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Pooky the Munchkin  I'm a Ragdoll/British Short Munchkin Kitty 🐾 Female! 1year old. I purr at everything and love a good belly rub❤


Can I get a hug please, hooman? .

7 weeks apart but nothing has changed. So glad to be back home with my little Pooky glue❤️

Reunited! I miss you so much Hooman! Now lend me your arm to cuddle ❤️ .

First night back after 7 weeks apart. Pooky latched onto my arm and didn't let go until she fell asleep. She would occasionally purr and open her eyes to make sure I was still there. I missed you so much too my little Pooky glue~
Ps. Thank you guys for being patient and waiting. Pooky is back on IG 😊

We will suspend posting on Instagram for a while... hooman needs to leave the country to be with his family for the next few weeks. Some family matters came up. Sorry this came so abruptly. We know how much seeing Pooky means to you guys and we sincerely hope you can understand. We truly thank each and every one of you for watching Pooky grow up with us and sharing in her cute moments together. We will start posting again when hooman comes back and will try to do it more regularly. During this time, Pooky will be living with her favorite friend who will be taking great care of her.
Hope you enjoy the video. It is pooky playing cute. We will be back hopefully sometime next month.

Some things will never change even as we grow older❤ #throwback

Pooky attack! Did I scare you with my cuteness? 😂

Don't separate me with a glass door hooman! Overly attached Pooky ❤
ps. don't worry. It was only 30 seconds that we closed the door on her 😂😂😂

Pooky likes to roll around when she is happy! Especially tuna treat time! 😋

Coming home to Pooky is the happiest thing in the world❤

Tucking in Pooky and saying goodnight ❤

I got your paws!😂 .

Big thanks to Pooky's photographer friend for coming over to the house and taking all these wonderful pictures. Feel free to check out his new page @apertureby_me or just go let him know thanks for all the cute pics and he might be coming over next month for another photoshoot 😊
Ps. Instagram Live sometime this week! We read all your comments. Stay tuned 😊

Pooky's tiny fluffy toebeans ❤
ps. Do you want to see Instagram Live of Pooky? Let us know in the comments and maybe we will do one next week 😊

Pooky and her love of tunnels ❤️

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