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Naomi  Nature lover, mushroom fanatic, artist, musician, crafter, creator, and devoted mother of 2. From CA now in Chapel Hill, NC.


In case you haven't heard. Feb 17, which is this coming Friday, there is a general national strike planned. All you have to do, at minimum, is plan ahead to not buy anything that day. If you can, also take the day off or work. #generalstrike #NationalStrike #hitthemwhereithurts #feb17 #feb172017 #antitrump #impeachtrump

My first encounter with witch hazel! I knew what it was before even looking it up because look at those unique fiery blossoms. They look like burning torches! What are the best uses for these when found fresh like this? #witchhazel

One of the neat things about birthdays with all of the kids is how many actually bring thoughtful gifts! I didn't expect that. This year and last year he got so many gifts! I don't know why I assumed many would just come to be there and play. I am glad both years I was prepared with thank you gifts! #5yearsold

Each year I make my boy a special custom cake for his birthday. This year was the year for #mariobrothers So, we put them on four layers of cake in skyland, with marshmallow clouds, graham cracker bricks, and chocolate coins. The kids and parents loved it. Oh, and those cupcakes were pretty much for me. Gluten and dairy free so I could have cake, because, no way was mama gonna make that giant cake and not be able to eat some damn cake herself! Not pictured was the veggie fireflower with homemade white bean hummus and paleo ranch dip. #alottawork #totallyworthit #mariobirthday #mariocake #mariobrotherscake

I made a bunch of cupcakes for Elliott's birthday celebration at school. Each had Mario Brothers flags, which I made by hand. It was fun but took 2.5 hours to make those flags! It was worth seeing how happy he was though. The kids as school loved it too. Tomorrow we have his party. Mario cake, toadstool cupcakes, fire flower veggie plate, and other details. So fun!

This girl. She is nine months old today and I am not ready for it. I feel like it's flying by no matter how much I cherish it.

This. There's no place else in the world that I would rather be right now. #bestfeelingintheworld #purelove

Anyone see what's happening here? I finally have picture proof. #8monthsold #freestanding #slowdownbaby #notreadyforthis #sadieroseaylamiller

Quick! Tell me your favorite wheat-free #oystermushroom recipes! Found a fallen tree with perfect babies all over it this evening! #ncmycology #wildoystermushrooms #freefood #wildfood #forageyourfood

For the record, #dairyfree #wheatfree #glutenfree #peanutfree #nutfree #YUM I honestly do not want to admit how much of this box of brownies I ate tonight. It calls for eggs but those could be substituted easily. These are SO GOOD! And not just good for what they are, but GOOD because they're amazing! #ardennefarm #allergyfriendly