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Went to the diaper store and bought fabines!

Super Dotty Comparison Post! I've been looking for one of these forever on the dotty haha so I thought I'd make one!
All dips are size medium

Top 2 photos: width and thickness comparison next to a bambino clasico (left) and a rearz princess (right). Crotch width is significantly less wide than either the bambino or princess. About half the thickness dry of a bambino and a third the thickness of the princess

Bottom 2 photos: width and thickness comparison next to a fabine (left) and a abu lavender (right). Crotch width is about the same on all 3, with the fabine being only slightly wider. I'd say the fabine is about twice as thick as the super dotty dry, and the abu about 1.5 times as thick dry.
These comparisons don't have anything to do with when they swell when wet, I know the abu swells a ton! I haven't wet the super dotty to see if that one does. Supposedly holds 5000 ml, but I'd have to research to see what the others hold! #abdl #abdlgirl #diapergirl #diaper #ddlg #adultbaby #littlefantasyabdl #diaperreview #diapercomparison #superdotty #rearz #bambino #abu #fabine

My super dotty the pony diapers came today, I've loved the print forever but heard that the original were super thin. The super are about a b thickness wise, about half as thick as a bambino when dry. Not as thick as I usually like em, but you guys know how I am 😉 so far the tapes are actually pretty great. I haven't had to untape and retape yet but so far they're better than dry's tapes
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My molly came back from the hospital today! She came with a hospital band, socks and a gown included in the repair costs 😍

Finally 21 yay!

Being a big girl to go birthday shopping today! I like these new goodnight designs so much better than the old ones

My etsy shop LittleFantasyWorld is finally up! Check it out for lots of cute necklaces, bracelets, and earrings! Pacifier clips, custom pacifiers, harnesses and headbands are still to come
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Happy 2k Bday to my Instagram 😊

Getting all ready for sleepy time #abdl #abdlgirl #diapergirl #diaper #thickdiaper

I have an extra fun big day tomorrow! I can't have anything silly like potty breaks making me lose sleep! Ft 3 diapers and 6 stuffers 😂 #abdl #abdlgirl #diapergirl #diaper #lavender #abu #thickdiaper

There’s a new clip available in my Clips4Sale studio 88222
@cheshirepussy and I are playing house, but we decide that this time, we want daddy to be the baby! The two girls tease and regress their daddy

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