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Chase Marks  ... there is only this moment ...

I wrote this for Tom Hill. My brother in law and my friend. You will always be in my heart.

One day my eldest will ask me where is Uncle Tom? 'He fell asleep he's in heaven now', I could say. But in the mind of a child where is heaven ?
What does it look like ? Can you hear music ? How does it feel ?
What if heaven could be something we could see. And it's closer then we think.
Is It what we feel when we see the good in the world ? When we love and feel loved. When we have great devotions and stories to tell.
If that could be what we see when we think of heaven. Then I know where Uncle Tom will be. He'll be in that place between sleep and awake where nothing is quite real.
In the moments we laughed with him so hard we cried. In the stories we will tell of him. Memories of jokes and silly banta. In the photos of when we got together. All the times we need now to remember.
He'll be there every time we tell our children to live for today because tomorrow is too late. He will be Just Too Far away to feel the warmth of his body. To hear the sound of his voice. But close enough to always be here in our hearts.
Little Marksy

Life isn't always sunshine and smiles. Its hard work and it moves so quickly sometimes it's a blur. If we don't stop for a moment to appreciate it we'll end up just looking back at it. Because it would have already passed us by. Don't be the person who's on the outside looking into what a great life they have. Stop for a minute and just be right in the middle of it. Then tell the world to keep turning. Because I'm not going anywhere! #poetdontknowit #harveyboy

Shepard's be warned. #southfleet #sunrise #morningsky

Asked Jasper to get dressed, came back and found this... #boyhood

Life is Beautiful. Yeah ?

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