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Naomi  Nature lover, mushroom fanatic, artist, musician, crafter, creator, and devoted mother of 2. From CA now in Chapel Hill, NC.

Anyone know what kind of spider this is? It's huge and it's chillin on my front door... 😑 update!: Its a Pisaurina mira (aka "Nursery Web Spider"). #nurserywebspider

I am moving on Thursday and today was one of the last days I will have to hunt my woods. Luckily, I came home with a nice bounty of chanterelles! Many of theme were smaller than I would usually harvest, but the bugs are getting to them quickly and I do not have the time to wait in them at the moment because of my move, so I didn't feel too badly.

My son just found this in our woods, in a place we visit quite often. Holy water with flowers in it maybe? It smells very nice. I haven't opened it though. If anyone has some insight on this, let me know. I didn't feel right about taking it so I ended up leaving it there. #holywater #OurLadyofLourdes #lourdesholywater #lourdeswater #holygift #holymystery

Took some help to ID this one but it turns out this is a very special medicinal herb that I stumbled across on my Mother's Day hike: #Agrimony #Agrimoniaeupatoria #medicinalherb #ncflora

@_amyjae_ at @sydshairshop Always knows how to make me feel more beautiful and always gives me the perfect cut for my wavy hair. #chopchop #icutmyhaironceayear #gladitsgoneagain #hellosummer

#EnglishPlantain and #BroadLeafPlantain growing side by side for an easy comparison. These are edible and apparently really good for you, plus have MAD proven medicinal uses (especially for bee, wasp, and yellow jacket stings and assistance in blood coagulation), but I can't get past the bitterness and/or blandness of the plant to enjoy it. Just tastes like plant.... or bitter plant depending on when and where you pick it. There are so many other delicious wild edibles out there right now, I just don't find the need to indulge in these!

Any ideas what this plant is? I had hoped it was stinging nettle (which I have yet to find since moving to NC), but it didn't sting at all when I touched it. Notice the hairs on the stem. The leaves were covered in hairs too. Doesn't smell like an edible plant. Smellllls um... chemically plan like. Hard to explain. Just not anything that would make you want to eat it.

@hagardjoe Sent me this photo along with "Free puppies. Part husky." As the text... Sadie LOVES dogs and our cat has been biting the kids for no good reason lately... so we have to give her up. I am seriously considering meeting all 10 of them. #puppies!!!

I can't believe I saw #Slowdive tonight. I waited a long time for this and it was worth the wait, especially since I never thought they would tour again.

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