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s t e p h  Beauty is all around.

When the detour becomes the destination :)

Shout out to these awesome early morning explorers. Where to next? | 📍Waiting in line to visit the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

Even so come
Being here reminded me of the Português word, ESPERAR; I like that the word means both “to wait” and “to hope.” |📍The Western (Wailing) Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
#comsaudade #maranatha #hopeintheholyland18

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God." - Matthew 5:9

For 10 days we stepped into the narrative commonly known as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our experiences blew my mind and continue to break my heart, in the best ways. We met with people who, in their every day lives, are making profound inroads toward peace against what feels (to me) like insurmountable odds. How? "We aren't called to change systems," one friend shared, "but to transform lives." I'm humbled and inspired by their bold courage and hope to be as lovingly creative in my teeny, tiny corner of the world. Grateful to learn from these peacemakers. |📍West Bank, Palestine

Finding beauty in the little things #🌸

It’s been only a few hours since returning and I miss them already. #24+2

Photo by @andreadavidphoto

#tbt to the time I came across the most incredible little lamp shop

Some kind of wander-ful

Made fried plantains for the first time. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe @therealfoodrds

“I got a peaceful, easy feelin’, and I know You won’t let me down ...” #peace

Cesárea Marítima. Photo of Herod’s coliseum built about 2000 years ago. But those clouds!! #☁️

Taking the long and narrow is easier with the help of a people mover 😉

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