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Littlegeeky  ⭐️ Cosplayer | Videographer | Designer | Noodle ⭐️ Next event: Kupocon London


I went to #Kupocon a couple of weeks ago and got me some swag!
I got some really cute stickers, badge and charm from @iggie39. I also got a “recipeh” badge as a gift from @moonchild_cos. I was going to buy more art but by the time I got to the dealers room they’d sold out quite abit! I did poorly collecting the cards, I wasn’t aware it was a thing but thankfully people attending the event were so nice & helped me out. The day after we went around London and I got me some #Hufflepuff #swag from #Primark aswell as the #platform9¾ #shop at #KingsCross.

My #MCMLDN #ComicCon #video is live! Go check it out! https://youtu.be/vjfHNq7Fq5w

A huge thank you to everyone I filmed at this event, you guys are so damn talented! Also thank you all for being so patient in waiting for this (software, work & illness issues didn’t help). Spending time on it though meant I really got time to make it how I want it and really learn a new software.

The icon cosplayer is @katiedoesstuffs in her #mipha #cosplay from #legendofzelda #breathofthewild

Saturday of #Hibanacon and I’m cosplaying #Ignis from #FFXV.

I thought I’d do a big #swag post from my recent #con visits.

From #RTXLondon I got lots of #Yang swag including: a figure, tshirt, lanyard, keyring and an amazing print from @cuttlesworth_art. I did buy blind boxes but gave out the figures as I got characters my friends really like.
I also went to the #readyplayer3 tour while in London and bought myself a #signed poster from @egoraptor, @danny__avidan and @jacksepticeye.

From #mcmldn17 I bought all the art! I bought two of @lothlenan’s prints that are based off classic portrait paintings! (Such a beautiful concept! Thank you for signing them!) I also bought three prints from @quirkiliciouz which I’m so happy about! It took a long time to just decide on this many as I would have bought ALOT more, such beautiful artwork.

Lastly I got some really thoughtful and lovely #birthdaypresents! @pixelsnpolygons got me a #Viktor #nendoroid and @xmoonlilyx got me a beautiful #chocobofestival #tshirt!

I bought these beautiful #inktober prints from @iggie39. She did the #witchtober tag and her designs have been so beautiful! She’s still doing this tag and sells these one of a kind drawings on her Etsy so please go check her out! Her artwork is so beautiful and detailed!

I’m at #RTXLondon this weekend! Today I’m cosplaying #Yang in her #Hunter outfit from Volume 2.

I forgot to post yesterday that I was cosplaying #Yang from #RWBY. My #Kitacon CMVs where shown on the big screen!!!

I'm at #Kitacon this weekend! I'm cosplaying Dory from #FindingNemo #cosplay

My tenth day in #Japan & I got to visit the #StudioGhibli #Museum! I was so happy to visit this place & feel so lucky. It was such a beautiful & magical place, I felt like a kid! So many feels, such a wonderful place. Seriously I had happy tears. I luckily got to eat at the cafe & was so excited to get my parfait with alittle star gem the soot sprites eat #Travels

My ninth day to #Japan and we went to #Shibuya! Honestly I was so giddy as this is were #TWEWY is set. I got to go over #shibuyacrossing and see the #Hachikō statue. We did lots of shopping including going to #towerrecords, the #Disney store & #Mandrake #travels

My eight day in #Japan & after a stressful morning we hit #Harajuku in the afternoon. He hit a local shrine & park, it was beautiful! We then did some evening shopping on the main strip & I had a #porkcutlet which was so good!!! #travels

My seventh day in #Japan and we took the #bullettrain to #Kyoto. We visited some #shrines and #gates near by and walked through a #bamboo forest. We also had dinner in the city centre which was such a contrast to the small villages #travel

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