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Landru & DaGoo  These little boys are exotic shorthair cats who live in Washington. 😺 💌

A little snippet of life as DaGoo. 📦

DaGoo is always my little sidekick when doing projects. Doesn’t he look helpful? #dagoozie #dagoolayingonstuff

I am simply devastated. Our long time friends have lost a big part of themselves over the weekend with the loss of precious Tink of @tinkoliver. I never physically met Tink but I feel like I knew him and that I’ve lost a little piece of me too. Life is so precious! I just can’t believe he’s gone. Much love to Brooke and Nakey Man as they mourn their baby. Please send love and prayers to them through this hard time. ❤️🌈😭 #riptink

I hate when my cats sneeze on me, so whenever I need to sneeze I find one of them and sneeze in their face. #payback #buildstheimmunesystem 🤧 #kirbysnacks

There’s a service auction in my church group on Saturday and I’m giving away a pet portrait. Thought I’d make a little example... I think it’s harder to draw your own pet. lol Hope someone bids. Then again, if they don’t, then I don’t have to do anything. Haha #ripkirby #kirbysnacks

I’m not the best at promoting myself but I really think this would make a great Mother’s Day gift for the crazy pet Mom in your life. I can take 5 orders to be delivered in time for Mother’s Day. Check meowt! My Etsy shop link is in my profile. 👆 Sizes are for cats and small and medium sized dogs for now, sorry big doggies!! Thanks friends! #floofitup @floofitup

A year ago today this little booger was all mine! His adoptaversary is tomorrow! It’s been so amazing that we still get to visit Thomas/Sirus/Ludwig and that we have made such great friends with his cat dads. 😍 We love you @ludwigvoncat @brendanvartan @pcmeehan #thomaspuddle #adopt

What a view! 😍 #landrutreats

Time for bed! DaGoo likes to lay on the floor next to the bed. Most of the time he resembles a liquid spill but sometimes he remains a solid. #alexmack #dagoozie #littledumdums

Both of my kitties are laying in bed with me and it’s days like today that make me miss Kirby! And Thomas! We could be having a 5-cat (I count myself as a cat) cuddle puddle right now. 😜🌈💋 #kirbysnacks #littledumdums #dontyougodyingonme

Happy Birthday Meowmie! Crazy cat lady by day, crazier cat lady by night. Cat cake custom made by my friends daughter Saydee 😻 #happybirthdaytome #husbanddidgood #iusedtobeadogperson #gasp #earthdaybirthday #dagoozie #landrutreats #littledumdums

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