon #eightmonthsold #sweetsummer17 #thatteethingsmile

Sunday's are for family πŸ™ŒπŸ» I hope you all have the very best dayβ˜€οΈ#historyinthemacons #iloveyouso #sweetsummer17 #ihaveaweddingdayhangover #givemesunshine #feedmecoffee

Had the besttt Wedding today shootin with my best frienddd! Gorgeous weather, sweetest couple, amazing vendors. Couldn't ask for more! #thecavalier #virginiaweddingphotographer #husbandandwifeteam #selfiesaturdayyy #sexysecondshooter #ilovemyjobbb

Loooong liiiivvee SUMMER! Because Fall means I will have a one year old baby boy and a three year old baby boy and I just cannot accept nor comprehend that. #mommasboys #imsoobsessed #gunnswain #sweetsummer17

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