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Adventure Lifestyle Inspo  Alexandra Rinaldo💘You're Food #AbandoAdventures Fashion Adventure Lifestyle &All the pretty things! 💗Bay Area Inspiring the extraordinary adventurer

🌻My boyfriend took me to explore this place on my birthday exactly six months ago from tomorrow. It was one of those well hidden abandos, the kind that are right under your nose but somehow only a few have gotten to it. An old house, but couldn't have been abandoned for more than 15 years. The best thing about this place was a big room with a grand view of the surrounding mountains. It made for one of my favorite shoots to this day! Special thanks to my lover for always making my birthdays perfect 🎉
#PhotoCredsYurfude #AbandoAdventures #FallTransition #YellowLove

We must never forget that mental health is just as important as physical health. Sometimes the ones who hurt the most don't even show it. I, like many of you out there, have struggled with mental health my whole life, and there are absolutely no words to describe the daily mental exhaustion, and no words to take it all away. Today on World Mental Health Day let's promise to allow everyone to heal in their own ways and to offer something to those who are struggling, even if all you have to give is understanding.

And even on the days where my anxiety mauls me into a bloody disarray your sunflower eyes beam at me as if I was the perfect little pulp you've always wanted.

🍁I love hearing what you have to say!  I'm looking for the best seasonal movies to watch, restaurants to try, recipes to make, events to go to, music to listen to, sights to see, date ideas etc.!! Please let me know what your favorite things about Fall are!! Here's one for you explorers, go check out an old lighthouse, oftentimes they have cool information to read about and then you can head to the beach and wharf right after! This one is one hundred years old and still looking amazing 🌅
#AbandonedLighthouse #AbandoAdventures

Let em know they never broke you
That you've been planting their disdain for years
And your tears were only for watering
And now you can't even see them over the astounding vegetation surrounding you.
Let them know you were never broken
They simply forked your path.
Check out this cute overgrown porch we found on this abandoned house...
#AbandonedHouse #AbandoAdventures #FallOutfits #Black #Thorns #Ootd #Motd

The best chunk of the year is finally here!!! My favorite thing about Fall is the leaves.  The way their colors pop against gray skies, changing the color of the trees and then the color of the ground. I'm fucking excited.
Welcome Fall 2018 🍁
What's your favorite thing about this season?

💘But somehow we ended up right here, so in sync and only growing closer.
Your unscathed purity enchants me these days more than ever. I still catch myself in moments of you when my heart races and tears come to my eyes. And I can't decide if its overwhealming anxiety or joy
Probably both
It leaves me stunned, and feeling like my body could open up any second now and all of my parts and atoms could just completely detatch from one another and float away in their own dizzy direction.  I dont know the future but I can tell we're doing something right.  I remember the moment I knew that you'd be around for a long time and I wasn't thinking just three and a half years, this is just the beginning.
#ThoughtsAboutMySunflower #SummerLovers

Flashback to this tasty morsel from @figgirl when we went on our gourmet food and wine tour with @gourmetrenee111.  Such a fun and tasty experience that I would definitely reccommend to anyone, can't wait to do it again!
#FlashbackFriday #AnniversaryDate #SummerLovers

Silly little sorrow
No roses bloom where only weeds grow
Keep on watering your soul with jewels that arent yours
And leave the taps on in your eyes
Cause your tears are watering mine
📷@rebeccaqua 💕
#Black #WinterFeels

*Water Abando Pt. 2*
❤Heres the boating dock from that water abando. This one was a real gem to find. Just a humble little house on the water, absolutely untouched, with a stunning view.
Wanted to thank everyone who took a moment to respond to the question on my last post. I was surprised and pleased to see how passionate and talented you all are. Definitely love hearing your thoughts. Happy Labor Day, hope you guys get to do what you love today!❤
#AbandoAdventures #SunsetChasers #SummerLovers

Artist, because I personally take part in the concept, creation, and polishing of my work. What makes you an artist?
📷#PhotoCredsYurfude 💘

Guess I'm just tryna say I love you adventure buddy, even if you don't love yourself sometimes. Thank you for being on my level for all these years, my life wouldn't have played out this way without you, and I really wouldn't mind doing this forever.
Also, I keep thinking that thing in the water is a man. How effing scary would that be?
#ThoughtsAboutMySunflower #AbandoAdventures #SunsetChasers #SummerLovers

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