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  ✨a compilation of all my favorite people, memories, places & things✨ 🦋let go of toxicity & hold onto what betters you🦋

find me in a garden of roses but don’t pick me🥀

*enters a quote about freedom* 🕊

when you dress good, you feel good & then it radiates☀️

life is only as bad as you make it💫

finds a brick wall & immediately has to take an #ootd ft @worthy_of_loveee closet 📸

day dreamin’ 💭 jk don’t let me fool ya, I’m actually thinking about how full I am after that international fair😅

sometimes it’s just a good cup of coffee & a delicious breakfast that can really make a difference in the start of your day🌞

life is a balance of holding on to what’s good for you & letting go of what’s bad...when you practice that, you learn to love yourself just that much more🌻🥀
• with this being one of my favorite tattoos, that’s why I use my @inktheoriginal tattoo sunscreen, to protect my lovelies from fading. The sunscreen even has vitamin E, Aloe Vera + coconut oil🌞
#hbtsp #hbtINK #INKtheoriginal #preserveyourstory

wish I could bring her back to the states with me 😿💔

I feel so honored & grateful to have these beautiful, loving, strong, independent women in my life 💖 we thrive off each other’s success & support/lift each other up when we’re down. I love you all very much & thank YOU for sticking by/loving my crazy ass🙃😘

so my best friend just got back from England & is leaving once more to Bali to chase after her dreams...words cannot describe how extremely proud and happy I am. I could cry. (Oh wait, already did) 💖 #soulsisters #lovers #lesbehonest

sometimes when you’re too caught up in your own head (stressing, overthinking, etc), you forget to love yourself & forget to give yourself the credit you deserve🌸 so don’t forget to treat yourself because you deserve it💫

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