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Kathryn  God⚓️ 21| Married to @jfit180💍 Faith & Fitness🙏🏼 ✖️ @pescience @paragonfitwear athlete ✖️Summer promo is on sale👇🏼💪🏼

Happy Friday loves 😍💪🏼 -
What are you up to tonight?(:
I’m gonna send out my last batch of emails for the 1 week free trial, play fortnite with the hubs, & then FB live with my clients😍🎊 -
Ps these @pescience sports bras are my fav! + they’re comfy & cheap with code LITTLEANDFIT ✨💙 (I’m a size medium)

Just left Mass!🙏🏼💕 Mass was SO beautiful. Celebrating the Assumption of our Blessed Mother💗 Mary is such an inspiration. I never knew about this Holy Day until this year..thank you to my @blessedisshe__ planner 👍🏼 ..Hope you all have a blessed day 🤗

Back day 😍💪🏼 L I K E & SAVE IT 💪🏼
If you want a 1 week FREE trail of my summer guide workouts make sure to sign up for my mailing list which is linked in my bio 🤗 (ps if you signed up last night until now the free trial won’t be sent out until later so patience pls 💗).
Exercises shown: -💪🏼Seated single arm cable rows -💪🏼Single Arm Hammer strength rows
-💪🏼Hammer strength lat pull downs
-💪🏼Prone DB rows SS bicep curls -💪🏼Assisted pull ups. Trying to get strong again with these so I add in things like slow eccentrics & isometric holds👍🏼

✨ (or click the link in bio) for my 8 & 6 week guides.💪🏼 Sign up for my mailing list on my’ll get 1 week free of workouts + a discount code for my 6 week summer guide! ✨@pescience & @paragonfitwear code littleandfit saves you $$😍

Good morning & happy Monday babes!
Do you struggle with being productive? Bc SAME😳 It can be so frustrating when all you’re trying to do is get work done but you keep getting distracted.🤔
What helps me is ✨Writing out all of my tasks in my planner (Planners are LIFE SAVERS for me) & I prioritize what needs to get done first.
_ ✨Staying OFF my phone! I put it on Do Not Disturb & if I want music on in the background I use my computer or laptop. I only use it for a timer which leads me to my next tip!
_ ✨Short intervals of of 25mins and stay focused 🤓 then I’ll give myself a 5 min break but sometimes I just get in the flow & I stop when I’m ready to. I learned about this on YouTube almost 2 years ago & it’s changed the game for studying & work! 👏🏼😩 _

Did these tips help you? Or inspire you to be more productive today? Let me know in the comment section! 🤗
Ps if you’re ever out on the go these @pescience protein bars come in handy as the perfect snack 😋😋 use code: LITTLEANDFIT to save 💗

Hope you all had an amazing weekend 😍

I just spent some time with the fam..weekends are usually just V chill for me with minimal work. #babygrandma 👵🏻 I love watching Netflix bc my husband hogs the tv for his games 😂...What’s your fav tv show or movie on Netflix?! I finished Greys & now I’m on to new girl and I like it so far! Send me some recommendations 🤗
Ps I have something V exciting coming for y’all and I’ll be posting about it on my story first so stay tuned! 💪🏼 - ✨ (or click the link in bio) for my 8 & 6 week workout guides.💪🏼
@pescience & @paragonfitwear code littleandfit saves you money!

As you may or may not know..I’ve struggled with acne since I was in middle school (I’m now 21) and my skin has FINALLY started clearing up😭
I used to cake on the make up to ‘hide’ my acne and little did I know I was just making it worse 😩 So last year around March or so? I stopped wearing make up (besides special occasions) id only wear brows & mascara! My face was able to BREATHE! Now I currently have lash extensions so I only have to slightly fill in my brows & that’s it. It’s taken a long time to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin and that truly started when I put it in God’s hands..I started seeing myself how HE sees me..I stopped tearing myself down and just embraced how I looked. God created each one of us uniquely & wonderfully & in HIS image🙏🏼 When I wholeheartedly believed this truth I was set free from the really harsh thoughts I had regarding my self worth & beauty. If you struggle with acne (any kind) you are beautiful. You are loved. You are not “ugly”!!! Embrace who you are sister. God loves you (& remember he looks at the heart 😘💗)! - ✖️As for the actual routine:
✨Neutragena acne wash at night & witch hazel toner in the morning
✨Clinique moisturizer ✨Mario badesque drying lotion (when needed) -

In addition to this I make sure to drink tons of water & eat nutrient dense foods 🤗 -
Tag a friend who needs to read this 💗💗💗

Couldn’t resist going for that second kiss😘💗
Just finished greys season 14...& I want to get married all over again😭😭😭✨ @jfit180 🙏🏼💗 #married #catholicwedding

Last night I was not feeling it but I went to the gym anyways bc I know what I have to do to reach my goals. Your goals aren’t going to reach themselves loves you have to work towards them..even on the days you don’t feel like it. I promise you’ll be SO proud of yourself when you push through👏🏼🤗 ——-
✨My current physique goals are to GROW..everywhere 💪🏼😍 sooo that means I need to be in a caloric surplus aka eating more food! I’ll be bulking until March or April next year👀
What are your current physique goals ATM?! I’d love to hear! ——-
✨ (or click the link in bio) for my 8 & 6 week guides.💪🏼 Swipey to see the sale for my 6 week summer promo & dm me if you have any questions! Or send me an email through the email button on my page!
@pescience & @paragonfitwear code littleandfit saves you $$.

Leggies! Like & SAVE it😍💪🏼
Loved this workout & was sore for a few days 😩😩 try it out & let me know what you think! Comment a ‘💪🏼’ if you want to see more workout vids 🤗
▪️Barbell hip thrusts. Trying to get stronger on these💪🏼 Sets of 6 with an iso hold on the last rep!
▪️Barbell hip thrusts: drop the weight & did a set of 30 #ouch 😳
▪️DB wide stance squats add in pulses at the end for a killer burn!!
▪️Elevated curtsy lunges SS with body weight. Going slow and controlled to feel the stretch in my glutes at the bottom of the exercise. ✖️GLUTE BURNOUT✖️
▫️Lateral banded walks
▫️Banded cha chas
▫️Banded kickbacks (not filmed) ——-
✨ (or click the link in bio) for my 8 & 6 week guides.
@pescience & @paragonfitwear code littleandfit saves you $$.
✖️Song: High without your love-Loote

Monday vibes✨
I used to DREAD Monday’s..I felt like they were the worst bc the weekend was over and it was time to get to work & check everything off my to-do list. Does anyone else feel that way? Like you’re dreading a new week bc of everything you have to get done? I feel youuu😩 it sucked feeling that way. But the way I try to approach a new week is seeing that there’s new opportunities! New opportunities to love on the people closest to me, grow in my business, chip away at the things I need to do, work towards my fitness goals, & enjoy life tbh 🙊 Try to approach each day (even Monday’s) with a grateful heart & an open mind. Don’t bombard yourself with your to-do list..choose your top three things you need to get done that day and take it one task at a time. So let’s push away those “ugh it’s Monday” thoughts & start each day with gratitude & make the most out of your opportunities 🤗💕
Ps Paragon launch is live & consists of
✖️Muscle tees
✖️Do more tees
✖️Paragon tanks
✖️Medina joggers for women
Use code LITTLEANDFIT to save $$ & watch my IG story to see how you can enter my giveaway!!💗

Hello beautiful peeps🤗💗✨
Yesterday was the first day I’ve EVER felt confident in front of the camera. Taking selfies and mirror pics is easy IMO but getting in front of the camera with someone else on the other side? That was terrifying for me. But yesterday I was allowing myself to just be me and I stopped trying to put myself on this pedestal of looking and being perfect. I am not perfect. I never will be. When you embrace who you are and just shake off what you think you should will be more fun ☺️
So my tip of the day is to just be YOU! Wholeheartedly love yourself & embrace who you are 💕 ——-
Tag a friend who needs to hear this 👏🏼💗✨
Ps this tank is from the new @paragonfitwear launch happening this Monday at 3pm EST! I wear an XS in all of the tops..use code littleandfit to save!

Loving life with you. 💕 @jfit180

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