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Good morning my loves💗
Stop what you’re doing and say three things that you’re grateful for (out loud, paper, your iPhone notes)...did ya do it? I hope so 🤗 by adding this little dose of gratitude to your daily routine can help improve 1. Your mood 2. Your perspective on life!
Maybe it’s cheesy? But I personally love doing it.
A few things I’m grateful for:
1️⃣My merciful loving God 🙏🏼💗
2️⃣Waking Up this morning
3️⃣The opportunity to get an education
4️⃣Coffee😴☕️ can’t forget the coffee lol!
I’d love for you to share what you’re grateful for below ⬇️💗 (outfit: @paragonfitwear crop top discount code is littleandfit 🤗 & @lululemon aligns)

Pt2 from yesterday’s leg day 🔥
✖️Cable hip extension. Such a staple for every leg day. I typically perform this exercise towards the end of my workouts and keep the rep ranges between 15-20+ 👌🏼
✖️Cable squats. I feeeel my glutes & quads on fire with dis one 😅😩 Did these two as a superset so back to back with no rest in between! —————————————————————————- Outfit: @paragonfitwear cropped hoodie in the color sesame size small (discount code: Littleandfit) & @lululemon align leggings

Leg dayyyy🙌🏼
Sumo deadlifts
1️⃣Okay so I’ve been working on my form with these & y’all during the second rep I legit lost my balance 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ I could’ve easily allowed that to prevent me to keep going but in that moment I told myself “okay girl it’s alright you got this just keep trying” SOOO that’s what I did and that’s what I’ll keep doing until I get my form down 👌🏼 I left in the clip of me losing my balance to show you that everyone starts somewhere..no ones perfect and it takes time & dedication to master a lift/skill/classes ETC☺️ ps if you have any form tips I’m all ears but be respectful bc being rude gets ya know where 👏🏼
2️⃣Smith machine Static lunges. These can be done with a pre loaded bar, dumbbells, or the smith machine as shown👌🏼
Outfit: @paragonfitwear cropped hoodie in the color sesame size small (discount code: Littleandfit) & @lululemon align leggings
Ps I am obsessed with this song 😍😭

Happy Sunday🙏🏼💘
You guys!! I tried on my wedding dress yesterday & all I can say is WOW. 😭 The dress is STUNNING & I can’t wait for @jfit180 to see me walking down the aisle in it 👰🏽🤵🏽 It’s getting sooo real y’all..were almost there! I’m so excited to be entering a new chapter in my life with my best friend/soul mate & the Lord. Is anyone else getting married this year??🙋🏽‍♀️💍 ...It still blows my mind that I get to share pieces of my life with all of you..the amount of loving and supportive dms I got yesterday when I posted about trying on the dress was unreal❤️ THANK YOU guys for your love and support!! You are SO appreciated. Keep your head high and have an amazing day ☺️

Some back day staples 😍💪🏼👌🏼 -
1️⃣Assisted wide grip pull ups
2️⃣Assisted chin ups
3️⃣Wide grip lat pulldowns
4️⃣OH pushdowns -
Love all of these 😍🙌🏼
What are your favorite back exercises?! I love training back bc makes me feel empowered 👏🏼 hope you guys are having an awesome day so farrr💛 I’ve been productive as heck today which is a win for me. Now it’s time for the gym💪🏼 #backday #backworkout #workoutvideo #fitness

Happy Tuesday lovelies 💛 Took my @pescience prolific to get motivated & energized to train! I only take this occasionally but when I do it does it’s job 😩👏🏼 [use code LITTLEANDFIT at checkout to save 30% off 💘] -
The endorphin high was real post workout and it reminded me of why I love working out 😍 I love feeling and looking my best. Currently training 5x a week & going to start implementing HIIT cardio for my new goals 👌🏼 Why do you love working out? Let me know 🤗 -
Outfit: @paragonfitwear cropped hoodie (sz small) & Augusta leggings (sz XS) Im obsessed with the quality of this line 😍👏🏼 You can also use code LITTLEANDFIT to save on their site as well💛

Was feeling SO confident & amazing in this new @paragonfitwear outfit💃🏽
[discount code: LITTLEANDFIT]❤️
The leg workout had my peach & legs on fireee👌🏼😩
✖️DB rdls to target the hammies ✖️Cable hip extension (cable kickbacks) Whatever you prefer to call it:) I bought this new ankle strap (brand is brinx) and I absolutely love it!! I feel this exercise so much more in my glutes🙊 This exercise targets the gluteus Maximus btw! ✖️Curtsy lunges to target the quads&glutes. Loveee these, haven’t done them in a while but I need to start implementing them more often 😍🙌🏼 ✖️Banded glute bridges with a slight elevation 👏🏼 I removed the band and went straight into single leg! For the single leg I feel it in my glutes but there’s also a lot of hamstring activation ☺️
Try these exercises out on your next leg day & let me know what you think 💘
-outfit: @paragonfitwear sz small in top & XS in bottom. Discount code: LITTLEANDFIT ❤️
Song: @zedd -The middle (ESH remix)
-@pescience discount code: LITTLEANDFIT ♥️

Felt like I crushed today’s glute & quad workout! Ahhh per usual I only have a few clips😩 sorry y’all it’s so hard for me to film myself & when I don’t have my fiancé it’s awk to ask random ppl 😂 Does anyone else struggle with this?
Exercises shown ⬇️
✖️Reverse lunges. You can use a pre-loaded bar as shown, DBs, Smith machine etc! You can alternate legs the way I did, do one leg @ a time, or do static lunges (staying in place)! Do what feels best for you 🤗 (ps did y’all hear the lady who was filming me?😂👏🏼)
✖️KB goblet squats. I did a superset with these & leg extensions. I did my right leg, then left, & then double. Let’s just say my quads were toast after that 💀 #rip ps I made sure to wash these leggings bc I wanted to wear them for leg day!
Outfit: @paragonfitwear “Do More” crop top & @lululemon align leggings 💘 Paragon is releasing their new collection Sunday sooo get ready 😍 everything is so perf 😭 make sure to use my code LITTLEANDFIT to save 💰👏🏼

Snippet of my back day that left me sore as heck😭💪🏼
I love training upper body bc it makes me feel empowered & strong✨
This is what I did⬇️
✖️Assisted scapular retractions during my warm up
✖️Wide grip assisted pull ups
✖️Lat pull downs SS OH lat push downs ✖️Single arm DB row
✖️Tbar rows (a few reps shown with bae helping me w manual resistance during the eccentric portion of the exercise) 😩 bruh I died 😳
✖️Back extensions with rows (I could’ve gone heavier but these plates were right next to me sooo🤷🏽‍♀️)
Try this simple but effective workout 💪🏼 Plan the sets/reps according to your goals 🙊
Outfit: crop top: F21 leggings: Lululemon —————————————————————
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Good morning beautiful ppl!
“It’s a good day, to have a good day”.
Loveee this quote from one of my mugs 😩👏🏼 (I have a mug obsession btw)..
Start off your day grateful heart & a positive perspective. I love starting my mornings with a cup of coffee & Gods word, but if I’m short on time I jam my worship music to get me in a happy mood✨ Do what works for you & get going 🤗 Also y’all let’s try to be nice to others today..you never know what someone may or may not be going through. This is SO easier said than done but it’s oh so worth it 🙌🏼☺️ ps that trash can...why😅

Sooo this was the only clip I got from my leg day Saturday🙊
✖️Elevated KB sumo squats. Quick tip..I only used a riser on ea side to help me get a little deeper into the squat. You can use two benches or risers as shown ☺️👍🏼
QUESTION: do y’all like to see workout vids?! What about them do you like? What do you want to see with mine?
Serious question..I want to serve y’all better through my platform 🤗
Outfit: lululemon sports bra, @ptula crop top, & @paragonfitwear allure leggings. YALL get hyped they’re releasing the new cropped hoodies, long sleeve crops & new leggings on the 11th 😭 Use code LITTLEANDFIT to save 💘♥️
WWW.LITTLEANDFIT.NET for my $50 8 week plan (training, nutritional guidance, cardio recommendations, & PRIVATE fb group)♥️💪🏼

@paragonfitwear & @pescience CODE: LITTLEANDFIT saves you 💸💘

Happy Tuesday friends♥️ Made sure to sip on my BCAAs intra workout to help with recovery & to keep me hydrated! S W I P E to see my go-to flavor as well 🤪💘 - So on another note..I’m feeling so grateful today y’all 😭 it was raining & so bleh earlier & after i completed my workout the Sun was out & it felt cool/breezy ☀️ Idk just something about the weather made me feel so happy inside & I spent time in Gods word outside bc it was tooo beautiful not to😩🙏🏼💓 It’s the little things 🙈..hope y’all have an amazing day & if you’re not try to find a few things that you’re grateful for to help change your mindset! LYSM 🤗 (ps code LITTLEANDFIT saves you money on @pescience) ♥️

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