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Katie  Unique, personalised art for the family. Because everyone’s different. Email for info

It’s always a bit nerve wracking, putting a new product idea out there, so thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday. Best get cracking and get it launched. I have some options for teenage boys ready but have to admit, I found it a bit tricky. My boys are pre teens and all they want to wear are joggers or football kits 🙄🙄. What do teenage boys wear??? I think this one remains work in progress!!!!!

Another day, another portrait. Loving mum’s spotty blazer here. I often get major wardrobe envy whilst doing the artwork 😂

So for some time now, I’ve been really busy with Little Florence family portraits. I love that you love the idea, as much as I love creating the artwork. I love that you also get the message behind the brand - everyone’s different. This has meant however that my leadtimes have been extending and I’ve had to turn work down if something is needed relatively short notice which I hate doing. So I have an alternative. What about the option to create your own family portrait based on a set of pre drawn templates? Don’t worry, there’ll still be individuality and choice - I have spent a lot of the summer drawing some super cute outfits as I know how stylish you all are. The idea is that this will sit alongside the bespoke portraits but with shorter timescales and lets be honest, a lower price. What do you think? Could it work? Sorry for the lengthy post. I realise this would probably work best on stories but you know how I hate the camera 🙄😂😂

I have so many portraits which I just haven’t had chance to share with you and I know lots of you like to see them for inspiration so I thought I’d spend a few days uploading some past pictures. This may mess with my grid (and my head 😩😂), but I hope you like. Remember, all families and portraits are different, so what makes you unique?

I’ve been working on something new recently. (Although if I’m honest, I’ve been thinking about doing it for so much longer - never a spare moment 🙄). It’s a twist on the Little Florence family portraits but a bit more diy.....! I’ll share more details and images over the next few days but I’d love to know your thoughts as I go. Feeling motivated this Monday morning. Hope you have a great week

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my post yesterday. It seems like we all love a grumpy toddler photo 😂😂. But more than that, you all also saw that behind that frown was a strong, wilful, independent girl. Qualities which will stand her in good stead as she gets older. Just got to make it past the preenage/teenage years first 😂😂

With everyone sharing their first day back at school photos, Facebook reminded me of this beauty today so I thought I’d share it with you. Taken on Florence’s first day at nursery, 2 years ago. If Florence doesn’t want to do something (including smiling), nothing in the world will make her do it!!!!! EDIT: she was actually really excited, just didn’t want her photo taken 😂😂 #littleflorence #stubborn #knowsherownmind #firstdayatnursery #firstdayback #itsalkaboutthefamily #everyonesdifferent #worklifebalance #nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew

So that’s it then, all three kids are back at school. Not without a few dramas but all is calm now and I’m ready to get back into the routine - anyone else?. My office has been tidied, a to do list has been written and I’m even back on instagram!!!!!

I can’t believe it’s been six years since this joy arrived on the scene. Six years since we were told our new born baby, just hours old, possibly, probably had Down’s syndrome and six years since I knew our lives would change forever. And they have... but not in the ways I would have thought at the time. There is no sadness, no guilt and no hardship. Instead, there’s lots of fun, laughter and an endless supply of cuddles. We love you Florence, oh how we love you. Happy birthday Beautiful, today is going to be an amazing day.
A percentage of profits from every Little Florence portrait goes to @Mencap who support people with learning disabilities along with their family and carers 📷 @ajburrowsphotography

“Go Shorty, it’s your birthday. Gonna party like it’s your birthday”. Well, I’m going to take it easy and maybe go to Pizza Express later with the family, but you know, it’s all relative 😂😊. Happy birthday Me !

It’s been a while since I last shared a picture of myself and as an introduction to those new to Little Florence, here I am, casually sitting on my kitchen island! I run my business alongside running my family. I have 3 children, Oliver (11), Max (9) and Florence (5). After an emotional few weeks of school with the eldest finishing primary (me mostly - anyone else?), we’re all looking forward to a slightly slower pace today, the first day of the summer holidays. It’s going to be a juggle but the sun is still shining - we can do this right?x 📷 @ajburrowsphotogrqphy

#family #everyonesdifferent

I should say more about this picture because I just love it, but it’s been one of those nights and I still feel like I need a few more hours sleep! Anyone else??

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