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Unsent Letter by Saloni Rana.
Dear Daddy,
They say that all Superheroes wear cape, but my Superhero only wears a lousy tshirt and his favourite shorts.
When I talk about the superpowers of my superhero, I can tell you that it is of sacrifice, wisdom, courage, strength and patience.
Papa, you’re that person who has been selflessly sacrificing ever since I was born. You sacrificed all the unnecessary expenses and desires you had, just to fulfil my extravagant wishes. You protected us from the evil world out there by taking all the pain yourself, and showing us no sign of the stress. While you were busy working hard and earning every single penny, we were spending it all carelessly.
So daddy, I’d like to say that knowing all that you’ve done for us, I now know that not even the greatest denomination or currency can ever value your worth. I would consider myself to have achieved something the day people tell me that I am just like you. You’re my hero Daddy and you will always be.

I love you. -Daddy’s lil girl
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