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  Born to love sorry about that. NEPTUNE TATTOO 😘🌹🌡

Fire weeds on a radical girl @jdnfrio thank you so much this was so chill and it was wonderful meeting you !! 🌹😘🌡

Moon phases are chill . I like doing tattoos like this . I hope you enjoy it as well . 🌡😘🌹 @neptunetattoo

Thanks Rachel this was mental and it was wonderful meeting you ! 🌹🌡😘

If we don't have each other, we don't have anything.
S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders 🌹🌡😘 @neptunetattoo

🌹😘🌡 this was chill . Have a wonderful weekend .

Thanks Courtny ! Nice meeting you this was chill . 😘🌹🌡

Got time to make radical tats today. And @damion_deleon smile is so precious we only show it in real life . Photo bye the famous @_jeans . 😘🌹🌡 @neptunetattoo

πŸ’ thanks so much Arielle ! This was so radical and it was wonderful meeting you ! 😘🌹🌡 @neptunetattoo

Made this tattoo on the nicest lady ever a little while back and I would love to do more stuff like this !! Thanks so much have a wonderful day ! 😘🌡🌹 @togetherweroam @neptunetattoo

Thanks so much Deborah Anne this was so chill and your such a nice girl ! Best of luck with everything great meeting you ! 🌹😘🌡 @neptunetattoo

On a really nice kid! Thanks so much for looking ! 😘🌹🌡

🌢 chill . 🌹😘🌡