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m a l i a  wife and twin girl mama life.🌾 maliamiko618@gmail.com personal account☁️@cosmosandhoney


This, this is twin life. No sugar coating, no curated feed, nothings staged ever: this is raw and real. I can edit this photo with pretty filters and grain and there’s still shit everywhere. Behind me is a huge basket of clean clothes on the dining table folded and refolded 3 times. I just flicked a toddler booger down the drain and there’s most likely another somewhere on my person. And it’s only 12:30pm.🍷

Homegirls hate getting their photo taken. But #momhack; front-facing cameras are the bees knees. Also can we talk about how the absolute best is when your babes are learning to smile on command? I live for those forced cheeses. 😬😬

#nofilter just my so so talented and sweet and divine friend Tida. I missed you so. Thank you for visiting and playing with the girls and then putting some life into this tired mama’s face, making me feel beautiful in more ways than one. You’re a true, rare gem.✨ And some of the same product from today was used for my bridal look on my wedding day.😭 @makeupbytida

Giving the girls a playroom was the best decision. I love hearing their laughs and chatter as they run in and out of their playhouse or whisper (always whisper) “hahhhhtttt” while pointing at their play kitchen stove. And of course the endless tea parties. Being a girl mom is such a sweet, tender thing. Also finding it v. difficult resisting the urge to paint a glittery horn on our boho horse.🦄✨

This photo. Oh how they look like babies here. It brings me joy and heartache all at once because the moments they truly remind me of how tiny they once were are fleeting. Though fully immersed in toddler blabber and adorable mispronounced adult words, my ears pick up on the tiny sounds I’d hear when I held their heads in my hands and watch them take in the world. Like the real true baby coos;I still hear them in their voices at times and a flood of nostalgia washes over my skin. How the days are eternally long, but the years are quick.💫

My sweet Valentine. 2.5 years of marriage later and 2 beautiful daughters and everything has changed yet nothing’s changed one bit. I love you.❤️

Happy 28th Birthday to our beloved Valentine!❤️ My best friend and the best Daddy there ever was. Honestly the absolute best. We absolutely adore you on this day and every day!❤️

Though Chinese New Year couldn’t be as big as I’d hoped for our girls first visit to Chinatown...I loved our little family outing to Uwajimaya! We had to celebrate my heritage at least a little bit today.🏮Thanks for meeting up with us for a bit Aunty @danielle_bernadette!

And now back to your regularly scheduled program. Two happy toddlers at bathtime.🛁

I created a space, an outlet so to speak, for my creative mind. Call it a mind dump — my bujo spreads, an occasional line or two of original poetry and photos by me. Some pretty Pinterest quotes or doodles I find. My own doodles. Beauty products and skincare. Home decor. It’s all there, and I can’t tell you how often I gaze at the aesthetics of my feed. My own little world. I’ve felt so stagnant lately and stuck, wishing to create but not having the time, being too tired, working too much. While this account will continue to be twin mama life and little tiny baby toddler shenanigans, @cosmosandhoney is the rest of my soul. Follow along if you’d like.✨☁️✨☁️ (Swipe!)

Keto day 1!✨ Last time Daniel and I were on a structured eating plan was two years ago. TWO! With my pregnancy and twin mama journey, to say I’ve fallen off has been an understatement. I have to admit I need some structure. Bites of toddler food throughout the day, forgetting to eat completely, binging on coffee, is only sustainable for so long. To be completely honest I don’t feel my healthiest inside. I am eager to see what this does to my body and soul! ✨

And I cradled you, rocked you just so: head up against my bosom, tucked in the nook of my arm. Legs extended out far past my body but your hand draped in front of your face and we were taken back to this exact moment when you were tiny. You would do this — fist clenched, set upon the bridge of your button nose. It felt like I was cradling air you both were so small. 21lbs later and I still feel your weight as something unique, something special. There is nothing else in this world, other than your sister, that my muscles yearn to hold. They will never tire. I hold you and rock you like this until your eyes softly close and off to slumber you go. I hope your dreams are as sweet as you are.☁️

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