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Lisa Dobbie 

A day out with the family. Great to have you back Rainy and Greg.

A bunch of Clowns. 🐠 #familytime #summerfun

I managed to surround myself with some really powerful women today. You know who you are and you all make me feel a special kind of confidence . I took a blow to the head with something called epilepsy over the last year, and in my eyes, it distorted my face and I could no longer recognize myself. Today...I’m feeling pretty coo with the unrecognizable Lisa. And I think I owe that to really wonderful and much needed company.
This post is also for Jamie. I miss you, so here’s something to look at just incase you forgot. @jbwolfe127 #tit

I spent the afternoon exploring the Bayfront area of Hamilton today. I have to say, I am really proud to be apart of the young generation who has the privilege of watching their city transform into the incredible city it was always destined to be. #hamiltonproud #hamont #hamiltonishome

An Auntie’s love runs deep for the fur babies and the furless babies. #dogsofinstagram #duke

Happy Canada D’eh everyone. #eh

Harsh reality being the sober d.d. And still looking like the hottest mess of the two of us #truthhurts

A day we will never forget. Congratulations Heather and Jeremy. You are so loved.
#weddingday #cryifiwantto

Chipping away slowly. Today was a good day. 📚

This gorgeous little Ray of ☀️ loves his adventures. He's so lucky to have the family he has. 🐟 🎣

Give me that coffee b!tch.
#beanwater #java #cofveve

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