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Little Crown Benchmade  Metalsmith mama moved by mountain biking, the mountains, the moon, and music 👩‍🏭⚒🚵‍♀️🏔🌛🎶 #snagmember

#turquoisetuesday shout out to the amazing Jen of @jenvyfox 🗣 Jen was kind enough to adopt me into our “Grrrl Gang Winterrr” gift exchange after I had opted-out thinking I would be doing a show this holiday season. When I got word that I had not been selected, Jen offered to do a “Not-so-secret Santa” exchange with me 🤗 She sent me a bundle of goodies that included this beautiful horse pendant with a Carico Lake cab 🐎 Since we are in the the thick of winter and I wear a minimum of one puffy jacket all day, I decided to attach it to my zipper pull to add a little bling since I hardly wear jewelry from September to April 🧤☃️🧣Swipe to see the rest of the amazing goodies she gifted me...I am still swooning over the damele and picture jasper cabs 🤩 Thank you so much, again, Jen!! Go give her a peep-n-follow, peeps >>> #doyouevengrrrlgang #grrrlgangapproved #GGWinterrrExchange2018

Little bog-wood shelves 🧟‍♂️ You might have caught me oiling up these fellas in my story the other day or recognize them from the eye 👁 pendant post. My husband made these bog-wood shelves years ago and when I went digging through our wood stash the other day I found them. They had never been finished, so I did a walnut oil rub 👋 They are now displaying objet d’knick-knacks and finally out of the cold cupboard in the garage 🥶 This wood is likely from the 1800s. Bog-wood is wood that is found in peat bogs in the early stages of fossilization...this particular bog-wood was rescued from being tossed in a dumpster 🗑 Swipe to see the beautiful color banding 🤩 #bogwood #woodsmith #woodworking #salvagedwood

It’s the LAST DAY of the @doyouevengrrrlgang WINTERRR IS COMING Holiday Auction ❄️ My item ends promptly at 7:30 PM CST, so get those bids in ⏰ LAST BID WINS...good luck 🍀 #doyouevengrrrlgang #grrrlgangapproved #winterrriscoming #winterrriscoming2018 #winterrriscomingauction

The @doyouevengrrrlgang WINTERRR IS COMING Holiday Auction is in full swing...swing on over and check out all of the winterrry wonderrrs ❄️ #doyouevengrrrlgang #grrrlgangapproved #winterrriscoming #winterrriscoming2018 #winterrriscomingauction

This s-WEE-t little cuff is for my grand-niece and it’s so cute and wee that I am all 🤩 over how it turned out!! Peep my “story” to see the “village” of upside-down tools it took to form it 🙃🔨 (Archived under “WIPs”)...and swipe to see more pics 🤗 Now my niece can get her bracelet back 😆 #metalsmith #snagmember #riojeweler #toddlercuffbracelet #startemstackingyoung #iamaGREATaunt

The WINTERRR IS COMING Holiday Auction has begun!! This little 🦊 is available!! Go to @doyouevengrrrlgang to learn more about this piece and to see all of the amazing jewels and tools up for the bidding 💍🧰 [SWIPE for glamour shots] #winterrriscoming #winterrriscoming2018 #winterrriscomingauction

Let that special someone that they’re the 🍎 of your 👁 this holiday season!! These handstamped Sterling silver 👁 pendant necklaces have just been listed!! All LCxBM items come shipped ready to 🎁 #metalsmith #snagmember #riojeweler #eyependants #eyenecklace #thirdeye #evileye #eyecantbelieveitstheholidayseasonalready

The @doyouevengrrrlgang WINTERRR IS COMING Holiday Auction is here ❄️ The auction begins TONIGHT at 7:00 PM CST and runs through Sunday, December 9 ❄️ I will be auctioning this special handstamped 🦊 pendant that features a sweet little translucent dendritic opal charm!! I will post detail pics here after my piece opens at @doyouevengrrrlgang!! Make sure you are following so you don’t miss this opportunity to score some wintery goodness ❄️ #metalsmith #dendriticopal #foxpendant #doyouevengrrrlgang #grrrlgangapproved #winterrriscoming2018 #winterrriscoming #winterrriscomingauction

Does this 4.8” tire make me look fat? You bet it does ☃️ First legit single track ride of the season ❄️🚲❄️ #mtbmetalsmith #mountainbikingmetalsmith #fatbikingmetalsmith #fattire #morewomenonfatbikes #ineedtofigureoutthelayers #ineedsnowpantsthatstretch

#WhereDoesTheTimeGoWednesday 🤷‍♀️⏳ We got this sweet little cuff for my daughter at my favorite ABQ shop, @palmstrading, when we did a round-trip road trip from LAS to CHI back in two thousand niiiiine 🤔 Every time I pull it out I am baffled by how small it is 😲 I am using it to size a special cuff for my darling grand-niece who has likely accelerated how time flies for my amazing niece, @mslaikenwilliams 🗓🚀...PS, she’s fab...give ‘er a follow 🤗 #metalsmith #momsmith #timeflieswhenyourehavingkids

Why’d I think it was already #WIPwednesday?! 🤦‍♀️ Ugh. It’s only Tuesday...tooozzzday!! Maybe the 2* temps earlier froze my brain 🥶 These little 🐰 have been sitting on my bench patiently waiting to come to life, alas I still have some things in the queue...and pickle pot...ahead of them ⚒ #WIP #metalsmith #metalsmithproblems #metalsmithsketches #snagmember #dendriticopal #deepwinter #hareandmoon

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