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Melanie Martinez  ♡CRYBABY♡

If you don't like pop surrealism you probably won't like me. If you can't understand that visual art has a deeper meaning and you only look at it for face value you probably won't get my work. If you can't understand that crybaby is a character, that the first record is representative of her childhood, and If you sexualize female pop artists on the daily you'll say I "sexualize babies." If you can't understand why someone would bring up mental health, growing pains from childhood to adolescence , family issues, and other uncomfortable topics we never hear about in pop music, you will probably just throw my music and art away as something that "glamorizes mental health issues" even though most of the people that resonate with my work Deal with these things on a day to day and someone needs to be there for them. So here I am. If you have issues with my music and art and judge it so harshly to the point of making up your own reason as to what my intentions where when making it, you should just stop watching it. Because quite frankly, you. Just. Don't. Get. It.

💕mad hatter💕
the finale of 13 self written/directed/styled videos from the crybaby album.
In this video my stuffed animals represent the few genuine friends in my life and their constant ability time and time again to support me in being myself even when I’m forced to be in environments where I’m told and expected to fit a specific mold.

Ascendant: Scorpio
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Taurus
Venus: Aries
Mars: Leo
Jupiter: Sagittarius
Saturn: Pisces
Uranus: Aquarius
Neptune: Capricorn
Pluto: Scorpio
N. node: Scorpio
S. node: Taurus
Chiron: Virgo *this is my astrology chart*
Now ya know me🐣







Manifesting the shit out of this new moon in Taurus



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