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Georgie Gardner  mama to 4 little ladies ✚ northern beaches sydney australia

W i n t e r h u g g l e s ✱ By the seaside, after sunset ♡

F r i d a y m a g i c ✱ Here's a beautiful insta story for you. Some time ago I stumbled across an Australian mama feed, loved what I saw and followed. Then this mama posted something from the area I live, we connected and started chatting. Loved her. We decided to meet when my fam got our new kittens, we discovered we LIVE ON THE SAME STREET! Not satisfied with just being friends, we have made her completely part of our family. Charlotte @charlotteandtheo took this pic, I can only claim the editing. Thank you beautiful. Thank you Instagram ♡

L o o k i n g b a c k ✱ Managing the schedules of 4 children at home over the school holidays has been a challenge, but it was so lovely to pick them up today after their first day back ♡

F i n a l s t r e t c h ✱ I am completely exhausted after 2 weeks of school hols. I only arranged one activity with my biggest girls, a flower crown workshop with Sarah @ivystyling. It was definitely a highlight 🌿 ps. Our local bottle shop guy has noticed a sizable increase in wine being purchased by parents in the final few days of the school hols... Go figure 😂

G r e y d a y s ✱ We have woken up to a very overcast and cool Saturday. I'm thinking an afternoon stroll on the beach is on the cards... if we ever manage to get out of our pjs ♡

B l o o m s ✱ Yesterday my older 2 girls and I went to a flower crown workshop in our beachside village. Run by the gorgeous Sarah of @ivystyling, it was such a relaxing way to while away the winter school holidays 🌿 ps. This is my bebe wearing the crown I made, which will dry and last 🕊 #caughtflowerhanded

D e a r I n s t a g r a m ✱ Please stop serving me ridiculous ads for boob lifting thingies, or for fitness programs run by 19 year old tanned, platinum blondes doing squats on top of a rooftop. Listen, that's cool, I'm fascinated by all the sticky-booby-things, but in a scientific way. And only for a second. I'm open to advertising, but just because I am a woman doesn't mean I care about my abs. Or all the other parts of the body that fit people know about. End rant... pouring a wine and finishing off the latest season of OITNB on Netflix 🙌🏻

K e e p i n g i t r e a l ✱ I needed this moment with Sasha. I've had a rough week or two and needed an escape. I had an epic meltdown in front of the girls this week and they barely flinched. It was over in a flash, but I admired that they accepted mum needed to blow her fuse! My 7 year old always writes me the most stunning poems so last night I wrote them all a message to wake up to. Trust me, I'm not 'that mum' who nails life, but it helped me appreciate the 4 people that I brought into this world. They are crazy and weird, and I wouldn't have it any other way ♡

C h a s i n g l i g h t ✱ Nature tests us busy parents. My creative side is itching to get out and take photos but I'm limited by our schedule and less sunlight as it's winter here in Australia. Still, I can't complain, we are barefoot at the beach 🙌🏻

W i n t e r s o l s t i c e ✱ I love this time of year, especially when you have a warm fire to come home to ♡

W e e k e n d ! ✱ But alas... the chores (I write from bed at 10am, with a big cup of tea after too many vinos the night before). Unfortunately, the floor ain't gonna clean itself 🌿 Sigh #coi_weekfavs201 #wunderkindred

W i n t e r e x p l o r e r s ✱ Can you spot all 3? Long weekends away with my fav peeps, who coincidentally broke me down into tiny pieces today. This parenting gig can be so, so hard ♡ #coi_weekfavs201

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