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❇ Abandoned Beach Studio Pt. 3 ❇
I'd like to exchange bits of our minds some more
πŸ”ŠFeed me song suggestions please! What are your favorite songs of all time? Songs that never get old no matter how many times you put them on repeat?🎧
πŸ‘— @forever21
#PhotoCredsYurfude #AbandoAdventures #AbandonedBooks #BookClubs #Feline #Thorns #Greenies

❇ Abandoned Beach Studio Pt. 2 ❇
🌊 They really did a good job making sure anyone hopping this fence would get impaled and anyone tryna go around would plummet 200 feet to their death.  But who could resist a beach abando?  I'm obsessed with those endless views...
#StillGotInTho #AbandoAdventures #BeachScene

❇ Abandoned Beach Studio Pt. 1 ❇
πŸ› Yesterday my boyfriend found the cutest abandoned studio on a beach cliff.
An author used to spend his time writing in this studio and the only one allowed in there while he was working was his kitty.
Although it's the smallest abando we've explored, it definitely is still one of my favorites.Β  How inspiring it must've been to look out at those panoramic views.Β  Inside we found old knick knacks and books, some dating back 100 years ago.Β  The best thing about this one was how well preserved it was, touched only by the crawlies that have now decided to reside there.
#PhotoCredsYurfude #KeepThemCrawlersOut #BeachScene #Black #BookClubs #AbandoAdventures #SaturdaySwag
πŸ‘— @forever21

❇ Forge your own way merrily.
Fill the world with new meaning. ❇

🌻My favorite times
Would have to be
Before we sleep.
Conversations where we ponder in pitch blackness and when you come up with your best one liners and when I am also reminded about what a ticklish beast you are. Laughing so hard I smoker cough and cry off all the make up that I left on.
I remember talking one night you asked me if my eyes were closed and I said "yeah" and you said "I wonder why we're talking with our eyes closed."
I know it's cause there is something so undeniably beautiful and liberating about speaking to one another in complete darkness. Free from distraction and free from the body in which we are tied to. A simple connection and complete focus between two conciousnesses. Nothing more. There is no isolation that feels so wholesome.
When told to find my happy place I never quite knew where that was, but this is by far the closest to heaven I've ever been and I'm just fine with that. I could lay in this bed with you forever. Sounds like the brink of perfection to me. Happy anniversary baby, I love you. πŸ’–
#ToMySunflower #StillFalling #PeaceNLove #AbandoAdventures #LatePost
πŸ’Ž Wearing my Rebekah choker from @pretty_girl_collections!! πŸ’˜
😘 Use the code "littlemssred" for a 20% discount! ❀

Love is in the air! Excited to be going out of town to celebrate my anniversary this weekend. Does anyone have any cute/romantic ideas I should consider?
#StillFalling #MySunflower #Love #March9th #AnniversaryDate

Can I run my fingers through your hair?
Music to my hands
Been extra curious about where my followers are in the world πŸ”Ž Comment where you are from!
#YouHaveToSleepLateWhenYouCan #AbandoAdventures

🌰 And God saith, 'Lo, I have given to you every herb sowing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree sowing seed, to you it is for food;
Genesis 1:29 🌱
#SensiHerb #NoStemsNoSeedsPlease

β›… Happy Friday and happy March!! On Wednesday my lover took me to a secluded tagged up bench on a vast beach cliff to drink beer and talk about animals and what kind of life we imagine are in the galaxies out there. There is nothing more awe inspiring than the size contrast between the cliff, the ocean, and us. As the sun went down we made wishes and threw pennies off the cliff and watched them drop until we lost sight of them. On the walk back I was able to get closer than ever to wild bunnies hopping around the pathway. That was the highlight of my week, what was the highlight of your week?
Now I'm ready for our weekend adventures, and I'm extra excited to go exploring this weekend, because abandos are more beautiful in the rain β˜”

☁ Dear butterfly with the broken wing,
Might somebody happen upon such a piece
as the little black one that left you
They would never know that it once belonged to a truly excellent creature like yourself.β˜”
#IfICouldJustFindThatLittlePiece #HappyRainyDays

I was scared of dentists and the dark,
Now I'm scared I'll be shot at school and even deportation
#ThePoorKidsOf2018 #RipFloridasChildren #BlueMorpho #WindyAf #HappyFriday

πŸ’› No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old
And we will live each day in springtime πŸ’›
#NameThatSong #PhotoCredsYurfude

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