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Landru & DaGoo  These little boys are exotic shorthair cats who live in Washington. 😺 R.I.P. Kirby 1/28/16 Bye Thomas 4/30/17 💌 littledumdums@gmail.com

My mom told me I need to post on the dum dums. She said I need to stop being M.I.A. #getoffmyback #huhmom #grandkitty #dagoozie #littledumdums #floofitup

It’s not until Landru is next to something white that we realize how yellow he is. 💛 Also, he’s a serial warm spot stealer. #landrutreats #littledumdums

Many acts of kindness have been performed on my behalf from my friends and followers and I have been feeling super guilty and weighed down by not showing how much I appreciate the thoughtful gestures. Over the next few days I will be posting some cat art that I have received. This one was given to me last April before we rehomed Thomas (now @ludwigvoncat). It was a painful thing to let him go to a new home because I love him so much and he holds a part of my heart. My great friend Rachel of @luckylumber created this with her own two hands! Also almost lost a finger! She made this based on a stamp of his paws. When I think of the thought, time and effort that went into making this, it makes me happy that I found a friend that cares this much about me! She’s the bomb. Also, she (@luckylumber) does all sorts of custom signs, it’s her favorite thing to make signs that are meaningful. Thanks Rach. Forever my booch! P.S. in case you didn’t know he was actually “Sirus” for our family but for Instagram he kept his given name “Thomas”, his stage name! I still get to see him now and then and he has the best cat dads ever!! @houseofvartan #thomaspuddle 🐾

Landru just wants to love and be loved in return! 💛 #landrutreats

Air biscuits. #dagoozie #kneading

The storyline of this video is this: cat lays in front of fireplace and nothing else happens. 🔥 #furslug #dagoozie #soothing #catsarethebestmedicine

I wish I could post more pictures of Landru but he simply isn’t around as much as DaGoo in the daytime. He likes to avoid the children and stay in our bedroom just relaxing and sleeping. As soon as the kids nap or go to bed he comes out. Haha! Maybe as the kids grow up he will start to want to be around them. For now, he knows what he likes; peace and quiet. #illbepeace #landrutreats

Basking in sunny beams ☀️ #dagoozie

Printer gargoyle. 🖨 Also, remember how we have a cat named Landru? #dagoozie

If you’re worrying about Landru, don’t. He found his valentine long, long ago. #itsguylove ♥️

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