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I had a night off tonight so decided to finally finish #YuriOnIce... oh god guys, I’m an emotional wreck! It was beautiful! Have this beautiful picture that was taken last year at @kitaconuk!
Yuri Cosplay by @xmoonlilyx ❤️
Photo by @emzone_photography
#Viktor #Yuri #victuuri #cosplay

Awhile ago I backed a #Kickstarter campaign for these amazing #DnD inspired #pins and they finally arrived! They are so beautiful and such high quality too!
These designs are by @eldritchrach who sell a lot of awesome #dungeonsanddragons inspired art, pins, stickers and more so go check them out!

"Don't worry, with each hit she gets stronger and she uses that energy to fight back. Thats what makes her special." Yang cosplay by me!
Photo by @starsqueakart
Taken at RTX London

#Yang #RWBY #RWBYcosplay #Cosplay #yangcosplay

❄️ Snow Day ❄️
I can’t believe how much snow came down in a matter of hours this morning! I grabbed a few pictures before I struggled my way to work. Sadly it all melted away.

#snow #snowday #winter #hufflepuff

I went to #Kupocon a couple of weeks ago and got me some swag!
I got some really cute stickers, badge and charm from @iggie39. I also got a “recipeh” badge as a gift from @moonchild_cos. I was going to buy more art but by the time I got to the dealers room they’d sold out quite abit! I did poorly collecting the cards, I wasn’t aware it was a thing but thankfully people attending the event were so nice & helped me out. The day after we went around London and I got me some #Hufflepuff #swag from #Primark aswell as the #platform9¾ #shop at #KingsCross.

My #MCMLDN #ComicCon #video is live! Go check it out!

A huge thank you to everyone I filmed at this event, you guys are so damn talented! Also thank you all for being so patient in waiting for this (software, work & illness issues didn’t help). Spending time on it though meant I really got time to make it how I want it and really learn a new software.

The icon cosplayer is @katiedoesstuffs in her #mipha #cosplay from #legendofzelda #breathofthewild

Saturday of #Hibanacon and I’m cosplaying #Ignis from #FFXV.

I thought I’d do a big #swag post from my recent #con visits.

From #RTXLondon I got lots of #Yang swag including: a figure, tshirt, lanyard, keyring and an amazing print from @cuttlesworth_art. I did buy blind boxes but gave out the figures as I got characters my friends really like.
I also went to the #readyplayer3 tour while in London and bought myself a #signed poster from @egoraptor, @danny__avidan and @jacksepticeye.

From #mcmldn17 I bought all the art! I bought two of @lothlenan’s prints that are based off classic portrait paintings! (Such a beautiful concept! Thank you for signing them!) I also bought three prints from @quirkiliciouz which I’m so happy about! It took a long time to just decide on this many as I would have bought ALOT more, such beautiful artwork.

Lastly I got some really thoughtful and lovely #birthdaypresents! @pixelsnpolygons got me a #Viktor #nendoroid and @xmoonlilyx got me a beautiful #chocobofestival #tshirt!

I bought these beautiful #inktober prints from @iggie39. She did the #witchtober tag and her designs have been so beautiful! She’s still doing this tag and sells these one of a kind drawings on her Etsy so please go check her out! Her artwork is so beautiful and detailed!

I’m at #RTXLondon this weekend! Today I’m cosplaying #Yang in her #Hunter outfit from Volume 2.

I forgot to post yesterday that I was cosplaying #Yang from #RWBY. My #Kitacon CMVs where shown on the big screen!!!

I'm at #Kitacon this weekend! I'm cosplaying Dory from #FindingNemo #cosplay

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