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Kathryn  21| Wifey @jfit180💍 Student PTA 📚 Helping women reach their fitness goals & build a relationship with Jesus💗 ✖️ @pescience @paragonfitwear

Hey babes💗 (GIVEAWAY BELOW!)
So so so excited to share with y’all that I’m in a Physical Therapist Assistant program 🤓🙏🏼
This is something I’ve wanted to share since I got accepted this summer but kept it to myself and close family..but Ive been asked countless times about what I’m going to school for so I thought I’d share 🙈
UGGH I’m so happy y’all. My main goal in LIFE is to help people & use the gifts that God has provided me to make a difference in others lives.😭🙏🏼..
Pursuing a career that I LOVE & am so passionate about sets my heart on fire. I also hope that by bringing awareness to this may inspire someone else to pursue their dreams & what they’re passionate about!💕
-Wearing Paragon’s new sweatshirt size small for that oversized fit.
1. Follow @paragonfitwear & @littleandfit_
2. Like this photo
3. Comment what you’re going to school for/ or what your profession is! 👩🏽‍⚕️
I’ll choose one winner tomorrow morning and they will receive one FREE @paragonfitwear item of their choice!😍 Also tune into my IG story later tonight for Paragons deals & giveaways!💕

It’s SO true when they say you’ll never regret a workout..🙊 Had an awesome full body session💪🏼 During this season I’ve decreased my training to 3-4 days max & that’s what’s working for me right now! I’m currently following my 8-week fall guide (linked in bio) & it’s helping me stay on track. Do you ever feel like your health & fitness gets put on the back burner when you have a million things going on? GIRL (or guy) I FEEL YOU! School has been sooo intense lately and working out has honestly kept me sane lol. Anyways, you should always make your health a priority & I know it can be a struggle but you got this! I’m not saying you need to work out six days a week and eat nothing but clean have to find a balance and see what works best for you. Maybe you enjoy cycling, working out, swimming, running, etc. Find something that you enjoy & stick to it 👍🏼 Your health matters, make it a priority 💗

Happy Monday babes! 😍💪🏼 Hope you all have had an amazing day so far. Monday’s are by far the busiest day for me so I took a much needed break & then got to reviewing for an upcoming exam 🤗 I have a decent amount of exams/skill exams these next two weeks and it can be stressful but fam just keeping my eyes on the goal and my “why” helps me stay motivated to study and prepare well for them! So if you’re feeling stressed because of school, work, family ETC...YOU GOT THIS! Believe in yourself, stay positive, and have faith that Gods got you when you prepare yourself 🙏🏼💕 ps I posted some workout clips from my upper body day & a link to my 8-week guide 💪🏼

@pescience Cinnamon Delight Vegan Protein🌱 $24.99 per tub for ALL Vegan Select flavors with code LITTLEANDFIT 💗 -
Who’s it for? •Anyone (esp my vegan friends, if you follow a plant based diet, or dairy free friends) 😍
What is it? •A brown rice & pea protein blend; not the same texture as Pesciences normal whey/casein blend!
This blend provides all of the essential amino acids that we need😋 It has super clean ingredients and is sweetened with stevia.
What does it taste like?
The taste and texture are more natural tasting than our original Select
Those are the deets babes! I usually use protein to help me increase my protein intake because I struggle getting enough protein 😩 so this could help you if you struggle as well!

Hope you had a great Wednesday loves😍 Ya girl is winding down for the night & I’ve been LOVING journaling recently. I’ve always journaled prayers & how I feel but recently I’ve allowed myself to be so raw and not have any reservations. God knows me from the inside out so why try to hold anything back? It’s SO FREEING! I’d highly encourage you to try it 💗 What does your “unwind” night time routine look like? ps jeans are tagged!

Tank & mom jeans..I’m living for it😍✌🏼GIVEAWAYS CLOSED!!!💗
For a hot minutoooo I haven’t felt like posting to IG & it’s been a combination of not knowing exactly where to go with my content, not feeling connected to my writing (I feel like I can better express myself through video as oppose to writing), & lack of inspiration 😩..but here I am to say hi & that I hope you have a blessed day.
Hopefully I’ll find the inspiration to create more content. I said this a while ago on stories...but although I love health and fitness and I loveee working out..the gym isn’t my entire life and I feel like when that’s all I post about that’s what it seems like 😅 I’m trying to find ways to incorporate all areas of my life on my platform 💗🙏🏼🙌🏼 -
I just want to say thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for being so loving and supportive though. Y’all are amazing. Thank you for following my journey. Thank you for sticking around..I appreciate you 😭💕
✨For those who read ALL the way through I’m gonna do a GIVEAWAY for you!!😍🍂 Going to choose TWO people to get my fall guide for F R E E💪🏼💕
1. Follow me
2. Comment 1 thing you’re grateful for OR why you follow me & my journey 💗
That’s it! Choosing two winners 9.9.18!!✨

I’ve been a weee bit MIA & that’s bc the Fall semester started for me on Monday! 🙈🍁 Are you back in school? Let me knoww👇🏼
I’m still trying to adapt & figure out how to balance my schedule. I get asked on the dailyyyy how I balance it all and y’all I don’t have it all together! I’m still adjusting to my new schedule. My best advice is to prioritize wisely.👍🏼 What’s most important? Prioritize that! Utilize a planner..color code..write every important date out so you don’t miss or forget anything. 🤗 -
With this transition into a more demanding season Im still making sure I set aside time for God, my husband/& family, & my own personal health/fitness goals. I love spending time with Jesus in the morning and reading a devotional or my Bible, journaling, or listening to worship music🙏🏼 The hubs & I have planned a date night once every two weeks for “us time”💗 ps all of our fav shows (agents of shield, flash, super girl (my fav) etc are coming back so we’ll set time aside to just hang & watch a show!
I’ve cut my training schedule back to 4 days compared to 6 & I’m luurrvinggg it! I get to the gym, do what I have to..& then jet. This is what’s most optimal for me during this season. -
✨Ps if you’re a student or someone who’s super busy with work/family etc my fall guide will have a 4 day workout split so this would be perfect for you🤗 (check out my ‘Fall guide’ highlight on my page for more details)!✨
Okay welp that’s all from me at the moment..I’d love to know who’s back in school this semester or who graduated?! & how do you balance everything in a more demanding season?🤗
Ps swipey to see my fav snacks for when I’m on the go! -You can save 15% off any order with code littleandfit get yourself some protein bars 😋👍🏼-
-Do more tee from @paragonfitwear save with code littleandfit-💗

Shoulders & glutes🔥💪🏼 don’t forget to Like & SAVE IT😍
✖️Rope face pulls ✖️Machine Rear delt flies ✖️Seated Abduction ✖️Lateral raises ✖️Cable squats ✖️Lotssss of db frog pumps & glute bridges .

This was a quick workout I did yesterday 💪🏼🙌🏼 —
Sometimes it just feels so good to move & get a sweat in! ✨ -
Ps reppin bae @aaronrodgers12 😍 who’s hypeddd for football season?! 💚💛
#littleandfit #gopackgo #aaronrodgers

C O M P A R I S O N 😳

If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in the comparison game & feeling like you’re not good enough compared to x,y,or z..Stop right there! Stop putting yourself through the torture of comparing yourself. It is the thief of joy. When you’re constantly looking at ‘her’ or whoever you’re comparing yourself to you’re letting your life pass by without taking action to work on being your highest self.
Aspire to be your best self not x,y, or z’s version of their best self..God made you uniquely & wonderfully..embrace that 🙏🏼😊. You literally only have one life babes and one body, so nourish it, love it, & go chase your dreams✌🏼💗✨ Ps @paragonfitwear is having a MASSIVE sale rn! 3pm EST 😍
Get your links ready (you can use the link in my bio) & have your Paypal or card info ready as well! 😳
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GOOD LUCK & happy shopping 😘

Happy Friday loves 😍💪🏼 -
What are you up to tonight?(:
I’m gonna send out my last batch of emails for the 1 week free trial, play fortnite with the hubs, & then FB live with my clients😍🎊 -
Ps these @pescience sports bras are my fav! + they’re comfy & cheap with code LITTLEANDFIT ✨💙 (I’m a size medium)

Just left Mass!🙏🏼💕 Mass was SO beautiful. Celebrating the Assumption of our Blessed Mother💗 Mary is such an inspiration. I never knew about this Holy Day until this year..thank you to my @blessedisshe__ planner 👍🏼 ..Hope you all have a blessed day 🤗

Back day 😍💪🏼 L I K E & SAVE IT 💪🏼
If you want a 1 week FREE trail of my summer guide workouts make sure to sign up for my mailing list which is linked in my bio 🤗 (ps if you signed up last night until now the free trial won’t be sent out until later so patience pls 💗).
Exercises shown: -💪🏼Seated single arm cable rows -💪🏼Single Arm Hammer strength rows
-💪🏼Hammer strength lat pull downs
-💪🏼Prone DB rows SS bicep curls -💪🏼Assisted pull ups. Trying to get strong again with these so I add in things like slow eccentrics & isometric holds👍🏼

✨ (or click the link in bio) for my 8 & 6 week guides.💪🏼 Sign up for my mailing list on my’ll get 1 week free of workouts + a discount code for my 6 week summer guide! ✨@pescience & @paragonfitwear code littleandfit saves you $$😍

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