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Litter Warrior  22y old student from Denmark 🇩🇰 Creating awareness towards the litter problem flooding our oceans 🌎 Be the difference you want to see 🐋

Bunch vs. No bunch. Which ones would you choose?
Lately I realized how much the litter problem starts in supermarkets: Often when I do my late night shopping I see shelves of single #bananas which most likely ends up in the #trash, so I made it a habit to take those first in my #WarOnWaste (and of course use no plastic bag).
Pro tip: Do you always end up with overripe bananas you don't get used? Fear no more. They are perfect for pancakes, cakes, buns, smoothies, milkshakes and even your cereal
#litterwarrior #perfectlygoodfood #sustainableliving

It's time for the #plasticfreejuly challenge! What is your tip to achieve one month of living #plasticfree? #waronwaste #sustainableliving

Minimizing #waste and picking up #litter is not just about litter. It is about global warming too. Most of what ends up in nature and the oceans is recycable and can do a positive impact on #globalwarming if handled right.
Recycling 1 aluminum saves 97% of the energy required to produce a new one, so think twice when you're about to throw your soda can in the trashcan and #pickitup when you see one in the streets.
Imagine the impact if every single human just recycled 1 can, plastic/glass bottle or otherwise?

#togetherwecanmakeadifference #litterwarrior #take3forthesea #keepnatureclean #saveourseas #recycling #sustainableliving #reducewaste #doyourbit #oceanpollution #justgrabbits

Went for a quick 40k ride and came home with 6 more pieces than I left with #keepnatureclean #litterwarrior #take3forthesea #pickitup #plasticpollution

You might not think littering in your area affects the rest of the world. It does. #litter and in particular #plastic is unbelievably good at ending up in the water.

This videos is from the coast of #Hawaii. The island group experiences some of the worst #plasticpollution in the world due to how ocean currents work.
Encourage people in your community to stop littering and #pickitup when you see litter on the streets. Together we can #saveourseas

Reblog from @wildhawaii #microplastic #aplasticocean @aplasticocean #take3forthesea #microbeads @plasticchange #plasticchange #usemeinstead #litterwarrior #plasticisforever #plasticisland #protectwhatyoulove

Many European countries have refunding systems for most single and reuse beverage containers (glass + plastic bottles and cans), but after I started posting on Instagram I realized how few countries have this system worldwide. In Denmark we see limited amounts of this type of #litter on the streets because either the user or others have the incentive to deposit and get a refund. How is it in your neighbourhood? Let's team up and encourage communities to start this scheme to #recycle as much #plastic as possible #plasticpollution #reuse #saveourseas #litterwarrior

Home visiting my parents and meeting their new dog, Ainstein vom Lehdeberg, I decided to take him for a walk and clean up the same coastline I cleaned in february. This is what I found in 1/2 hour 😳 Total: 115 pieces of primarily plastics - Use #litterwarrior to show your findings ♻️ #beachcleanup #saveourseas #plasticpollution #pickitup #take3forthesea #litterwarrior

Went for a walk along a local beach tonight and while I only had success finding 1 petrified sea urchin, I found more than 50 pieces of #plastic, cigarette packs, a glass bottle, a can and a #singleuse coffee cup. Why can't we care more about our #environment? #litterwarrior #take3forthesea #stopplasticpollution #plasticpollution

Walking the dog never means coming home empty handed 🐶☀️♻️#plasticpollution #litterwarrior #pickitup #pickup1million #take3forthesea

It's time to rethink humanity if we want a heritage for our children and grandchildren! From only representing 1% of living creatures on planet earth 100 years ago, today humans and their animals bred for agriculture accounts for 99%! This means mass extinction and we have to do something now to restore our balance with nature. #savetheearth

Lidl Denmark will as the first supermarket chain in Denmark stop offering plastic bags from 4th quarter of 2017. This is so amazing! They say it will save 10 million plastic bags equal to 300 tons annually. The reason for doing it: Obviously to do their part in saving the environment but mainly because the costumers have pressed enough on the issue and Lidl listened. This shows that the voice of those who care will eventually succeed if we press enough. Thank you  @lidldanmark for showing so much #EarthRespect - #SayNoToPlasticBags #NoToSingleUse #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeSeas #TrashFreeEarth #Sustainable

Reading this makes me so happy: The municipality of #copenhagen where I live have just expanded their recycling program to now also include soft plastics (like wrappings from food products). This means that my (and hopefully many others') garbage bag will be filled far less often. The graphs show increase in #recycling of plastics and metal in tonnes and I can't wait to see it next year when soft plastics are included and we can do even more to #stopplasticpollution. 😄

Also to reach the goal about becoming the first #zerowaste city in the world, they are rolling out #composting solutions to all appartments and villas through out 2017. When this is implemented my trash can will be litterally empty. 🌏

Now we just need every household to do their part in recycling as much as possible to help #savetheplanet ♻️

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