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m a l i a  wife and twin girl mama life.🌾 personal account☁️ @cosmosandhoney

What the!!?😂😂😂 #whatthefluffchallenge ? How about #whatthetwinchallenge !!! #whatthefluff

Lyla Rose🌹 Grainy, blurry, goodness. // July 2018. (swipe)

Elsie Willow🌾 Grainy, blurry, goodness. // July 2018. (swipe)

Stop drop and read! The other evening, in a grocery store, no shame and too close to bedtime. The wormiest book worms you’ll ever find.📚🐛💕

Tonight.✨ Tonight was first night I did bedtime alone. I’ve been absolutely blessed for the last 2 years and 1 month to have Daniel here during our bedtime routine as we’ve always believed how pivotal the gift of sleep truly is for children. We’ve had the same bedtime routine since they were 4 weeks old. Tonight, Daniel worked later than usual and I was going to hold down the fort until he got home, but baby girls were so so tired after a busy day of story and playtime at the library, ~Target~, and water fun outside. I just...did it. And I’m so proud of them. After rock-rocking and cuddles, I put them down in their cribs, kissed them a million times, tucked them in all comfy cozy, promised I’d be right outside the door and that I loved each of them so much. And now I’m melting into my couch with this here glass of wine and check out those dark circles and day 3 hair. So cute.😂😭 #twinmom

It’d be a disservice to not make like 5 more of these humans because LOOK. AT. THEM. 😍😭 #okayjustonemore #notsupersoon #only1ageindiapersplz

Sugar sweet. Sometimes spicy.😍

Couple o’ stoop kids in this muggy and underwhelming PNW summer.💗 #mightaswellbefall

🌼✨🌈☀️ #letthembelittle

For the 4th, Dovies met the sprinkler for the first time at their cousins’ house!💦🌼💦

A girl and her dollies.🎀


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