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mackenzie  the world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes | PAA 092114 | DUQUESNE'19

heaven help a fool who falls in love.

he's 2 cool, my bad ass sweet pea

XOXO, Andrew Jackson.

it snowed in my room the other day. but like. it's march.

you know we run it like a rock show

sometimes you have to shoot the storyteller in the neck. #happybirthdayandrewjacksonyoufuckingweasel

when you need to take notes but u forget to put paper in your toolbelt

guess who compulsively wears a tool belt now (it's me)

MIDNIGHT PANCAKES YO (from last night)

do I know the words? nope. do I care? nope. this is the rhythm of my life.

those were pretty good dumplings, as far as being nonexistent goes.

So does our hair make us the red and blue crew now?

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