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Sanna  "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"-marcel proust.

”We let our lives mix with our dreams like two colored paints until we didn’t know which was what and we didn’t care”
- Atticus 📷 By my friend Iida- Liisa

{I have so many stories I want to tell you... Would you tell me yours as well?}
Brandi Carlile/ The Story🎼

{Oh this little life of wonder, of hopes, and dreams and love}

”I wish you a kinder sea”💫
- Emily Dickinson 📷 By my friend @jeci_

{Art is popcorn for the brain}

{Starwoman} 🌟
Model: @jeci_

{Make a wish tonight. Maybe miracle is bored}

I had a magical photoshoot today with my lovely friend Jessica @jeci_ 🌟 Btw, we have known each other since we were 13- yrs old. :) When I asked her for ”The Starchild” -photoshoot with me she said ”So you mean Paul Stanley??” Yes, kind of, I replied. It is easier to shoot when you don’t need much words to really understand what the other one is looking for. :) Tack vännen💛

”Live like a fire
Dancing with desire
Walking on the wire, oh yeah” 🎼

Photoshoot with my dear friend @jeci_ 🌟

{Little Starchild}
I heard this story last week (sorry true fans if I am wrong) about KISS vocalist and guitar player Paul Stanley alias ”The Starchild”. He was born with one ear that was misshapen, but as he grow up his parents never wanted to talk about this whole thing with him. He was really bullied in school because of his ear for his whole childhood. Then he decided to create himself an alter ego, painted a black star over one of his eyes and started to make rockmusic and called himself ’The Starchild’. And as you see- he and his band KISS did succeed quite well. ;)) I think we all have our reasons for sometimes bringing out ’The Starchild’ in ourselves, or what do you say?
KISS/ Freak🎼

”While infused with love you see fewer distinction between you and others. Indeed, your ability to see others- really see them, wholeheartedly- springs open.”
- Barbara Fredrickson

20:17/ Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm🎼 📷 By my friend Iida- Liisa

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