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Little Nightmares  The official #LittleNightmares Instagram. ESRB Rating TEEN: Blood, Violence. PEGI 16+ Violence. Out now on#PC #PS4 #XboxOne & #NintendoSwitch!

Time to test your memory, children! Tell us which two cards are Six and you could win a copy of #LittleNightmares for the #NintendoSwitch!

Art is a struggle; a painful, agonizing struggle where most who attempt it fail miserably. But once in a while, you just stumble upon masterpieces like this one… #LittleNightmares

That moment when you pause to wonder if what you were running from is honestly worse than what lies ahead. #LittleNightmares

Just stuff everything under the bed, no one will know! #LittleNightmares

It's no trick, the original #LittleNightmares soundtrack is finally available on your favorite streaming music platforms for #Halloween! Get it on @Deezer, @AppleMusic, @Spotify and more.

So many hungry mouths to feed, but where do they all come from? The creators of #littlenightmares from @TarsierStudios share their opinions.

The Maw nestles in the dark of the sea, gentle cacophonies rattling within its metal hide as it turns with the tide. #LittleNightmares​

If you think these two might be a reference to the famous twins, you ought to say so, but contrariwise, if you think they aren’t, you should say that instead. That’s logic. #LittleNightmares

Wearing this shirt might not protect you from the eyes in the dark, but it could confuse them long enough for you to slip away. #LittleNightmares #LinkInBio

Playtime! Today our game is hide and seek. Tell us where you found Six for a chance to win a copy of Little Nightmares! Look carefully, hiding is one of her best skills. #LittleNightmares

Capturing the beauty of a rotting fish head as it offered to the Granny… We can honestly say that CaimRyo pulled it off perfectly! #LittleNightmares #Inktober

Little stories are told within the Maw every day. Look carefully, and you may see them. #LittleNightmares

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