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After an awful night's sleep and an excruciatingly emotional morning where I cried/wailed for about 10 minutes straight...the night has ended up calm and I can see a light. I've tried to be honest through out my pregnancy and as a Yoga teacher I always try to be as truthful in my teaching as possible. Lots of my students, friends and family know I suffer from OCD and have done for over half of my life. This last year it has gone to a severe and on some days unbearable level. When it comes to issues like Anxiety/Depression/OCD pregnancy can exacerbate systems and you're almost certain to feel worse postpartum...so here I am after almost a full year of suffering daily feeling a little lighter tonight. I will cherish this moment (as I don't know how long it will last)! By the way OCD isn't just somebody who is obsessed with being tidy~ mine is complicated but consists of getting stuck on things and replaying them over and over compulsively to the point where I feel tremendous anxiety and I can't sleep on a severe day! It is debilitating and YOGA is one of the few things that really helps. That's why I think this pregnancy has been so tough as I haven't been able to do as much Yoga to keep my shit in check! Anyway I'm rambling because I feel people should talk more about mental health issues and NOT be ASHAMED!! Lots of people particularly in the health industry portray an image of perfection which is quite frankly bullshit. Most of the people that I know who got into Yoga and then went onto become teachers came from a dark place- addiction/eating disorders/trauma- so why then act like everything is hunky dory? We have to speak out for those that feel alone- you are not alone❀❀❀
#mentalhealth #ocd #yoga #heals #anxiety #depression #eatingdisorders #trauma #addiction #imperfect #honesty #speakout #nomoreshame #backwardbend #thereislight

I really haven't done any inversions for a long time but I just wanted to see if I could lift myself briefly after @mistereley class @indabayoga yesterday! When I say it was hard to get up it really was! That's what 15 extra kilos of weight will do!! I wish I could blame it all on the baby but Ben & Jerry's and also Haagen-Dazs has a lot to do with it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Midwife told me the baby's head is engaged and I could be giving birth anytime now!! I'm trying to remain calm but the feeling inside of me is so scared but it's a different scared to anything I've felt before...I pray everything is going to be ok...❀❀
#38weekspregnant+3 #inversions #headstand #sirsasana #engaged #headdown #icecream #enjoyitwhileican #2become3 #scared #goodhealth #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #spiritualhealth

I wasn't going to post this as I think I look gigantic however then I decided that is exactly why I should post it! I need to get over myself! Yes everything has expanded - but there are bonuses- it's really easy to balance on my new and improved larger ass! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But seriously practising Yoga is getting extremely difficult these days...I'm still trying though...Don't worry I'm balancing it out with a tremendous amount of eating too! I have two weeks to go😧The count down begins!!
#38weekspregnant #omg #yoga #eating #balance #emotionaltimes

I love this man...I'm going through a tough patch...scared of what's to come physically...emotionally...mentally...He is EVERYTHING...I don't know what I'd do without him...Thank you @mistereley for not giving up on me!
#myhusband #myrock #37weekspregnant #extremelyhormonal #ilovehim ❀❀❀ Btw that is my headband he's wearing to make me laugh!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A throw back to the first trimester!! Seems like a lifetime ago! I'm happy to announce the dates for our upcoming Yoga Retreat @spectrumturkey this year! The dates are SEPT 17TH - 24TH. If you're up for Sun, Sea, Sand and lots of Yoga in the most spiritual special place ever please join me and @mistereley oh and our new bubba! I'm so happy that my beautiful mother will be joining us so that we can be fully immersed in our time with you. We have an amazing early bird discount if you sign up before the 1st MARCH. For full details go to my website - sindyhaque.com OR to the link in my bio. You can also PM me on here! We have 8 spots left so if you're feeling it don't wait cos you deserve this!! #tbt #yoga #yogaretreat #turkey #dalyan #sun #sea #sand #freshair #spiritualplace #specialplace #practise #likemindedpeople 😊😊😊

My lovely husband has taken a lot of shit these last few weeks! I am a hormonal explosion that can be such a huge beeeatch!! I thought I was actually doing quite well but this morning I was soooo mean for no reason whatsoever! He really is the bloody best for putting up with me! For weeks he's been wanting to take a pic of me doing this pose (telling me that I would want to have more preggo pics when I look back at this time) and I have resisted as I feel I cannot execute the pose very well with baby on board! Quite rightly I should get over myself and do what I ask of my students~ do the best you can in that moment...so here it is!
I'm happy that @mistereley is sleeping peacefully next to me while I lie awake posting at gone midnight cos I'll have to pee again in 2 mins! I'm glad he's getting some peace and I just hope and intend to be much nicer tomorrow because he's the best and I don't know what I'd do without him! Now I'm off to the loo! Sweet dreams peepsπŸ’€πŸ’€ #yoga #pregnancy #pregnancyyoga #36wks4days #hormones #crazyhormones #poorhusband #family #practise #breath #peace #nonstopweeing

This was me after I practised Yoga! Can you imagine how I felt before!! This is the current mood of late! It was nice to take @mistereley class today @indabayoga ~ it was such a great class and it's so nice that he is the one that's taken over from me through my maternity leave - so it's an added bonus to see students when I'm practising! Anyway they'll be no long moan off today...probably cos I practised Yoga! πŸ˜‚ I'm off to bed...sweet dreams everybody πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ #currentmood #36weekspregnant #practise #yoga #movinghelps #breathe #bed

My face says it all!! Four weeks to go!!You know I do find it funny reading other pregnancy posts...lots I read are full of women feeling amazing and deeply connected with their baby...doing Yoga and drinking green smoothies...it sounds like an absolute dream. I have to say I have NOT had an easy pregnancy and it has NOT been what I expected. As a Yoga teacher I thought I would embrace a full on healthy diet as I usually stick to one...I thought I would practise lots as I usually do...I did during the 2nd trimester but in these last few weeks I'm lucky if I do 1-2 classes a week. Mentally all of the changes have made me feel anxious and stressed and it's added to the exhaustion...So, not what I thought it would be like at all. I've suffered with some problems that come up in Pregnancy that in my experience nobody talks about - Placenta Previa which may mean I have to have a C-Section (I find out for sure next week) A femoral hernia- google it! AND Vulva varicose veins - don't ask! These conditions have made it hard to walk let alone feel happy and serene and do the Yoga and other activities I did pre pregnancy. I wanted to keep it real...a lot of mamas make it look glamorous on IG and if that's the truth then fair play to them...for me it's been like this and that's cool...but here's my truth..I am sooo scared to give birth...but I can't wait to meet our baby girl! Sorry for the moan off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
#36weekspregnant #birth #placentaprevia #femoralhernia #vulvavaricoseveins #hormones #exhaustion #givingbirth #labour #scared #breathe #through #it

Yippee I've finally finished my tax return!! Better late than never! The last two days I've literally been chilling/eating/doing tax return...it's very tempting to keep doing this until I give birth but I'm itching to do some Yoga even though I feel like a big old house!! I am excited to practise tomorrow with my husband @mistereley @indabayoga ~ we used to practise together all the but our schedules hardly allow for that anymore so I really appreciate when we get to now before I used to take it for granted! I also can't wait to see my teacher Stew- it's been too long!! #taxreturn #done #yoga #stewartgilchrist #eat #chill #practise #husbandtime #qualitytime #33weeks4dayspregnant

Saturday I'm for you...After a broken night's sleep I need some extra goodness to up my energy levels to teach and practise!! This smoothie has #spinach #cacao #veganproteinpowder #bananas #nutbutter #almondmilk and is delicious ~ it's fills me up more than porridge~ so good!! Now I'm off to @theyogaquarter !! #yoga #33weekspregnant #goodnutrition #greensmoothie #healthy #powerbreakfast

After a lot of hospital/midwife/doctor's appointments...having received updates on how the baby and I am doing I felt confident to practise @hotyogasociety1 with @mistereley today~ I'm not going to lie, after a week of really not doing much other than walking ~ class was tough BUT I LOVED IT!! Yoga truly is healing - my body had felt so tired and not like my own. My mind has felt worried and anxious and now I just feel grateful that I got to practise today and that so far even though sometimes I'm in pain (just been told after months of various healthcare professionals saying "it's just pregnancy " that I have a femoral hernia!!) little one is growing nicely and doing well!! She's worth every pain and every change. I've got 7 weeks left and I'm going to squeeze in as much lovely Yoga and sleep as I can!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ TEACHING TOMO 10.30AM YOGASANA @theyogaquarter SEE YOU THERE 🀞🏽🀞🏽 I'll either be practising the 8.45am with @mistereley or the 12.15pm depends on the πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ #yoga #healing #mind #body #spirit #growing #33weekspregnant #keepmoving #stayhealthy #fixedfirm #suptavrajasana #yogasana #bikram #allyoga

Who would like to join me for a little Karma Yoga tomorrow ⭐EVERY THURSDAY ⭐
The wonderful @kulawellbeing Yoga Studio in Clapham put on a class for only Β£5!! You won't find another class in London cheaper than that. I love teaching it but only have a few to go until the end of the month when I go on maternity leave!! The students who come are awesome..the class has a lovely energy so I hope to see some new as well as familiar faces there!
#yoga #karma #practise #teach #32weekspregnant #vrkasana #treepose #vinyasakrama #yogasana

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