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Jesse "Cuppy" Cake  Chef At Heart...Roses Are Beautiful To Grow🌹..Little Ladies For Pets🐣....❤️BUBZ❤️....."Your Energy Introduces You Before You Speak" #happycuppy

You Ever Stop And Wonder About So Much? I Think It's Very Important To Have A Feedback Loop, Where You're Constantly Thinking About What You've Done And How You Could Be Doing It Better. I Think That's The Single Best Piece Of Advice: Constantly Think About How You Could Be Doing Things Better And Questioning Yourself. #happycuppy #keepithappy

Morning Wonders 😌 #keepithappy #happycuppy

"Don't You Dare Look Back Just Keep Your Eyes On Me, This Women Is My Destiny"- Walk The Moon...Last Day Of Work BUT I Didn't Say Goodbye 😂 Your My Nister❤ Gonna Miss You At The Restaurant Most Def. Love You Tippany @tiffanynhussey

Never Forget What A Treasure Life Is & How Lucky We Are To Be Alive. Be Adventurous. Be Free. Be Silly. Love With Your Whole Heart And Most Importantly, Be Kind. Life Is Short And All We Have Is Love In Our Hearts, And The Love We Leave Behind In This World. Leave A Beautiful Mark 🎈 #keepithappy #hapoycuppy

No We Lay Her Down To Sleep 🐥 Little Lady Tookie's Soul To Keep 🙏🏻 Im Miss Her 😢 She's Buried On The Side Of Rose 🌹 KOKO LOKO🌹Where She Will Be Growing Forever ❤ #plantaseed #watchitgrow #keepithappy Love You Tookie You Will Keep Growing Forever 🌹🐥🌹

Can't Believe She's Gone! Tookie Im Missing You So Much. #mylittlelady #chickenheaven 😓

Happiest Birthday @pandy_31 Love You Cousin

I'm human, I feel, I understand. That's the highest level of love, is understanding. When you can understand someone, when you can love them with their flaws and their faults. So I understand, I consider. I may speak the truth, but I'll consider your feelings too. #keepithappy #happycuppy

"Our Eyes Reflect Light. Better That The Lips Are More Like A Rose Petal." #keepithappy #happycuppy

🌹ORANGES AND LEMONS 🌹 #plantaseed #watchitgrow #keepithappy

I've Always Been On A Journey #keepsmiling

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