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LittleBlueBirdToys  CLOSED DURING THE POSTAL STRIKE Specializing in hand made bird toys for small parrots. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ I ship worldwide!

Sparti and all his winnings from @bumbletheparrotlet giveaway!! @Regran_ed from @sparti_parti - Today another package was delivered to Sparti from @littlebluebirdtoys in Canada! :D This was the second gift card Sparti won from @bumbletheparrotlet #Bumble2K drawing! Sparti just loves his new toys!! πŸ€— Thanks Little Blue Bird Toys and Bumble!! πŸ’™πŸ’š Glad we received this package before the Canadian postal strike too. - #regrann

Bad new everyone. Canada post has moved to go on strike starting on a rotation basis as of Monday. For the orders I currently have, they will be mailed out tomorrow. There may be some delays but they should be delivered. If you would rather cancel the order, please let me know! I will be closing down the checkout of the store immediately.

The little blue bird behind the name. 😍😍😍 I also have 4 beavers, I mean budgies and 2 miniature car horns that are actually zebra finches. None of my birds go any where near the stock or toys I make but they sure reap the rewards of having a bazillion toys

Side mount prototype heading into my budgies cage! I really like side mounts. Even though they have flight cages, I find hanging toys really clutter their space.

Who is a fan of sola?!! 😁😁😍

I have 12 birdie baggages back in stock! I don't know if I'll be able to get more any time soon after these sell out unfortunately. 😞😞

For the serious chewers! 4 pine slices, 8 pine squares and 3 corn husk puffs! The Puff Daddy! Thanks to @eightisaflock for the name idea!

Birdie baggage will be back in stock soon!!! Quantities will be limited and I have no idea if I can get them back in stock 😭😭

Few new toys are up on my web site! I also have the birdie caves back in stock both small and medium size and have a bunch of toys on sale!

Christmas toys will be coming in November!

I now have an On sale category! More toys will be added soon so I can get rid of slow sellers to make room for more new toys!

Spent the day cutting and dyeing wood. New toys are coming!! I'll be making more medium leather huts soon as well. Just waiting for parts to come in.

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