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Okay it’s been a year I need to finish and set this bass up. A Washburn has never looked so good. ———————————————————————————-

I forgot to post the latest guitar strap because I was too busy admiring my own face it seems. A Spyro strap! How cool is this? (Way cool). I’ve been playing through the old Spyro games on stream and it’s been a blast.
Side note, I went food shopping and came back with wine, jam doughnuts and ice cream. I’m shit at this grownup thing. Need to get designing tonight! —————————————————————

Excited to be making more bullshit catchers for you guys. Its oddly comforting having one. You gotta deal with the bullshit, that’s a given, but the idea that the extra bits that overflow are caught by the bracelet is comforting. Room for growth party people 🙌🏼

Belated birthday lunch with dad and Larry the Mustang. I giggle every time I hear it start up. Thanks for lunch dad! @spikethecactus ——————————————————-

Whenever at Mum HQ It makes me miss my acoustic. I painted it with roses and thistles. Thistles for my grandma who was from North Berwick and roses for my papa who’s English. It’s called Divine too, which was my grandmas middle name. If I ever have a daughter she’s getting called Elsie ((I have dibs, family)). Swipe right for a photo of the painting 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Firstly thankyou for the birthday wishes if it was here/Twitter/in person, that was nice. Not really super all for birthdays but had some good company on stream tonight with my viewers. Next onto what’s happnin’! You all sold me out super quick, only got a few Blondies left- that’s mad. Going to be getting through some strap commissions these coming weeks AND planning on making some custom designed adjustable straps that will be up for grabs in my shop. There will be lots of notice. If you’re interested in a commission check out my site for details!

Birthdays done right 🍺🎸

A frame makes all the difference 🌝 I only have the Blondie Bullshit Catchers left! That’s crazy. You can grab them now on my site

At Mum HQ getting ready for the next batch release of Bullshit Catchers. Is that a new one on my wrist there🤔

I’ve got blisters on me fingurrrrsss
On sale tomorrow (in their complete form)

We love an improvement comparison. Little less than a year between these two. I like a tad bit of realism with my work but also the traditional sheridan style flourishing. It’s just a mix with me. The peony strap was all more real to life than others I’ve done, it was fun to push myself and learn how to get the leather to show details. Remember, I’m open for commissions!

Been working hard on Bullshit Catchers to put on sale this Sunday! My hands are wrecked
My stupid face still cute tho

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