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LITTLE ⚡️ MYTH  ✨🤩🍉🚀🤷🏼‍♀️♑️🤙🏽🍦🍌🎢 aye imma festival bb 🍼💦💠 obsessed with all tings cute & magic 🔥 specializing in natural nails & nail art @classyclaws 💅🏼👇🏼

MOOD AF. #basscoastx !!!!!!!!

@basscoastfest is 6 days away my frig fam. EEEKK!!! 🙃🌈🎱 #nailsbymyth #classyclaws

✨☺️✨ #nailsbymyth #classyclaws

for those of you that don’t know most of the nails on my page are natural nails with just gel polish over top! these babies are so strong / long and healthy. #nailsbymyth #classyclaws

💦💦 #nailsbymyth #classyclaws 💦💦

can we just get a flamingo emoji already?! #nailsbymyth #classyclaws #flamingoemoji

I guess you could say I’m obsessed with @gazzybygazzo. Been her hype girl since day 1. These onesies and twosies make ya feel like a fricken million bucks fam. Whatever your body type may be they hug curves in all the right places and make u feel like a 10/10 bombshell/cool af 😎🔥. She just launched her new site with all the cutest prints made in collaboration with Yoko Honda!! Yes babe!!! Use code LITTLEMYTHY @ checkout for 10% off your entire order. 💗💗💗💗 ps a lot of you have been asking & I wear medium bodysuits & small tops & medium bottoms in twosies! #gazzybygazzo #LITtlemyth #festivalfashion #cuteaf

festival season is upon us my friends.... EEEK!!!! 📷: @kyrian_bobeerian #dirtybirdcampout

issa day time ting! a new monthly curated by your girl! ft. all the best baes, music n dranks. Sunday funday done proper. patio styles. rap, hip hop, dancehall, allll the vibey sunshine chunes + rosé. OKAYYYYYYY. Kickin things off June 17th save the date it’s gonna be a spicy one 🔥🚨🌶🔥🚨🌶
cutest design ever by bae @daynahafton 💗

forever my ting 〰️
#nailsbymyth #classyclaws

inspired by @dylanpickering’s artwork @drippaint 🌼〰️
#nailsbymyth #classyclaws

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