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Little Nightmares  The critically-acclaimed charming horror that will confront you with your childhood fears. On #PC #PS4 #XboxOne & #NintendoSwitch! 💛 #LittleNightmares

What’s your favorite Janitor quirk? His groping fingers, his rattling gasps, or his jaunty hat? #LittleNightmares

Watch your step, death lurks at every corner in the Maw. Or you could just keep entertaining me by dying over and over! #LittleNightmares

Escape the Maw with style! With the Pac-Man amiibo, you can unlock the in-game Pakku mask, cute and creepy at the same time!
Children, get ready for the #LittleNightmares experience, coming to #NintendoSwitch May 18!

Ok children, it’s time to have some fun! Can you tell me which cards hide the amazing in-game Fox Mask? Answer correctly and you might win it! #LittleNightmares

So, next on Fan Art Class… Hey you in the back! If there’s something funny why don’t you share it with the whole class? #LittleNightmares

All you will find in the maw are friendly people, tasty food and comfortable rooms. Just take my word for it, you don’t need to look at these pictures! #LittleNightmares

You definitely heard something, but your parents didn’t believe you. I guess now you must look under the bed yourself. Will you, child? #LittleNightmares

All in all, this field trip seems to have been a success… discover what the other kids have to say about it! #LittleNightmares

Darkness has its benefits, children, and exploration its charms. Listen to the sounds around you and lose yourself in the beauty of the Maw. 🎵 #LittleNightmares

The children of the Maw have many thoughts on where they are and who is keeping them there. How cute. 💛 Do you agree with their speculation? #LittleNightmares

So little is illuminated in the flicker of a lighter. Don’t you just love her yellow raincoat? 💛  #LittleNightmares

Would you rather be shocked to death, eaten alive or crushed by a door? I won’t tell you my personal favorite but I had a hard time choosing. #LittleNightmares

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