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Soy Amado No.157.
#soyamadoquilts #guernsey

Force 7 winds outside call for a (not padded) little white cell for my finish of the cover pattern from @kim_brackett ’s book -,#scrapbasketbounty. Made totally from #annamariahorner fabrics which totally make me happy.
And Tambourine has arrived in the house (thanks @alewivesfabrics) and it’s up there with Pretty Potent for most favourite AMH line ever. Totally feeling very inspired to make more Quilts I Don’t Actually Need. #scrapquiltsarethebest #quilting #quiltersofinstagram #therearecountlessquilthashtags #whoknew

I never even knew @vegepod was a thing until @lizfromshush got one and then middle age envy kicked in and I thought they were a really good idea. I do have a veggie patch but this is just a more compact version right by your back door, completely protected from the elements and pests and self-watering. Plus you attach a hose to it and get a fine mist spraying over your veg. Sadly, that excites me. Greatly.
I completely assembled it by myself - both the Vegepod and the stand and I only swore once and broke two finger nails in the process. The step-by-step assembly videos are invaluable, especially when you discover you’re not the only one still saying ‘said the actress to the bishop’.
I think it’s a really clever concept and they deserve to do well. #vegepod

Soy Amado No. 156. The calm before Storm Freya. Now they’re being named, it sounds so much more dramatic than ‘a developing area of low pressure coming off the Atlantic.’ 🤔#soyamadoquilts #guernsey
PS. Yes I know it’s upside down 🙄 #nofilter

Soy Amado No.155 #soyamadoquilts

The #coloringcardigan by @ahribokatrinchen in #thefibreco #roadtochinalight - a mix of baby alpaca, cashmere, camel and silk. Bought on sale at @figtreeyarns so completely justifiable 😇
The contrast colours are just odds and sods of #quinceandcochickadee yarns.
Definitely plan to make another one some day one day.
#ravelry #knitting #knittersofinstagram

Soy Amado No.154.

Soy Amado No.153. With 40mph + winds the last three days, it’s been quite the challenge finding somewhere quiltproof 💨

More quilts given out in Cape Town.
The girl in this picture was living under a bridge when she was found by social workers. Wanting her to be with family, they placed her with her grandmother who sold her to men. She is now out of that situation.
Another quilt has been given to a young girl with a rare breast condition. She was small and thin but her breasts kept growing. She was finally given an operation and she was given a quilt just before she went in to surgery. I know when you have donated blocks to me, you have wondered where they end up. I hope, small as this update is, you know they have all been used and all making a difference. Thank you. #soyamadoquilts

The lemon tree I bought last summer and have carefully nurtured, in anticipation of an inaugural gin and tonic with a homegrown slice, has clearly had a gender reassignment 🙄😤
Update: it's a #limonerosso 😋

It’s been a while (August 2018 to be precise) but here’s Soy Amado No.152, complete with slowly setting sun.
Fairly sure these beautiful blocks are from @thimblesandneedles but I shall await to stand corrected if not 🤗
#soyamadoquilts #guernsey

Ravelry tells me there are 3,220 versions of the #ravellosweater.
This is version 3,221, being knitted with a combination of #quinceandco and #pluckyknitter yarns. I’ve gone for the belt and braces approach of more stripes than in the pattern to avoid stopping mid-boobage which (IMO) transforms that area from a couple of rolling hills to missiles ready to fire - figuratively speaking.
I’m everso a bit obsessed with it this week.
#knittersofinstagram #isabellkraemer #ravelry

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