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Tumblers are the new black💪🏽 at @littlepaperlaneshop NOW online too(link in profile) #littlepaperlane

Omg this class on Wednesday at @littlelaneworkshops is going to be amazing by @alwclarkeart ! Im going to it to give my brain a much needed break plus I have been informed there will be cheese and bubbles, so I pretty much have to go because the cheese needs me. But how FUN!! come hang with me. You can book via @littlelaneworkshops (link in their profile) #workshops #lplloves #mandalas #relax #create #workshop

Nothing gets her down...I think it helps she can't see her little patch(see previous Minty posts of u have no clue what's going on)which she has now named 'Rhondo' and she is still skating and bouncing around. And look at that cute little skirt from @patchworkcactus who's daughter is Mintys twinnie thanks lovely girl. And thanks to @rafikicastle daughter Lovisa who gives Minty her hand me downs, now Mintys is obsessed with saving sea animals because of her sea Shepard t-shirt... but she said she has to think about shark saving because she doesn't want to get eaten. Apparently if the sharks don't eat her then she will save them but she thinks Whales and dolphins won't eat her and she will save them. 😜 she just told me she has to go on a bus all the way to sea Shepard....but Rhondo has to heal first 🤣 thanks for all the lovely messages everyone, I've been reading them to her and her little face lights up with big surprised eyes. #whatmintyworetoday #thankyou #seawarrior #beehash @nothingbutpixies

So we just had no power for like 30 hours...that was fun. You know people that are like 'I just like switched off from technology for like 2 days and it was just magical'...yeah you're not going to hear me talk like that..ever....I like that my phone entertains me with mindless shit and Instagram is just tops. I also need it to work so I would be a bit fucked if I had to go back to regular just on the phone talking cos that's not what I use for my phone for. But having no power whatsoever is not my cup of tequila at all. We were pretty lucky in the storm we only lost power. If u drive around Avalon it looked like a cyclone came through and trees were in houses and roofs were off. I hope everyone is ok?!? I went out for the night which was nice to get a bit of a breather and go to the Gala awards. @littlepaperlaneshop Was nominated for retailer of the year so that was rad, we didn't win...I like to pretend I was the people's winner 🤣thanks @ofkin for that one 😜but I had fun and saw some of my rad worky peeps and met new hilarious friends. Mintys infection means I'm pretty much here with her for the next 6 weeks and unless Steve is here I can't go out which is fine because she's a bit limited to the amount of contact she has with people, and I spend shitloads of time home but when you remove my Foxtel and Netflix and Internet...I am not a well functioning human 🤣.. like more so that normal. I've only had Netflix a week annnnd I'm a changed person... I'm pretty sure I'm better as a human because I can binge watch entire series while I work. Ps the OA omg has anyone watched it? I really like it. I have no point to this message apart from ' I am so so happy I live in the future because I would be sooooo bored as a cavewoman' #susangetyourshittogether

I can't make this amazing workshop at @life_instyle By @ofkin But if you can get there in the morning head over to book your ticket. Kylie is bloody awesome. She's my guru for all things creative business. I hope you can go! .... DESIGN FOR CREATIVES
Saturday 18 February 2017
11.00am – 12.00pm
Royal Hall of Industries & Horden Pavilion
1 Drive Ave, Moore Park, NSW
Tickets: $30.00
In the midst of our daily busyness, how do we ensure that we’re working on the right work, awake to the choices we make every day, and thriving as a creative, loving and compassionate human being in all aspects of our lives? This session is for people struggling to ‘do it all’ in the age of distraction and limitless opportunity. Packed with tools, insights and strategies, we take a look at how we can design a life on purpose, rather than live by default. Photo by @robinsnestforchildren #lifeinstyle #ofkin

You know what I love?!? Our amazing suppliers. @ahdpaperco made us a special card rack for our door in the shop for their gorgeous cards and we are obsessed with them. You don't see giant suppliers doing this for their shops. You just see them letting 5-6 shops have the exact same products in Mona Vale alone. We love you AHD. Your cards have soul and you guys have the biggest hearts. I have been extremely stressed about not being able to get to @life_instyle with Mintys infection, but I keep reminding myself that I want to focus on the amazing small business suppliers I have and search for unique new ones that the whole of the Sydney doesn't have. Retail is getting hard. Like serious discussions about staying open by a lot of my friends with shops are being had and it's so sad. So our focus is on who we love, who makes great quality products and our customers. And with suppliers like AHD how can you go wrong?!? Love you guys. So stoked with the new rack. It's so perfect and so generous 💕💕💕💕#lplloves #ahdpaperco

Except I'm not so secret and my responsibilities are getting a back seat for the most important responsibility at the mintute Minty Moo And her patch and of course Iggle Piggle. If you guys have been following what's going on with Minty, you would know, even if you're not a parent, how unbelievably fucking hard it is to function when one of your kids is not in a good way. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that we might be having a hard time right now. So save your comments about Minty seeing all this in the future and turning it into something I shouldn't share. I have a fucking amazing online community... like you guys seriously save my fucking mind. You're like my family in a way. I sometimes can't verbalise how I feel and I don't walk around showing the world my pain and struggles but It helps me to write and share with you all and just that one comment left on a photo of Minty looking so happy even though she is going through something so terrible right now takes away from all the beautiful and supportive comments that if I'm being honest, help me cope. It may be selfish of me to share what she is going through because it helps me so much to feel like I'm not sitting alone with this with her for the next 6 weeks minimum and helps a lot. Others have gone through it and I have people who have sent photos of the same thing and what they went through and it gives me hope. Minty may lose her hair forever. She may have some pretty horrible scaring and her head right now looks like The Alien from 'Alien' dropped its acid on her head and it's fucking hard for me to cope with and this is my space to do whatever the fuck I want so if I chose to share what's going on, and you don't like it, keep your 'opinions' to yourself. I don't fucking care if you think you can share your 'opinion' because I put this on a public space. Be a fucking decent enough human to understand a comment like that at a time like this can turn a Mumma who is already having a hard enough time with all this, lose her absolute fucking shit at you.You took from this that 'Minty will look back on this and see that the world knew she had a fungal infection'. I see the world cares.

Hardcore night with these little rainbows, We still have to make the real ones but you guys can totes have a sneak peak of our new rainbow toppers because the Valium kicked in and I totes need to share a rainbow for Minty. Sooooooo tonight I did the giant soak in the bath of Mintys Patch because the dr said over the next day or so I had to somehow wipe away the dried up hair and gunk off the patch and sooooo I did that...Trolls soundtrack was on super loud, we gave Minty the strong pain killers, and I soaked her head in the bath and went in for the wipe 😳she was pretty good and just sort of yelled instead of screamed crying so that was good until the end when the face washer touched a bit of the raw spot and the crying was heart breaking..I managed to wipe away all the dried on gunk and dried hair and what was revealed under it all was...confronting. Like...I text a photo to my Mum and Dad and Mum started bawling and Dad rang me feeling sick to his stomach with both worry and from just the look of it. It looks like brains that has had acid poured on it and there are holes in it and it's something from a horror movie. Seriously I'm not even being my usual exaggerated self even a little bit. I'm probably not explaining the severity at all. She was a bit dopey on her pain killers so she fell asleep ok but fuuuuuuck a duck. This parent stuff is hard enough without adding some sort of hectic infection...infection is a way too gentle word for it. I thought it was bad last week when it was all pus leaking out her head...I was wrong. The happiest little person in the world doesn't deserve this at all. #rainbowforminty #parenting

Oh @mymessyroom thank you for the adorable top. She loves it. I had to cut all Mintys hair off today because the gp got Minty to an emergency dermatologist appointment yesterday and he said her little Patch isn't too great 😢 it's a bit of a nasty fungal infection and her hair was sticking too much to it. So it's super short around her patch like shaved, and I just cut it short for now and if her hair still gets caught I will shave it all. I wasn't even allowed to take her to the hairdresser, because it's so infected and can spread, so lucky I did that 1 year of hairdressing 😜. So apparently now I have to wash every pillow case every day, every towel and face washer after every bath which she has like 2-4 a day, clean the shit out of the house every day 😳 and she has to stay away from everyone and she isn't allowed to cuddle the dogs. The dogs got checked over today at the vet and he said Cocos irritation on her arm was just a hot spot but because she just had her @bravectoau tablet her skin has started to be less irritated and he said both dogs seem healthy and if Minty didn't have her patch he would be happy, but he took a sample to get tested and Minty had a sample sent off. She's happy and normal Minty. She just has to stay away from the world for 4-6 weeks minimum. We all have to wash in anti Fungal stuff and I will be going through hand wash like no tomorrow. Do u guys use a good hand wash? She is so happy though and has some strong pain killers for night so we have all had two nights of no waking up 17 times which has been delightful 😜 thank you everyone who has sent messages checking on her. She is the most resilient little human on the planet and it takes a shitload to bring her down. If u couldn't see her patch you would have no clue anything was wrong she's such a happy little pixie. #whatmintyworetoday #theoriginalminty

Phewwww 😂via one of my fav peeps @seekerloverdreamer by @gabbydeanosaurus #cheeseislife #nothighgap